Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 12 December 2023

Lost in love 12 December 2023: After a leap of 20 years, Bhavani is seen praying in a temple and wishing happy ekadashi to guruji. She meets a marriage broker named Shantabai who asks if she wants to find alliance for her grandson. She says her grandson is studying MBBS in Pune, she wants to find alliance for her granddaughter Savi. Savi is seen reaching her college. Watchmen discuss that Savi is in 2nd year but is here to help 4th year students in their exam. Students discuss that they got most questions prepared by notes via a 2nd year student.

Lost in love 11 December 2023

Shantabai asks Bhavani what does her granddaughter do. Bhavani says she is studying in a college. Shantabai says college students are very fast forward. Bhavani says her granddaughter is very simple who doesn’t even visit her college canteen and doesn’t have any knowledge about money. Savi visits her college canteens and sells her notes to students. A rich student offers 1000 rs for her notes. Savi demands 3000 rs. Student pays her and takes notes. Another poor student says she doesn’t have any money.

Savi says she can given a candyfloss buffet and gives her notes. Rich student asks why did she take 3000 rs from her then. Savi says rich student comes in a 20-lakh car and poor student comes in a 20-rs bus ticket, so there is a difference.Shantabai says Savi must be having an affair with her fellow student. Bhavani says Savi doesn’t even look at any boy. A boy proposes Savi. Savi says he is in final year since 8 years and soon she will graduate and clear her UPSC exam to become an IAS officer,

so he should forget about proposing her and instead buy notes from her and graduate and then get some government job. He gets adamant.Savi writes loser on his forehead and humiliates him. Shantabai asks Bhavani if Savi wants to work after studies, working women don’t respect their husbands. Bhavani says her Savi wants to become a housewife after marriage. Savis’s friend asks about her future aspiration. Savi aspires to become an IAS officer and plans to join Bhosale Institute Pune.

Reeva Kamble reaches Bhosale Institute singing Hame To Loot Liya.. song. Her father Ashutosh calls her and asks if she reached Pune. She says yes and scolds him for having sugar tea. Ashutosh asks if she met institute’s owner and his best friend Yeshwanth Rao Bhosale. Reeva says not yet and says she came to evaluate the institute and find out why it’s the best. She notices students running around and asks what happened. They say they are running to attend assembly. Reeva asks if its a college or school. Students say they can miss a class but not assembly.

She reaches assembly where Ishan gives an inspirational speech over a mic impressing Reeva.At Chavan nivas, Ashwini performs pooja while Harini draws rangoli. Ninad asks what is special today. Harini says today is ekadashi and also a special day for them. Ninad asks what’s more special. Ashwini feeds him sweets and says its his birthday today. Ninad says Harini had said something similar yesterday and says Virat and Sai didn’t wish him happy birthday yet. Harini wishes him and takes his blessings. Ashwini asks Harini to check if Savi returned home as Bhavani will return home any time with a matchmaker. Bhavani returns with Shantabai and introduces her to Ninad,

Ashwini, and Harini. Shantabai says she heard Harini returned to her parental house long ago. Bhavani says Harini’s husband stays out of town for business, her in-laws are on pilgrimage, so she asked Harini to come and stay with her. Shantabai asks her to call Savi. Bhavani asks Harini to bring Savi. Shantabai waits for Savi, humiliates Bhavani that she knows her granddaughter is not at home, and leaves asking her to call her when Savi is at home. Harini visits a jungle and plants different plans for each family member describing their nature and finally a flower plant for her parents with teary eyes.Bhavani waits to punish Savi when she returns home. Savi returns home.

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