Kulfi the singing star update Sunday 8 September 2019


lovely says Kulfi its a big day how are you feeling, kulfi says unbelievable, lovely says you have met principal and you haven’t met other students because they are younger and also you can’t speak English, and you have been given second chance so don’t do anything that you will be scolded by principal, Kulfi starts getting nervous.

Kulfi and amyra reach school, lovely says Kulfi all the best go ahead Amyra will follow and smile a bit, amyra says mom why are you helping her, lovely says you just go to school and make sure she cones out crying.

Kulfi enters school, nervous thinking about what lovely said, Amyra walks to her, kulfi hugs her and asks where do i go,amyra says that way in your class,kulfi says come with me,amyra says yours is small kids class not mine bye.

kulfi enters class and says oh these are younger than bholi, kulfi gets nervous. Maam enters the class, principal enters and introduces Kulfi. Kulfi isnt allowed by fellow students to share seat so she sits alone.
Kulfi confused,she says maam that she has no papers to make decoration,maam says no worries it’s your first day just join them. Few kids make fun of kulfi. kukfi seed a empty space and says i will paint here as i use to in village.

Sikander cleaning his music room,tevar joins him, Sikander says dont i will manage, Tevar says let me anyways i don’t want to go home,i will be alone there and keep thinking. Kids say look where kulfi drew, Amyra sees kulfi drew Swastik and kalash and says are you fool you aren’t allowed to draw below school logo, kulfi says good such big issue on first day that too, principal sees that, Kulfi says sorry to principal and not to remove her from school, principal asks do you know what you ahve drawn,kulfi says yes and explains, Principal smiles and says very good you reminded us of our culture, well done and asks other kids to join kulfi. Amyra and kulfi get busy making lanterns, both together make an lantern and hug each other.

lovely walks in and sees amyra and kulfi together.Kulfi narrates her experience, lovely gives amyra cold looks and says c’mon we are getting late. Lovely asks Amyra what are you doing why are getting back friends with her,Amyra says mom its very confusing i try getting bad but she does good and i forget, lovely says but what when truth will be out,amyra says mom please no one will tell the truth and now im tired i have no time for this, lovely says okay regret later when your dad will go away and leaves. amyra says will kulfi really separate me and dad.

Sikander praises Amyra says she is so pretty, kulfi and Tevar walk in, Sikander praises her too,amyra asks who is most pretty but me or her, lovely walks to amyra and says off course you,you are the prettiest, Sikander asks how was your first day, kulfi says usual,

Tevar narrates, Sikander says very good but why are you upset,kulfi says it wasn’t as i always wanted to be, Sikander says look we need to work hard, even i felt this when i came to Mumbai,like im leaving something back,its new place it will take time. Amyra says dad jewellery, Sikander says lets go.

Amyra and Kulfi have fun while buying payal, kulfi feels bad seeing Tevar spending a lot on her, jeweler asks anything fir maam.

Kulfi feels bad seeing Tevar even aftee not being her dad spends so much on her and slowly whispers to Sikander and asks him to talk to Tevar, Sikander explains her you should see the love. Amyra loves Tevars choice and Kulfi loves Sikanders choice,both exchange the payal and put it on girls feet.Lovelyin tears seeing amyra and Sikander together,salesman asks anything for maam,

Amyra says yes diamond rings, Lovely says no im good, amyra says mom you have to, Kulfi and tevar ask Sikander to chose for her, Lovely thinks god this friendship now my ex boyfriend and husband listen to eachother.

Amyra asks Sikander to get on his knees and then give ring to lovely, lovely in tears,kulfi and amyra applaud. Amyra pulls Sikander and lovely and asks them to dance, tevar feels awkward. kulfi holds his hand and starts dancing with him. sikander involves amyra with them,he sees kulfi and tevar perform couple dance and joins them with Amyra. Amyra sees kulfi and tevar happy and thinks my dad loves me and things will remain as it is so why cant be Kulfis friend. kulfi goes pull amyra and starts dancing with her.

Sikander gets crackers for amyra and kulfi, amyra says first cracker will be mine, Tevar says watch out its me too this time,amyra and tevar run to burn cracker. Sikander ask kulfi whats wrong, kulfi says this is my first diwali where i have so many sweets crackers and i dont have my baba too, Sikander holds her hand and says think he is here, can’t you take me as your baba for a day.

Kulfi remembers her dream and starts smiling, Sikander asks what’s wrong, kulfi says you wont share with anyone,i once had dreamt of you as my baba, Sikander says why hide then, Kulfi says amyra would feel bad so.

Lovely distributing Diwali sweets, Tony asks all arrangements done, lovely says yes, Sikander asks what arrangements, Tony says i thought card party to be held here and will also help your business, do call your friend Tevar. Kulfi singing and preparing for Diwali party with everyone.Lovely sees amyra get along with Kulfi and gives her cold look’s,amyra tries to keep away. Sikander cooking sweets.Kulfi tries to help lovely as well. Sikander and tevar dance with bebe.Lovely feels left out.

kulfi dresses for party and talks to nimrat,and says tevar sir is doing so much for me and for him i will study hard and make him proud, Tevar walks to her and says oh so pretty and i know you will make me proud and I have something,and puts bangles in her hands, kulfi very happy and excited to see her bangles and says how do you know, tevar says you know the answer,kulfi says yes because you are my baba and know what i want and hugs him.

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