Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Kulfi the singing star 11 March 2020: Sikander gets a call from Sandy, she says  Jimmy is giving no information. That moment Sikander sees Amyra trick Kalti into revealing he has sweets hidden and says Sandy I have an idea.

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Jimmy gets call from police saying his piracy racket is revealed and he will soon be executed, Jimmy says this must be just fake call, Sandy says sir this could be revealed because of sting operation don’t take it lightly. Raju mummy made the call to scare Jimmy.

Kulfi sees Sikander and Raju talking. Jimmy gives warehouse a call and asks to vacate it. Kulfi walks to Sikander and asks what are you doing, Sikander says we waiting for Sandy, Kulfi says okay lets go its pooja time, Sikander says you go we will follow. Jimmy leaves alone asking others to stay. Sikander gets message from Sandy that Jimmy has left. Sikander puts his phone on charge and leaves. Kulfi sees someone calling on his phone and picks it, Sandy informs about address unaware Kulfi has picked the call.

Sikander walks to Kulfi and asks who called, Kulfi thinks why he looks so worried that I shouldn’t have received, Kulfi says yes someone called but I couldn’t hear what I said. Sikander says okay and leaves. Amyra gives Sikander prasad, he keeps it aside and leaves. Kulfi sees Sikander didn’t have prasad and left. Pooja begins. Kulfi finds suspicious Raju and Sikander are busy at same time and so something is fishy. Sikander gets in car and follows Sandys instructions. Jimmy worried how did police find about his location, Kulfi follows Sikander.

Sikander gets to Jimmys warehouse and sees him vacate the location. Sikander asks Sandy to check if building is completely vacant. Sandy goes check and informs there is no one. Raju as inspector and with few other actors stop Jimmys truck, and checks them and seizes them, Raju informs Sikander that CDs are with us, Sikander says now we will sell this and earn money lot of money. Sikander says Sandy go to office before Jimmy or else he will find it suspicious.
Kulfi sees Sikander sets the warehouse on fire and is in shock. Sikander sees Jimmys warehouse burn and remembers every single episode where Jimmy ill treated him and tortured him and his family. Sikander says goddess Laxmi my girls got you home but money I will bring it back. Kulfi in shock faints. Jimmy is informed his CDs are seized. Raju calls Jimmy as inspector Gangadhar and says your consignment is with me so are you ready to deal, Jimmy says yes. Sikander gets home, has his medicines. Sikander feels guilty about his deeds and says don’t im doing this for my girls. Sikander sees Kulfi around. Sikander sees police in house.

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