Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 8 February 2023


Kulfi the singing star 8 February 2023: Kulfi wakes up, and says it’s such a beautiful place, where am I, is this god’s land, singer walks to Kulfi, Kulfi sees him playing with fire flies, and thinks it’s god, he says so you woke up, Kulfi says you look so much different from the photos, he says my photo, Kulfi says your photo is in everyone’s house, singer gets happy, and starts dancing with kufli, Kulfi says he isn’t god and as,s who are you, and where am I, he says in my house, and it’s too cold here have some corn, Kulfi says tell me who are you and where am I, he says I found you near river, and there was no one near you so I got you here. Kulfi thanks him and says can I call my father, he says I don’t have phone just look at sky and talk to whoever you want to, Kulfi says let me talk to my Baba, he says no worries let’s go to store nearby and call your father tomorrow morning, singer himself introduces himself as tuntuna. Kulfi says today I’m missing my mother a lot, look she is turned to a star now after leaving this world, tuntuna asks try figuring out which one is my mother, Kulfi shows one. Tuntuna asks how did you reach here, Kulfi tells him about accident. Tuntuna walks in and gets food and says when I get scared I have food you have too.

Tuntuna says you should have had my mother’s aloo paratha, Kulfi said mine made yummy too, tuntuna asks where do you belong too, Kulfi says chiroli near Pathankot, tuntuna starts singing song, people gather around, Kulfi remembers singing same song in chiroli and joins tuntuna. Tuntuna praises kulfi and says you sing so well, Tuntuna says you stay with me why do you have to go, Kulfi says I have to my father must be worried, tuntuna asks near by people for a phone, Kulfi makes a call and none gets connected, because the phone has no balance.
Tuntuna says kulfi don’t worry I will drop you chiroli, Kulfi says now I stay in Mumbai, Tuntuna in shock finding kulfi is Indian, tuntuna asks her to go sleep. Tuntuna stops himself from calling police, he gets confused between calling and not calling and finally makes a call, and says i have found an Indian girl, gets scared and keeps the phone, Kulfi keeps calling Sikander in sleep.

Sikander arrives at accident location, Himmat tells how accident took place, Sikander says my daughter is alive, Police say we worried she has flown to other side of river to Pakistan we have began process of informing them or else they can arrest her. Tuntuna comes out of house and sees police threatening everyone for hiding a little girl, Tuntuna says I can’t let Kulfi in their hands. Sikander says god you did very wrong by hurting my kid, sikander says I will reach my daughter throw these waters and jumps in. Sikander swims, across the river.
Amyra wakes Lovely says it’s 8 am quick we have to get in line for the bathroom. Tuntuna puts kulfi inside the house and closes the door. And acts as if working in garden, inspector walks to Tuntuna and asks about does he know about any Indian girl, he says no. Inspector says his voice sounds so similar to one who called. Kulfi wakes up. Tuntuna says possible, I don’t know who must have and I guess someone played prank over you.Lovely and Amyra waiting in line, Amyra calms her down. Lovely u easy in bathroom, slips and falls in coal, Lovely starts throwing tantrums and says Amyra get me water right away, Raju says you just spilled all the water.


Inspector threats Tuntuna and asks him to answer, Kulfi walks out, Kulfi asks what’s wrong, inspector asks kulfi what is her name, Kulfi says it’s Kulfi, inspector asks who is she, inspector says kulfi go get milk and jaggery for them, inspector says keep an eye on him and leaves.

Kulfi asks Tuntuna why did he lie, Tuntuna says you ask so many questions, Kulfi says may be they came here to find me, they will take me to my father, Tuntuna says stop don’t go to them, you are Indian and you are in Pakistan, Kulfi starts dancing, says I’m in Pakistan, Tuntuna says what’s wrong with you, Kulfi says I’m here in Pakistan to meet god, Tuntuna says calm down you can’t be excited we are enemies, Kulfi says we arent who told you, Tuntuna says everyone does, Kulfi says let’s be friends then and hugs him.kulfi says you know my chiroli is same like this town so why are we different and why enemies, Tuntuna says just have milk and leave, Kulfi says I have to go Kartarpur, Tuntuna says take a bus and leave, Kulfi says help me take a bus, Tuntuna says okay.Sikander arrives Pakistan, Kulfi feels his presence, Kulfi says I felt like I’m in my own country, Tuntuna says come let’s go and walks out wearing a Burkha.

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