Lost in love starlife update Sunday 2 June 2024

Isha feels guilty that her son Ishan is in pain because of her. She says she thought her son would be happy even if he is with Surekha. She packs her bags. Shantanu tries to stop her and requests her to listen to him once and then take a decision. He says he knows that she and Ishan are hurt with whatever happened today, but why don’t she see that Ishan didn’t know the truth earlier; at least Ishan knows now that she left him not because of career but helplessly; Ishan must be angry now, but when he calms down, he will realize how much he matters to her; whatever worst had to happen has happened and now only good will happen.

Harini takes Savi to her hostel room and offers her water. Savi says all her plan backfired, she thought she will reveal truth to Ishan and reunite mother son, it was her tribute to both her teacher, but Isha also got angry on her; though the mic was on unknowingly, her intentions were not wrong. Harini says everything will be fine. Savi says Surekha humiliated and slapped her, but Ishan didn’t even support her and instead pushed her and walked away; he thinks she is wrong; she needs to explain her intention to Ishan and Isha madam. Harini asks her not to spoil things more flown in emotions, give some time to let everyone calm down and then understand things. Savi says Ishan will not understand as he still criticizes his mother even after knowing everything, nobody understands her.

Nishi and Yashwant get calls questioning if the allegations are true and they try to deny the allegations. Durva shows play video being leaked in social media and their family being criticized and Ishan being sympathized because of Savi’s act. Nishi and Yashwant get angry on Savi. Durva continues to spill venom against Savi. Surekha walks in a semiconscious state and collapses. Family rushes to her. She murmurs Ishan, gets conscious and asks where Ishan is.

Yashwant asks her to calm down. Surekha says they are not undestanding what Ishan must be thinking about her and asks Nishi to call him. Nishi say Ishan’s phone is switched off. Surekha says she will wait for Ishan near the door. She continues to wait near the door whole night. Reporters try to barge into home and guards stop them. Asmita asks Yashwant to calm down Surekha as she hasn’t slept whole night waiting for Ishan. Yashwant says he can just see a frightened mother who is in a hope that her son will return to her soon.

Nishi informs Yashwant that neighbors whom they don’t even know are badmouthing about them and there is a news in all channels about them. They switch on news and watch reporter saying Bhosale family’s truth is out and Surekha’s evil face is revealed. Ishan is shown returning home and reporters barging on him. Ishan returns home and breaks TV. He then holds Surekha’s hand and walks outside the house. Savi gets ready for college. Harini says she shouldn’t go. Savi says if she doesn’t go, people will think that she was wrong, so she has to go and tell truth. Ishan addresses media and says their allegations that years ago Surekha separated an 8-year-old kid from her mother, their allegations are right. Bhosales look shocked hearing that.

Ishan says they wanted to hear same as they just need a sensational news to run their shop, they didn’t show Bhosale institute getting award yesterday and just want to show negativity. He says he wants to disappoint them by saying that all the allegations are wrong. He says Surekha is more than his mother as she took care of him for the past 20 years and he still respects her the way he used to before. Surekha hugs him emotionally and pampers him. He brings water and biscuit for her and says he knows she wouldn’t have had anything since last evening, why she waits for him, she should have biscuits now and then medicine.

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