Lost in love starlife update Thursday 28 December 2023

Lost in love 28 December 2023: Bhavani returns from boy’s house and says boy’s family treated her really well, their house is so big that it reminded her of their Chavan nivas. Ninad asks if it’s really that big. Bhavani says yes, boy’s family is coming today again to meet Savi. Ashwini asks even after yesterday’s event. Bhavani says boy’s father was adamant, but boy likes Savi a lot and convinced his father. She asks Harini to get Savi ready today to meet boy’s family and prays god to let thing happen smoothly today. Isha enters and asks Bhavani if she doesn’t think she is in a hurry to get her granddaughter married. Riva follows Ishan in his trekking trip and clicks his photos.

Lost in love 27 December 2023

She notices beautiful yellow flowers, fixes one in her ear, and asks Ishan how is it. He says it’s good. She tries to make him smile, but he continues to frown and asks if she has gone mad. Riva says environment and partner is so pleasant, but his smile is missing. Ishan says his smile is missing as he wanted to spend some time with himself, but she is disturbing him.

He asks her to sit there and blabber to herself if she is so fond of talking. Riva feels sad with his behaviors.Bhavani asks Isha who is she. Isha says forget who she is and see who her granddaughter is. She shows Savi’s photo in a news paper. Ashwini says Savi had won a trophy in a debate competition yesterday. Bhavani asks if she is Isha. Isha says she is Savi’s teacher. Savi hears her voice and gets out of room via window. Isha says they should let their granddaughter study further.

Bhavani says she is the one who is spoiling Savi and says Ramtek people rumor about her she wears mangalsutra, but her husband and family don’t stay with her and nobody knows what happens in her house. Savi walks in and confronts Bhavani for insulting her teacher and says whatever she achieved is because of Isha madam. Isha says it’s okay as she is habituated to all this. She requests Bhavani not to let her granddaughter complete her studies and fulfill her dreams.

Bhavani says she is destined to be a housewife and yells not to teach her what she should do. Ashwini says Savi can continue her studies after marriage like Savi’s mother continued her studies with her father’s support. Isha says Savi’s father was a good man, it doesn’t mean Savi’s husband will support her. Bhavani yells at Isha to get out of her house.

Savi asks her to stop insulting her teacher when she agreed to meet the boy’s family. She goes out to drop Isha. Isha feels sad that she couldn’t help her. Savi asks her not to bother about her and sees her off.Ishan reaches far away from the base camp. Rain starts. he remembers Riva. He rushes back to her and asks Riva why didn’t she go and is drenching in rain. Riva says even didn’t go and expresses her love for him. Ashwini gets Savi ready in a sari. Savi says she doesn’t want to wear sari. Ashwini says even her mother used to oppose everything;

she didn’t want to stay with her father, but they both couldn’t stay away from each other. She asks her to keep smiling and stop frowning. Savi says she is frowning seeing frowning badi aaji. Ashwini gets her ready finally and introduces her to boy’s family. Boy introduces himself as Samarth and extends his hand. Savi greets him with namaste instead of shaking hands. Samarth’s mother tells her relative that Savi can speak. Relative asks where was Savi missing yesterday.

Bhavani says Savi missed her bus yesterday and had informed her, but she forgot. Father shows Savi’s news in a newspaper and says she shouldn’t lie, says her granddaughter is expert in argument. Relative says they don’t like their family DIL study further or debate. Savi looks at Bhavani.

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