Lost in love update Friday 30 June 2023

Lost in love 30 June 2023: Pakhi shatters seeing Virat hugging Sai and thinks how can he hug Sai behind her. Mohit wakls to her and asks what is she looking at. He anxiously says nothing and hurriedly takes him from there. Virat emotionally tells Sai that if he had stopped her that day, he, Sai, Vinu, and Savi would have been a happy family together. He says she suffered a lot because of him. Sai apologizes him for dragging him in her issues when he was happy with his wife and son. She gets conscious and separates from him, says they shouldn’t continue this issue and should get back to their lives.

Lost in love 29 June 2023

Virat imagines Sai leaving his house while Sai leaves from the cafe. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Virat hopes if he could told her truth. Back home, Virat cries recalling Sai’s emotional breakdown. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa to Nahi.. song plays in the background. He thinks he feels as if years of complaints have flown out as tears and they have reached a point where they were before, he is eager to hear Sai’s voice and see her face, and hopes if he can hold her hand again. He returns to his bed. Pakhi looks at him sadly recalling him hugging Sai at the cafeteria.

Virat thinks though he wouldn’t tell Sai that Vinu is her biological son, she will get mother and son so closer that it will end a mother’s pain.Pakhi continues to cry recalling Virat ignoring her and getting closer to Sai and walks out of bed. Virat notices Pakhi missing and finds her sleeping with Vinu.Next morning, Ashwini serves breakfast to family and tells Shivani that she prepared all her favorite dishes. Shivani happily thanks her. Virat asks Vinu to take help from Sai to complete his school project. Vinu happily agrees. Mohit takes Vinu to school. Pakhi tells Virat that he should also have visited Sai’s house. Virat says he has some important work.

Pakhi shouts that he can hug Sai in her house instead of hugging her openly, she knows he meets Sai secretly often and it was her blood on his hand the other day, he is ignoring her as she is infertile and going to Sai instead.Virat says she is misunderstanding and doesn’t now complete truth. Pakhi asks him to explain. Virat says he can’t. Bhavani shouts that they all are trying to hinder her political career with Karishma’s extramarital affair, Shivani becoming pregnant at this age, and now Virat’s affair with Sai. She shouts does Virat know what is he doing. Virat says he very well knows what he is doing, he doesn’t have any wrong intentions, let Pakhi think whatever she wants to.

He leaves from there. Pakhi cries that nobody values her, she doesn’t know why she is in this house and alive.Sai gets ready for job. Usha offers her breakfast. Sai steps out of house saying she is not hungry. She finds Bhavani outside and asks what is she doing here. Bhavani yells why she wants to ruin Chavan family and accuses her of brainwashing Karishma to have an affair and leave Mohit and trying to grab Virat from Pakhi, shouts what kind of a woman she is to try to destroy another woman’s house and snatch someone’s husband. Neighbors gather. Sai asks who gave her right to create a drama in front of her house,

now she will speak and Bhavani will listen silently. She says she didn’t brainwash Karishma and in fact doesn’t know when she left Chavan nivas, she left Chavan nivas years ago because one of them supported her, her and Virat’s issue is none of her business, she can’t come and create a drama in front of someone’s house if she can’t handle her own house, a person reaps what she sows, her house envinroment must be full of sadness and frustration like her character, she shouldn’t dare not create drama in front of her house again.

Bhavani warns her that if she tries to play with her family, she doesn’t know to what extent she can go; she is Bhavani Chavan and can oust her from the city if needed, she doesn’t know her powers. Sai challenges her to do whatever she can. Bhavani says she will show her place and make her face the consequences of challenging Bhavani. Sai reaches her hospital and thinks of calling Virat and inform Virat about Bhavani’s drama. Jagtap calls her and says he got Vikrant Adolse’s detail, he is a fraud who tries to trap rich people and manages a politician’s gym,

Karishma is having an affair with him and has left home. Sai warns him to watch out on his language. Jagtap says he is a 5th fail and speaks unfiltered, he is sending her Karishma’s house address. Sai thinks why Karishma left Chavan nivas. Virat is busy with his team when Sai calls him and she doesn’t have anything to do with his family or its members and doesn’t want to create any problem in his family, she called him to give an information and its up to him what to do with it.

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