Lost in Love update Monday 8 August 2022

Lost in Love 8 August 2022: Pakhi tells Sai that it doesn’t bother to her if Virat takes Sai somewhere. Sai says it does and reminds that she wanted to stay in her parent’s house for 2 days, but returned the same night as she was worried that Virat and she will be alone and hence changed her mind suddenly. Pakhi yells how dare she is to allege her, she should stop trying to hide her mistakes by alleging her. Sai says she read somewhere that a person can lie to anyone except himself/herself, Pakhi proved even it wrong, Pakhi’s ego is so big that she doesn’t watch her evil deeds. Pakhi shouts what is she saying. Sai says she raised the issue of sari when she was going to college, if she thinks she cannot understand her motto. She asks Chavans why they think she is their enemy, she always apologized for the mistakes which she didn’t do, she doesn’t know how to live in a joint family as she never was. She cries vigorously. Bhavani and her puppet smirk while Ashwini, Mohit and Usha feel bad. They all 3 console her. Sai says she never thought the way Pakhi is thinking. Ashwini says she is a brave girl and shouldn’t break down. Mohit feeds her water. Ashwini asks him to take Mohit to college and stay with her until she calms down.

Bhavani and her puppets’ venom spilling drama starts again. She yells that they don’t know to shed fake tears like Sai, that doesn’t mean they didn’t feel bad, she is alleging them instead of feeling ashamed of her act and made them bad. Pakhi says usually bad people take a help of tears, even Sai is doing same, she just told truth to everyone and got Sai’s taunts and insult in return. Sai asks her to stop falsely alleging her and should calmly think what mistake she is doing, she is repeating the same mistake of interfering between her and Virat; if its not true that she wanted to accompany them to keep an eye on them. Pakhi says she didn’t come with them and hence Sai must have spend a quality time with her husband. Sai says she told that she will come alone, if she thinks she cannot understand her evil intentions; when 2 people have decided to spend the life together, Pakhi cannot separate them; Pakhi has good fate that there is no such relationship between her and Virat and they develop a relationship some day and come closer, it would be because of Pakhi’s stubbornness, ego, and overpossessiveness. She tries to leave. Ashwini stops her, gives her tiffin, and says she is going to her maika/parent’s house as her father is ill and requests her to control her anger until she returns.

Sai nods ok. Ashwini asks her to finish whole tiffin and sends her with Mohit. She then asks everyone to have breakfast. Pakhi says her stomach is full with Sai’s taunts and doesn’t want to have breakfast.Bhavani with her puppets consoles Pakhi and asks her not to pay attention to jungli mulgi as they don’t give her respect. Pakhi says even then Sai insults her often. Bhavani yells that Sai is nothing in front of her. Ninad yells Sai is always at mistake, she is a curse on this house. Omkar backs him. Pakhi says she is the reason for all the problems, she tried to fulfill all their expectations since Samrat left and she is staying here because of them and the responsibility towards this house or else there is no reason for her to stay here. Bhavani asks not to get sad because of Sai. Sonali yells Bhavani is right, Sai has to apologize her today at any cost. Pakhi says Sai will not. Ninad, Omkar, and Sonali say they will force her to apologize. Pakhi says whatever they do, Sai will continue insulting her. Bhavai yells its all because of Ashwini’s lenience, she doesn’t have a hope on even Virat now who is supporting his wife and made a joke out of Chavan family. Pakhi says its all her mistake. Ninad says she shouldn’t say that as she followed her parents’ good teachings. Omkar yells Sai’s father didn’t teach her morales, she is a spoilt girl.

Usha brings breakfast for Pakhi and hearing him asks not to speak ill about Kamal dada as he was nice and she cannot tolerate anyone insulting him. Bhavani with her rudest tone yells that servants cannot speak and reminds how Virat and Sai kicked her out of house, but she let her stay in this house; she shouldn’t interfere in their family issues. Usha says she doesn’t want to, but she cannot tolerate anyone insulting Kamal dada. Sonali yells her Kamal dada made Sai arrogant and mannerless. Usha asks how does she know when she never met Kamal dada, she has seen how Kamal brought up an motherless child and gave her good upbringing; she is a servant for them, but Sai considers her as a mother and calls her mausi, so she is worried for her and came here to check how her daughter is; she cannot understand when Sai apologized them, why don’t they forgive her. Pakhi says they know what Sai did and Usha will ignore it. Ninad yells why she is arguing with a servant who is not even a part of their family, he will force Sai today to apologize her.

Sai returns home in the evening. Ninad and Omkar clap. Sai asks why are they clapping with her return, people clap when they are happy, but they don’t get happy seeing her. Omkar yells they are happy that she returned home and stopped them from humiliation. Ninad says she went to Pulkit’s house last time and stayed there overnight, they thought she must have ran away somewhere again. Sai says she never ran away anywhere. Ninad says she should apologize Pakhi. Sai asks why should she. Bhavani says Pakhi is hurt with her insult and didn’t have food till now. Pakhi says let it go as it doens’t matter. Bhavani says even now Pakhi is worried for family’s peace. Their ubearable drama continues and they insist Sai to apologize Pakhi. Sai denies she will not apologize for the mistake which she didn’t do either knowingly or unknowingly. Pakhi says what mistake did she do unknowingly, she is pampered by Ashwini and Virat who is hell bent to prove her right always and has become her puppet; Virat just follows her fingers and supports her, but she doesn’t have anyone to support; Sai alleges her character fearlessly with Virat and Ashwini’s support and did black magic on them; she shouldn’t think she won the whole world by gaining thier support. Sai says she doesn’t have to as she never considered herself as she is this family member and they always tried to prove that; if she thinks Virat supports Sai, she should know that Virat supports sahi/truth.




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