Laxmi update Sunday 8 January 2023

Episode starts with Lakshmi texting the plan to Arjun. Arjun and his dad are still in the midst of the confrontation. His dad says I always treated the stock market as a chess game, the only difference being, I play my turns and I win as well. I make only one decision and I make or break a company. His dad says “drink” and Arjun says you know I don’t drink. His dad says I also knew that you would never make a decision against my wish, but you did. I am not worried about the loss; I would sacrifice many such 2.5 crores for my son. You are entitled to everything that belongs to me [Agnihotri stocks and securities, this house, these cars, etc.]. The one right you don’t have is to make decisions on behalf of the Agnihotri family. Until I’m alive, only I will make decisions for this house and the business. Arjun says this has been happening and it will continue that way. He apologizes for what happened today.

laxmi 7 January 2023

Righ then, he receives Lakshmi’s text and forwards it to his dad. His dad asks him again which special friend it is at this time of the night? Is it a girlfriend? It better not be, because I’ve already made a decision about your marriage. His dad’s cell phone rings, Arjun brings it to him and says you have a text. His dad reads aloud the text that Arjun has sent him’until the very end when it says “Ajay Sharma”, instead of Arjun.Lakshmi is praying that her message has a positive effect on his boss and if his job is secured, then she will fast for so many days, etc. Arjun’s dad asks him if he typed the messaged and he says yes.Dad asks then why does it end with Ajay’s name? Is it that Ajay thought of all this? Arjun doesn’t know what to say. His dad says it’s good that it’s good these aren’t your thoughts because to survive in the stock market, you don’t need prayers, rather you need money and brains, always remember this. Saying this, he leaves.Bua asks Lakshmi that now you will fast for Ajay too? “this update was written by blasters series, search and follow us on facebook for fastest updates” Lakshmi says why not, he did so much for us throughout the entire wedding. By now Didi must’ve reached home too.Sarasvati and her husband are in the car and he says I wished that I’d welcome you in our own house, instead of Mausi’s, but’ she cuts him off and says we’ll save bit by bit and make a home too. Mausi isn’t a stranger for us either. You’ve always lived with her so I don’t consider her Mausi, she’s like a mom to me. He says yeah, she brought me up, educated me, I have no one in this world besides her. She says don’t ever say that again, you have a wife too. *sweet moment* They arrive home and see that the door is locked. They’re confused/worried.

He’s like where’s Mausi. Hasn’t she prepared for the daughter-in-laws welcome? Just then Mausi comes there and apologizes that she had wished to welcome her daughter in law with grandeur, but now she doesn’t even own the home, so she is unable to do so. Sarasvati and her husband are shocked. He asks what does she mean by not owning the housing anymore? She says you know our building had some case going on and today, due to some court’s order, the entire building has been sealed. No one’s allowed to go in and everyone has gone away somewhere. By the time I realized I should call you, you arrived here with your wife. He consoles his Mausi and says me and my wife will stay somewhere else for tonight and I’ll drop you off at your friend’s house. Mausi says how can I leave you two alone?*Aren’t you supposed to do just that?*LOLI seriously think this Mausi is making all this up* She further says I advise that you spend the night at Sarasvati’s maika and find an apartment for rent tomorrow morning. Arjun calls up Lakshmi. She starts off with her questions..did you get my text? Did you send it to your boss? What’d he say? Will you tell me something? He’s like if you stop talking, only then will I talkLOLI have called to tell you I talked to my boss and my job is safe. Lakshmi is really happy to hear that and thanks Shiv j

Then she asks if he can meet her tomorrow..she has to talk about something really important. He agrees and they hang up.Sarasvati and Vishal arrive at some “dharamshala” and ask for a room. The man says he has no empty room, but they can spend the night in the garden. They both agree. Sarasvati consoles him and says I’ll be happy with you anywhere, even under the sky. Vishal says now you’re being filmy. She says I’m serious..I’ll really be happy. It’s already midnight so we’ll just stay here. The night will pass while talking anyway. They are in the grassy area and Vishal says look, your wish has been granted. We’re under the sky. Sarasvati says and I have you with me. Vishal says even if we didn’t have this fire, I wouldn’t be coldLOL. She asks why? I’m so coldLOL. He comes a little close and asks, even now? She turns away saying I have a shawlLOLHe says, this is our wedding night and we’re here. Everyone dreams of their wedding night and tries to make it memorable, but..Sarasvati puts her hand on his arm and says the starts are shining above us, the cold breeze is with us, my hand in yours, could there be a better night than this? People try to make their wedding night memorable, but God gave us this chance even without us asking for it. Vishal smiles and says I have the chance too, butLOLThey both look at each other and shy away.Next morning, Arjun is going somewhere when Purva asks if he’s going to meet Lakshmi? He nods. She says have you ever thought of whom she wants to meet, this Ajay or Arjun Agnihotri? He says it doesn’t make a difference; I’m both Ajay and Arjun

She says it makes a lot of difference, you just can’t see it. That girl loves Arjun’s name, status and money, not the middle class Ajay. She considers Ajay as only her friend and even then, she’s selfish because Ajay is the one who will have her meet Arjun. He says you don’t know Lakshmi, to tell you the truth, even I haven’t gotten to know her yet. She says something, but has something else in her heart. Do you know, when we love someone, even we don’t realize it. That’s the case with Lakshmi. Purva looks on with teary eyes. Lakshmi and Arjun drenched in rainĀ  and he’s tying a necklace around her neck. She asks, a gift all of a sudden? He puts his finger on her mouth.

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