Lord of the skies 2: Season finale and final episode teasers


Consequent to the final episode, a crossfire between Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya) and Chema Venegas (Mauricio Ochmann) had occurred but neither of the two lords had been killed, except for some of their men.

Aurelio then sets up a meeting with La Gober (Marlene Favela) to talk about how they will work together. She had however had the phone bugged so they can trace his location, but Casillas had made the call with his satellite phone and so had not been traceable.

It is her plan and the police’s to trick Aurelio into believing La Gober really loves him. So they set a plan in motion. Aurelio and La Gober meet up in a hotel room and they have sex, making Casillas believe that he is still with him.

Meanwhile Ballesteros and El General are at the airport where Casillas ordered a jet to be ready for him to leave with La Gober. The jet has a leak, which is part of the plan to stop Aurelio from running away. All this time, Chacorta is scoping out the scene to make sure there are no federal agents trying to arrest his brother.

Now at the airport Aurelio notices there’s a problem with his jet since he’s unable to airlift. The police agents swoop in with an ambush. Another crossfire starts for the capture of Aurelio Casillas.

As the crossfire takes place outside, inside the jet la Gober tries to leave, but she can’t. Aurelio catches up to her and strangles her to death for tricking and selling him out.

Even though Chacorta and his men are able to escape, Ballesteros is finally able to capture the Lord of the skies, they arrest take him to prison.

Mónica gives birth to her baby with Aurelio.

Chema Venegas celebrates that he is the only reigning kingpin as Aurelio has been captured and is in jail.

Rutila goes to visit her father in jail but he is reluctant  to see her. She informs him that she is pregnant for Chema, the man he hates the most.

As Rutila leaves the prison, Chema intercepts her vehicle and is ready to kill her for betraying him. But when she tells him that she is pregnant with his child, he lowers his gun stunned.

The season 2 ends with ‘To be continued’

As with the fashion of Telemundo concerning Lord of the skies series, the continuing season picks up almost immediately in December.

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Credit: latintimes.com


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