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Sikandar tells lady police that Kulfi is with some unknown man and must be distressed. Lady police says that they have to wait till they get ransom call.

Sikandar wonders why this man is not calling them up. David tells Susan that it’s a beautiful day and he would take her out if she could see. David shows clothes to Susan and tells her he will make Joshua/Kulfi wear them. Susan does not respond. Mohender tells his mother that he cannot see Sikandar’s restlessness. Mohender says that they will tell Sikandar the truth. Sikandar’s mother says that they cannot do that as Sikandar will go crazy in anger. David gives clothes to Kulfi. Kulfi says that he will take the clothes only if he sings. David says that he will not sing in the morning. Kulfi says that Sikandar sings every morning.

David gets angry. Kulfi says that he will sing and David should join him. Kulfi sings happily around David. David also sings but his voice is very bad. Sikandar wonders why Kulfi dint tell him before going. Sikandar recalls his last conversation with Kulfi. Sikandar recalls that Kulfi had mentioned that the man had spoken to someone in the house. Kulfi tells this to Mohender. Mohender wonders who in their house has spoken to the man and not told any of them. Amayra overhears their conversation and gets tensed.

Kulfi asks David why by he sings so badly. David tells him that his voice is bad. Kulfi says that his notes are bad. Kulfi says that her mother had told her that her father is a very big promise. Kulfi asks David whether he is sure whether he is his father. David gets angry and scolds Kulfi saying that he is his father. David tells Kulfi that he is going out. Kulfi ask him to take him along too as he wants to meet Sikandar. David scolds Kulfi for wanting to meet Sikandar. Kulfi says that he wants to bring back her mother’s belongings. Kulfi asks David to make him talk to Sikandar on phone. David says that he will make her talk with the person who called him. Sikandar wonders who could the person be who spoke to the man. Sikandar suddenly realizes that it could be Amayra.

David calls up Amayra. Amayra wonders why David is calling her. Sikandar goes towards Amayra’s room. Lovely stops him. Sikandar enters Amayra’s room but she is in the washroom. Sikandar tells Lovely that he knows that Amayra has spoken to that man. Amayra and Sikandar get into an argument. Lovely asks Sikandar not to get so hyper. Sikandar says that Kulfi must be waiting for him. Sikandar takes everyone’s phones and leaves. David tells Kulfi that the phone number is not going through. Kulfi says that he does not know any other numbers. Kulfi asks David to educate him. David scolds him. Kulfi thinks that Sikandar never behaved like this with him. Tevar calls on Lovely’s number and Sikandar picks it up. Tevar says that he called by mistake. Sikandar tells him that Tevar is lost.

Sikandar asks a shopkeeper about David’s car and Kulfi’s whereabouts but he does not help. Kulfi wears the new clothes and thinks that he does not feel that David is his father and is hiding something.

Kulfi says i found dad but i still think i haven’t and i feel like he is hiding something, David praying says mother forgive me, Susan is very upset after our son’s death, and she isnt able to get over it,i know i have done wrong getting this boy here,but i had this last chance to help my susan and if he can cure my susan. Kulfi says i have to tell dad the truth that im girl.

Lovely asks Tevar what is he doing here,he says i was worried, yesterday Sikander was yelling at you and today your phone is with him, Lovely says if Sikander sees us,it wont be good, Lovely hears Mohendar say he is going downstairs to check cctv footage with Sikander, Lovely says that can’t happen they will learn i went to see you,Tevar says so, Lovely says he will doubt on me, this is what you want right that we fight,Mohendar walks, Lovely says Sikander isnt home,Tevar says hello i heard you going downstairs to check CCTV footage let me accompany you and leaves with him.

Sikander watching CCTV footage with Tevar and Mohendar, they see a man and Kulfi rushing toward him.Kulfi starts looking for David,she sees a room and says dad asked me not to enter this room who must be here, Tevar sees wires and to avoid Lovely being suspected disconnect the PC, and puts water over it.Sikander calls security and asks to check.

Kulfi sees Susan and both shout seeing eachother,Kulfi runs away,David rushes to Susan and hugs her.Tevar says lets wait out let him finish the work.Security says CPU burnt sir we will need 2-3 days now,Sikander gets angry and leave,he dashes a laundry man,Mohendar says sorry we lost kid so he os upset,he asks who Kulfi and gives details to Sikander,he says he had cross locket in his neck , Sikander request him to come with him and sketch the person,he agrees,he says he also had a bag written mumbai Church on it.Sikander says lets go and all leaves.

Scared Kulfi sitting in her room,David scolds her and asks why did you go there,Kulfi says i was looking for you,David says no need dare you entre that room,Kulfi asks who is that Aunty and why didn’t you tekl ne about her,David says she is susan and cant see and so got scared hearing your voice,Kulfi says god didnt do good with her but what is she doing in our house?

David says you believe I’m our father right,Kulfi says yes,David says then you have to believe Susan is your mother,Kulfi says no my mother is Nimrat,David says yes but now she is your mother because i married her now,Kulfi says how bad of you, Sikander sir would never do such thing,Dvaid says you and Sikander look when you will grow uo you will understand,Kulfi says what I will understand,you left me and my mother you broke our trust,you loved my mother right, you married my mother right,you must have taken some woes right in front of everyone , David says yes, Kulfi says you are a liar my mother and father married secretly and he was a singer but you aren’t ,you are just a liar,David says look whatever im your father now, Kulfi says thats not possible we have only one parent and you aren’t and i have to go to Sikander sir.

David says stay here,put this straight in your mind that iim your father and Susan your mother, and tie your hair,dont let them loose,Kulfi says gof please help me,David locks her,Kulfi bangs door and says let me go,i dont want to stay with you Sikander and Mohinder meet inspector with the laundry man,she denies and says its not been 24 hrs we need to follow some rules, Sikander gets angry and leaves.

Tevar says Lovely I’m not your enemy and before Sikander could see anything i have destroyed the machine,Lovely says thank god,Tevar shows Lovely the poster, Lovely says Amyra is a kid she did it in innocence,i have to take them off,Tevar says I wont say a word to anything she is my daughter too, Lovely says no she isnt,Tevar says not my blood but by heart and so she is mine and leaves.

Mohinder trying to stop Sikander, Sikander looses his calm and leaves and says they are good for nothing.Kulfi has hiccups and says Sikander sir must be finding me, Kulfi says Sikander sir must be looking for me and God David uncle isn’t my father please help me.

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