Lost in Love update Monday 26 December 2022

Lost in Love 26 December 2022: Bhavani after returning from a temple trip relaxes with Sonali and Mansi in her room and says she feels very tired today. Sonali says even her back gave up. Karishma jokes on her. Pakhi brings turmeric milk for them. Bhavani praises her for taking care of the family. Sonali asks Karishma to bring her and Omkar’s milk glass to her room and walks away angrily looking at Pakhi. Bhavani thanks Pakhi and says she needed it most. Mansi says Bhavani looked very happy today when Sai and Virat performed Kuldevi’s pooja as per customs. Bhavani says she feels relaxed after giving her responsibility to Sai and and even meeting Mahantji at the temple because of whose blessings Virat was born. Mansi leaves.

Bhavani asks Pakhi to reheat the milk for her. Pakhi stands lost in thoughts. Bhavani asks if she is thinking about the seashell, she need not worry as Virat and Sai will give a heir to their family. Pakhi says she is thinking about something else. Bhavani asks about the protective thread she tied to Sai? Sai in her room looks at the protective thread and recalls Bhavani’s words. Virat gets romantic and asks if she is not happy with Mahantji’s assurance that they will get a baby. Sai says not because of that. Vira mimics her that she feels guilty for lying and says there are many other important works than thinking about lie. Sai says he doesn’t want to tell truth at all. Virat reminds how happy Bhavani was and was giving a special respect to her. Sai says Bhavani gave her respect because of Virat’s lie and her status changed overnight.Their argument continues. He asks if she will reveal a dying patient that he will die soon. Sai says she will mentally prepare the patient and will reveal truth at the right time. Vira says he will also mentally prepare Bhavani first and then reveal truth. Their argument continues. He gets romantic again. She says she is feeling guilty, but it doesn’t matter to him. He asks her to enjoy the attention she is getting. He pulls her towards him and is about to kiss her when she pushes him and runs away laughing.

Bhavani asks Pakhi what is the issue if she is not tensed with Mahantji’s words. Pakhi says she is surprised with Bhavani’s sudden change in behavior towards Sai. Bhavani says she followed Pakhi’s advice and instead of tying up Sai, she wants to free her but hold the string with her; she is misusing Sai’s weakness with Pakhi’s advice. Pakhi says she feels Sai hasn’t changed and is just acting as good. Bhavani says Virat’s love changed Sai. Pakhi thinks love changes a person but doesn’t die like her love never died for Virat. She continues provoking Bhavani. Bhavani says they should welcome the changes int he person instead of doubting them.After a few days, Ashwini tells Bhavani that Sai is preparing food daily since they returned from Kuldevi’s temple. Sonali asks why is she praising her bahu unnecessarily. Bhavani calls Sai and says she has organized a program at home. Rajiv jokes if its a kitty party. Bhavani yells at him to shut up and says she has invited a few elite women for a haldi kumkum ceremony who will bless Sai. She says function is at 5 p.m. and she should get ready by then and prepare some dish by 4:30 p.m. Sai thinks her result will be out today and she may have to join as intern from tomorrow itself.

She asks Bhavani if she can do her personal work along with household work. Bhavani says she is already doing the work diligently. Sai says she means a doctor. Bhavani gets angry and yells at her to dare not think of becoming a doctor and concentrate on her household work.Virat with Pulkit enters holding a bouquet for Sai and asks if it’s Dr Sai’s house. They both congratulate Sai for passing her exam with flying colors. Sai jumps in happiness and thanks god. Samrat and Mohit lift her and dance while Pakhi, Bhavani, and Sonali stand jealous. Sonali provokes Bhavani. Bhavani orders to stop their celebration.Sonali taunts Bhavani that Sai promised her that she wants to become a housewife but now is becoming a doctor now. Karishma comments if Sai will cook at home even after topping in the college. Sai happily hugs Virat celebrating her exam results. Pakhi stands jealous seeing that. Bhavani orders Sai to serve snacks to Virat and Pulkit. Virat says Sai’s result is out and nobody in the Chavan family became a doctor till now, so it calls for a celebration. Bhavani says let Sai enjoy at home like queen instead of wasting time behind patients and let Virat earn. Sai says she hasn’t become doctor yet and has to do her internship to get a medical practitioner’s license. Bhavani says if she is informing her the procedure to become a doctor or her wish, whatever the reason is, she will not do all this.

Sai gets sad hearing that. Bhavani takes marks card from her hand and tries to tear it. Sai pleads her not to tear it. Bhavani says she will not waste her hard work. Mohit excitedly asks if she will let Sai fulfill her dream. Ashwini pleads her to let Sai fulfill her Aaba’s dream of becoming doctor. Bhavani says Sai’s marks sheet can be used by raddiwala to pack some stuff. Virat asks Bhavani to return Sai’s marks sheet and let let her keep it safe. Sai says let it be. Virat stops her, takes marks sheet from Bhavani, and returns it to Sai. Sonali taunts him that he is teaching Sai how to become a Chavan bahu. Sai says soon they will know what Virat is up to. Pakhi yells what at they both conspiring. Virat says she will find out at the right and warns her not to interfere till then. He then says he is feeling hungry. Bhavani orders Sai to serve breakfast to her husband.Pulkit asks Sai to keep her marks sheet in a file. Sai notices her internship offer letter and gets happy. Bhavani orders her to tear and throw it away. Sai denies and says she herself will prepare bhelpuri and serve it in this paper. Bhavani says she will enjoy it and asks Sai to serve breakfast to her husband now. Sai goes to kitchen. Bhavani tells Pakhi that she told Sai is reformed now. Sai keeps her marks sheet in front of Aaba’s photo. She gets emotional recalling about the hardships she faced to becomes a doctor. Virat walks in and apologizes her and Aaba. He promises to hlep Sai complete her internship and reveal truth to Bhavani soon. Sai shows her internship letter to him and saays they need report tomorrow.

Virat insists to organise a party for Sai. Sai refuses to celebrate stating no one appreciates her hardwork. . After some time, Virat again lies to Bhavani in order to drop Sai to her work place and gives weird excuses to Bhavani. Bhavani reminds Sai about tonight’s pooja plan and the Sai assures to reach home on time and handle it. Sonalli notices Pakhi staring at Sai and Virat jealously and comments. Virat drops Sai to her college and says he knows she is nervous. She insists him revealing truth to Bhavani. He says they can talk about it later and silently kisses her, leaving her surprised and smiling. A man reaches the hospital campus on his bike and gets angry seeing Sai and Virat’s equation. Sai asks virat to pick her u daily at 3 p.m. Sai gets out of car. Her friends ask her to introduce them to her husband. Sai introduces Virat. They say her husband is very progressive. Virat leaves waving bye at Sai. Man walks towards Sai and angrily looks at her.

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