Lost in love starlife update Saturday 6 January 2024

Lost in love 6 January 2024: Riva returns home and notices house decorated for celebration. Her parents congratulate her for getting admission in a prestigious London School Of Business. Swanand says let her cut the cake. Riva cuts cake and says she doesn’t want to go to London and wants to stay with Ishan instead. Swati gets angry and says she can’t ruin her childhood dream for Ishan. Swanand says he will get her engaged to Ishan before leaving for London. Riva says Ishan was alone without a mother since childhood and he doesn’t want to lose even her.

Lost in love 5 January 2024

Swati says Ishan is just emotionally blackmailing her and she will not let her ruin her childhood dream for Ishan. Riva says its Swati’s dream and not hers’, she wants to stay with Ishan. She walks away from there. Swanand tries to calm her down. Swati thinks Ishan is trying to take her away from her dream, she will make sure she goes away from Ishan.

Ishan speaks to Riva who explains her mother’s reaction and asks him not to worry as Swanand will convince Swati. He asks if she is coming for their engagement ceremony tonight. She says yes and asks him to make good arrangements to welcome her. Ishan explains his choices to event manager. Event manager says looks like he loves his fiance too much and assures to make their day special. Durva and Avni tell Ishan that they will record him while he proposes Riva and post it in their social media account.

Ishan asks Nishikant if his party dress is ready. Nishikanth says designer will send it soon. Shantanu tells Yashwant that he is seeing Ishan happy after a long time. Yashwant says he is happy with Riva’s entry in his life or else his mother would have snatched his happiness. Asmita, Surekha, and Shikha also feel happy seeing him happy.

Bhavani decorates house for Savi’s prewedding ceremony. Ninad misses Omkar. Bhavani asks him not to talk about Omkar who doesn’t even come to meet them and is shamelessly staying in his in-laws’ house. She asks Harini to go and get Savi ready for rituals. Savi gets emotional wearing her father’s shirt and hugging her mother’s sari. She recalls her childhood event where she suggests Sai to hug Virat’s shirt whenever she misses him in his absence. Harini with Ashwini walks in. Ashwini comforts Savi and says she knows she does this whenever she misses her parents most,

she asks her to remember that her parents are watching from wherever they are and can’t see her crying. She then starts getting her ready for the function.Riva packs her bag for her engagement ceremony. Swanand asks her to hurry up as they are getting late. They walk to Swati’s room and find smoke emanating out of it. They break the door open and find burning papers. Riva asks what is she doing. Swati says she is doing nothing, but Riva is trying to ruin her own life. She talks emotionally and says it was Swanand’s dream to complete PhD and she supported him, but he couldn’t complete PhD due to their own issues. She asks Swanand if he really thinks Ishan is doing right by emotionally blackmailing Riva. Swanand says no.

Swati’s health deteriorates. They both hold her and make her rest. They find her BP high.. Swati says let her die as she can’t see Riva ruin her life, she wants Riva to visit London and complete her PhD. Swanand says Swati is right, she should go to London and assure Ishan that wherever she is, she will return to him for sure. Swati asks if she will listen to her parents who are worried for her or a boy who wants to shackle her with his love. Riva says she doesn’t know what to do.

Swati says she should decide if she wants to go to London or Pune. Riva says London and offers her BP medicine. Swati happily hugs Riva.Savi gets ready for the ceremony. Bhavani explains her rituals. Isha comes to meet Savi and informs her that Samrudh is an alcoholic and drug addict. She shows rehab center papers and police complaints against him for misbehaving with girls. She further shows photo of him having an affair with a married woman and asks her to show this evidence to Bhavani and cancel this wedding. Bhavani walks in.

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