Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 1 May 2024

Savi requests Bhosales to let her ask one question to Latkars. Nishikant shouts at her to stop her drama and get out right now. Ishan asks him to let her ask one last question. Yashwant permits. Savi asks Latkars why did they run away from Ramtek. Mandar asks what does she mean.

Savi says Mandar is a chandi chor/broke who frauded many in Ramtek and escaped from there. Mandar warns her to mind her tongue. Savi says he is a chindi chor. Mandar confesses to all his crimes in a fit of rage from murdering people to attacking Ishan for exposing his and Samrudh’s truth. Yashwant recalls Nishi informing him about a criminal Mandar who is behind Isha for exposing his truth. Ishan beats Mandar for trying to kill his mother. Yashwant and Nishi hold him.

Inspector Baji Rao enters with his team and tells Mandar that he already confessed to his crimes. Mandar says he didn’t, Savi tricked him. Bai reads Mandar and Samrudh’s crimes. Samrudh tells Durva that Savi is lying, he is innocent. Savi slaps him repeatedly for trying to ruin Durva’s life, trying to kill Isha, misbehave with girls, etc. Ishan beats Samrudh next. Durva pleads them not to beat innocent Sam. Nishi asks Ishan to beat Samrudh more. Baji arrests them both and takes them away. Savi apologizes Surekha if she has made any mistake. Surekha asks her not to make her feel guilty. Nishi apologizes Savi next followed by Yashwant.

Ishan goes to drop Savi and Harini in his car. Savi smiles recalling Ishan trusting her and thinks without his trust and support, she wouldn’t have succeeded in exposing Samrudh and Mandar. Ishan asks why is she smiling and thanks her for saving Durva’s life. Savi says he should thank Isha madam instead who exposed Samrudh first. She calls Isha and informs her that Mandar is exposed. Isha says it’s good Durva is saved. Savi asks if she can come and meet her. Isha says not today as she is feeling unwell and even Savi should reach her hostel on time. Savi asks what happened to her. Isha says she got high BP. Savi asks her to take care of herself and disconnects call. She then notices Ishan’s injured hand and nurses it.

Durva continues to cry for Sam and blames Savi for taking revenge from Sam. Family fails to explain her that Savi saved her life from fraud Sam instead. Durva shouts at them to get out of her room.

Yashwant says their daughter’s heart is broken, they should let her alone for some time. Elders walk away from there. Asmita tells Surekha that she should have let them investigate Sam’s family before fixing sakhadpuda ritual. Nishi also blames her and says she blindly trusted marriage broker Leela and didn’t let them investigate about Sam’s family. Yashwant tongue lashes them both for accusing Surekha. Surekha walks away from there and shouts how dare Asmita and Nishi are to blame her, they are ungrateful people. Yashwant walks in and closes the door from inside and then tongue lashes Surekha for blindly trusting Leela and trying to ruin Durva’s life. He says Asmita and Nishi are right and warns Surekha to dare not speak word. Surekha stands speechless.

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