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Kulfi the singing star 25 December 2019: The episode starts with Kulfi leaving the house and picking lord Krishna idol and says we cant leave him behind,all leave upset in tears remembering happy times spent in house.

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Sikander drops girls by car and says you trust me right, I will di everything back to normal,now you twi go ahead i have some work on the way so i will follow you.

Nihalo behind Lovely asking her to show her face, lovely says please leave me alone, A lady says you are singer Sikander wife what are you doing in prison, Nihalo remember all the episode’s and says now i know you.

Kulfi asks where are we going, Mohendar says at your aunts place, Kulfi says but her house is outside Mumbai and baba said he has some work on way how is he gonna manage, Mohendar says he will,

Amyra says i don’t see his cab,may be he took wrong turn,girls force to stop cab and force Mohendar to call Mohendar says weak range i can’t reach him, girls force him to tell the truth, Mohendar says he isnt staying with us,he will stay in Mumbai,gunjan says its just few days,Girls say we cant live without him call him right away, Mohendar scolds them.

Sikander reaches a place and finds girls waiting for them and ask what are they doing here,they say how could he think they will live without him, girls scold him, Sikander tells the truth that he can’t manage the expenses,girls say they will manage the school and other things but need to stay with him, girls finally convince him to allow them to stay with him.

Kulfi the singing star December teasers 

Amyra gets shocked to see they have to live in a small Chawl. Later, they come across an unruly crowd where everybody is shouting. Everybody starts to recognize Sikander Singh Gill as a superstar. Sikander meets Himmat Kaur and asks to see their room.

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