Lost in Love update Saturday 24 December 2022

Lost in Love 24 December 2022: Virat tells Sai that their life and dream are same now. Sai says she wanted to express her heart out to him since long, she got in love from him, they are supposed to start a new life but are arguing instead. Virat asks her to look into his eyes and tell if she trusts him. She nods yes and says though she recalls his lie to Bhavani. Virat says they suffered a lot and he just knows that together can solve all the problems; he reminds that he didn’t want to let her inside his room before, but with her love and affection, she changed him complete; she gave a new life to their life and made them SaiRat; even if they are not alive in the future, their love will be, etc. He says he didn’t want to lose her and hence he lied to Bhavani.

She kisses his forehead and says she feels anxious as if something big will happen, already things are complicated here and above that lie. Virat says everything was complicated here since the beginning and assures her that everything will be alright. Sai says she is anxious about her results and worried about Bhavani’s reaction after knowing the truth. He asks her to forget about it and discuss her immediate plan. She asks about what. He says they are newly married couple now and asks after pheras and bidayi, what is left. She feels shy and tries to leave. He holds her and tries to kiss her. She stops him and says a lie is always a life and until he reveals truth to Bhavani, they will not take forward their relationship as the burden of his lie is proving too heavy for her. He agrees and asks if he can hug her at least. She agrees and hugs him.Samrat confronts Pakhi and apologises to her for his taunts. She yells at him that he is joking on him, now he will show his fake sympathy towards her and then will humiliate her in frtont of everyone. Samrat says he can understand her pain. She yells what does he kn ow about her pain and troubles. He says he understands her pain as they love a person who doesn’t love them, he doesn’t know how to relieve her from her pain. She rudely asks him to divorce her. He asks why she insists for a divorce when he doesn’t want to.

She asks where was his concern when he left her immediately after marriage. He says that was the different situation, now he loves her and even stays with her. She stands shocked hearing that. He says he will not trouble her with his taunts again. He rudely walks away from there.Bhavani asks for Sai during breakfast. Omkar asks why is she being kind towards Sai suddenly. Bhavani says when Sai has agreed to follow a DIL’s duty, its her duty to pamper her. Vira says Sai is not in her room. Bhavani calls Sai smilingly, surprising Omkar. Sai walks out from kitchen and asks if she called her. Bhavani gets more happy seeing her performing her duty and says she will welcome her like other bahus. She then asks about Rajiv. Rajiv walks in with breakfast. Ashwini says new DIL and new SIL prepared breakfast today. Vriat and Devi help Rajiv and Sai bring dishes from kitchen and serve them. Bhavani continues praising Sai, irking Bhavani. She announces a special gift for Sai. Rajiv then talks about the honeymoon of newly wedded couples. Bhavani gets angry hearing that and says it doesn’t happen in their house, she has some other plans for Virat and Sai.

Bhavani announces there is no custom of honeymoon in their family. Karishma sadly says even she coudln’t go on a vacation with Mohit after marriage. Sonali says they had visited their kuldevi temple with the whole family after marriage. Bhavani says newly married couple should visit kuldevi temple for blessings, so she will take Sai and Virat to their Kuldevi’s temple. Pakhi taunts Sai that she changed her fate overnight, Samrat and Pakhi couldn’t visit Kuldevi’s temple after marriage. Samrat says that’s because he had left home immediately after marriage, so she shouldn’t blame others for that.Bhavani says she will take all Sai-Virat, Rajiv-Shivani, and Samrat-Pakhi to Kuldevi temple today. Omkar says he will make arrangements and seeks Mohit and Rajiv’s help. Rajiv tells Shivani that Rajiv whispers to Shivani that her family is weird that they are taking newly married couple to temple instead of let them go on a honeymoon trip. Shivani notices Sai sad and says she will plan something special for Sai and Viru. Sai says it’s okay and thinks she doesn’t know when will she tell truth to Bhavani.

Back to room, Samrat tells Sai that Bhavani didn’t send them to kuldevi’s temple after marriage, but after retaking pheras, everything has turned now and even Bhavani is considering them as a real married couple. Sai says that is because Bhavani considers as Chavan family bahu and made her a remember of Chavan bahu association. She asks Virat if he doesn’t think they did wrong and cannot take Kuldevi’s blessings by fooling the family. Virat says they will tell truth when time comes. Sai says it doesn’t think he has the intention to tell truth. Bhavani enters and asks what is Virat hiding from her. Sai says Bhavani heard everything. Bhavani asks if they want to void visiting temple. Vira says they are not.Sai asks Vriat to tell truth to Bhavani now and tells Bhavani that Virat wants to say something. Virat says he is excited to visit Kuldevi’s temple and asks why didn’t she take her there before. Bhavani says Sai didn’t have a conscience and time then, now she got a conscience, so she wants them to visit the temple and take Devi’s blessings. Ashwini brings gift boxes. Bhavani emotionally shows her MIL’s sari to Sai and says Chavan bahus wear it while visiting Kuldevi’s temple. Sai says she would be honored to wear it some day. Bhavani says why not as she is Chavan bahu now. She gives her sari and says she should wear it today for kuldevi’s temple. Sai takes her blessings. Bhavani asks Virat to go out as she will get Sai ready like her MIL got her ready when she visited kuldevi’s temple. Virat signals Sai to keep silence. Ashwini says they are speaking in sign language like love birds and sends Virat away.

Virat hopes Sai doesn’t tell truth to Bhavani and prays Bappa to handle the situation. Bhavani gets Sai ready and says she will get all the responsibilities of an elder bahu. Sai says she wants to speak. Bhavani says she will speak today and Sai will only listen. She says Sai has the spark and determination to be an elder bahu, so she will teach her to be a like her and take over as a family head after her. Sai gets nervous hearing that. Ashwini says its an honor for Sai. Bhavani says she will slowly teach her everything and pray Devi maa to give her some conscience. Virat returns. Bhavani and Ashwini walk out asking them to get ready soon. Sai tells Virat that Bhavani wants her to take her place. Bhavani says its an honor for her. Sai insists to tell truth to Bhavani before it’s too late. Virat says he wants her to start her medical practice, so let him handle the issue in his own way and enjoy watching her beauty first.Bhavani gets ready to visit kuldevi temple. Omkar says he booked a bus for whole family travel. Virat and Sai walk down. Sonali excitedly says Sai is wearing Omkar’s mother’s sari. Ashwini reveals that Bhavani herself made Sai wear it. Bhavani says Sai earned that respect. Pakhi gets jealous and says she cannot attend kuldevi’s temple as Samrat is not a son of his family. Bhavani says Samrat is also son of this family, but Pakhi’s child cannot be a family heir. Samrat feels sad that his and Pakhi’s relationship is ending and soon everyone will notice it. Rajiv jokes. Omkar says let us get into bus as or else they will be late.

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