Lady luck update Thursday 23 January 2020

Lady luck 23 January 2020: Ansh and Divya reach home. Pavitra greets them in and says lallantop lollipop/Varun has someone to introduce. Varun introduces Yuvraj as business partner and will stay in their home. Divya is shocked to see Yuvraj and gets afraid.

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Yuvraj talks with great manners. Suman says Shirdhi people don’t talk with such good manners. Yuvraj says he likes speaking in this tone as people get impressed easil. Pavitra asks Bhoomi/Divya to drop Yuvraj to his room.

Bhoomi shows Yuvraj his room. He pushes her in and starts frightening her. She reminisces him torturing her with hunter when they were married and runs out. Pavitra taunts her a bit and continues..

Latha and Suman enter loud TV sound from Surbhi’s room and enter to check. Surbhi is busy watching Ye kahan agaye hum..serial’s promo and promotes it with Latha and Suman.

Bhoomi/Divya gets a bad dream that Yuvraj ties her to sofa and after his usual frightening dialogues walks towards Ansh to kill him. She wakes up drenched in sweat and goes to kitchen to get water. She hears some sound and asks who is it. She sees her and Yuvraj’s photo frames on wall and gets afraid. Yuvraj as usual frightens her that nobody can stop him from getting her, her old relatives are sound asleep and will not come.

Just then, she hears family coming and removes photo frames from wall hurriedly. One frame falls down and she gets her finger injured. Ansh comes and asks what is she doing. Badi maa comes with other family members and asks what is she doing. She says she wanted to give her a surprise with these family photos. Yuvraj smirks peeping from kitchen. Bhoomi gets more afraid. Suman asks where are pics in photoframe.

Badi maa nurses Bhoomi’s wound and asks if she is fine. Bhoomi says yes. Badi maa asks then why is she looking so tensed…

Badi maa asks Bhoomi what is she doing in hall at midnight. Bhoomi says she wanted to fix family photoframes on wall and surprise her. Suman asks her to show her photoframe before it is fixed on wall. Bhoomi nods yes. Badi maa sees Bhoomi’s hand injured and takes her to room and nurses it. She warns her to be careful.

In the morning, during breakfast, Ansh tells family that he will attend office from today. Badi maa gets happy hearing that. After breakfast, Bhoomi feeds Ansh sweet curd and says she was expecting this from him. He leaves smiling.

Suman waits for someone eagerly. A courier boy delivers flower bouquet to Surbhi and says her friend sent it. Varun gets jealous hearing this. Suman gets happy and once everyone disperses tells Bhoomi that her plan is working well.

Varun comes out near car with Ansh and Yuvraj and asks Ansh to take Yuvraj to office while he finishes some important business meetig and join them later. yuvraj insists Ansh that he likes driving car himself and starts driving car. While driving car, he calls bhoomi and asks Ansh if he has insured his car. Ansh asks why. He says he used to drive his car above 150 km/hr in europe and in India, if someone comes in between, they will be killed and car’s airbag will save him and Ansh. Ansh gets tensed. Yuvraj says he is just joking. Bhoomi hears conversation and gets tensed. She runs down calling Ansh’s mobile. Latha says Ansh left his mobile at home.

Bhoomi rushes towards Ansh’s office in a taxi and asks driver to speed up. Yuvraj takes Ansh to construction site. Ansh gets confused seeing construction material spread out and manager missing. He says Yuvraj that he will call manager. Bhoomi/Divya continues asking driver to speed up and thinks of calling Yuvraj as she promised Bhoomi to take care of Ansh in her absence.

Yuvraj walks behind Ansh reminiscing Bhoomi feeding sweet curd to Ansh. Just then, Bhoomi calls Yuvraj and Yuvraj says she called him very late, Ansh is finished now. She pleads not to harm Ansh. Yuvraj laughs.

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