Lies of the heart update Saturday 29 February 2020

Lies of the heart 29 February 2020: It is night. Trisha is thinking about Samrat’s words about how he makes decisions on his own and that his marriage will happen only by his choice and no one can stop iy.. She gets up unable to sleep.She decides that Urmi would not get trapped in this marriage and resolves to stop it. She tries to wake up urmi to talk to her but the latter is sound asleep ! Anu wakes up and tells her to talk to Urmi the next day. Trisha goes to sleep.

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Next morning,Urmi’s family are preparing food for her,to use when she goes off to her Sasuraal. Some men bring rose milk for Urmi,sent by Samrat’s house. Everyone becomes happy on seeing this and feel relieved that all is well at Samrat’s place. They wonder if they should go to Samrat’s place after all that happened the previous day but Urmi’s mother remarks that if they should meet even Samrat’s family can come over as they were the ones who called off the marriage. Samrat’s mother calls just then and urmi’s mother speaks to her ! Samrat’s mother asks her to forget the misunderstanding that happened and asks her to look ahead . Urmi’s mother is not happy with the way the matter is dealt with but lets it go ,unwillingly. She tells this to her family and they agree

Anu and Urmi are seeing some jewellery.. Trisha comes there and wishes to speak to Urmi and asks Anu to leave. Anu after some reluctance leaves.. Trisha is about to tell her when her dadi comes to ask her to leave for the temple immediately for praying for all good things ahead. and asks Trisha to take care of the Prasad and Trisha leaves.

Meanwhile,back in Samrat’s house,Ishan is taking care of all the organising and Samrat commends him on that ! Trisha,Anu and Urmi are at the temple. Anu calls up Ishan and asks him to come over and bring Samrat along too. Ishan agrees to come along ! Anu is excited about all of them meeting up ! Samrat meanwhile tells the workers to work and finish everything on time ! Ishan comes there and asks him to accompany him to the temple to meet urmi and surprise her ! Samrat calls it as a waste of time but Ishan manages to convince him and when he hears that even Trisha has also accompanied them ,he smirks ,agrees and they leave..

Back at the temple,the girls are praying to Devi Maiyya..They prepare to leave but Anu tries to delay them. Just then they see Ishan and Samrat on the way ! Urmi becomes all happy but Trisha glares at him.. He taunts Trisha saying that maybe she doesnt like to see him there but Urmi interrupts saying that she is delighted to see him here. Ishan tells them that they ought to spend time with each other .. Urmi is very happy and Samrat looks on..The leave the two and go elsewhere..

Samrat and Urmi start walking and he asks Urmi if she believes in God to which Urmi replies that yes she does and that in time of difficulties when no one is there,only God would be there.. Samrat rolls his eyes in derision.. Their hands meet while she walks and Urmi is taken aback ! He takes her hand and tells her that it is beautiful ! She takes her hand away and thanks him! Urmi asks him if he had planned to meet her and he lies that he had come with full planning !

Meanwhile,Trisha asks Ishan if Samrat is a person who deserves Urmi ! Ishan tells her not to worry and that the would get along well since they are two people of different natures ! Meanwhile,Samrat and Urmi are still walking and Samrat walks on the right side but Trisha comes on his right instead and walks and tells him that her Dadi tells her that a wife is supposed to walk on the right hand side of the husband ! Samrat feigns amusement and asks her to tell more and she continues that a husband wife must trust each other too,not to lie to each other and to respect each other. Just then Samrat corners her ,moves closer to her and asks her what else her Dadi says !

Scene 1:
Location: Outside
samrat tries to get close to urmi, but she runs off in shyness.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat’s mother is fuming over urmi and her family, that they are unperturvbed that they were insulted and then apologised to. samrat’s bhabhi says that they dont want to let go of this relation easily, as its such a huge and famous family. samrat’s mother agrees and goes on to crib how the girl’s side should always be kept under control.

Scene 3:
Location: urmi’s residence
dance practises are going on in urmi’s house, amidst much fun and frolic. urmi comes in looking for her mother, while trisha and anu come in to dance. She insists trisha to dance too, while she is tensed. Trisha says that right now she isnt in the mood. But still trisha isnt able to do properly and is pointed out for that. Granny recounts her days. trisha leaves from there saying that she doesnt want to dance. All are tensed.

inside her room, trisha is asked by her parents what happened. She says that this marriage is a sham, and that samrat isnt the right person for urmi. trisha says that samrat isnt the right person, as wronbg intentions are forcing him to marry. Her mother closes off the doors, and asks her to understand whats she trying to say. Trisha says that they dont know, that she heard everything when samrat refused to marry, and whatever happened after that. They are tensed to hear this. but her mother is adamant that maybe samrat did realise it, but his male ego came in to ask for frogiveness from trisha. but trsiah says that he just wants to have an upper hand in this. but her mother says that he could have blamed this on trisha, and then that would have been awkward. she says that marriages are made in heaven, and if it has to hapen it will. trish tries to argue, butr her mother silences her saying that they have discussed enough, and that she should behave with samrat, so that ujrmi’s life isnt hampered. she says that she must have had a misunderstanding. her father too gives in while trisha is tensed. while her mother leaves, her father asks her to calm down and leaves too. trisha is tensed.

urmi is surfing through samrat’s pics in her mobile, and remembers her encounters with him. The servant is about to take the flowers away, but urmi says that she would always keep them, as they were given by samrat. The servant says that samrat is one lucky guy. urmi messages samrat, a romantic one, which asks if he’s missing her, while he doesnt care to pick the phone, and evn see. finally he does after much insistence and is irritated. he gives it to ishaan, who actually finds it sweet. they are at contrasting views about the sitaution. she is playful irritatad. ishaan asks him to respond to the messages, but he doesnt care. Meanwhile, urmi is sad. She is very excited when she gets a wonderfully romantic message from samrat, and is overjoyed at that and screams scaring the people around. she sends the servant off, and closes the door, and starts dancing around. she says that she didnt knw he was so romantic. meanwhile, ishaan assk samrat to understand and learn this, as he’s getting married and not him, and that he wont do this again.

samrat’s mother is tensed and calls up urmi’s mother, who’s surprised to get a call this late and asks her to meet her, so that she can talk to her, about something really important. samrat’s mother says that she would come over to their house tomorrow and talk. urmi’s mother is tensed. she tells about this to urmi’s father and he gets tensed too. they wonder what could this be. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

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