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Kulfi starts shouting as she is scared, she remembers 664 tell her there’s no use of shouting the noise doesn’t go out, Kulfi starts singing to calm herself ,Ama says Sikander do visit again. Sikander passing by corridor feels something and stops, Sikander asks who is in this room, I would like to see please open, Ama opens the room, Sikander sees 664, Ama says he needs discipline he hurted a small girl and so as punishment is locked, sikander thinks it’s wrong but there is something else that brought me here, Bebe calls Sikander amyra isn’t doing well, sikander rushes.

Sikander rushes to amyra, amyra says it’s very painful do something, doctor informs Sikander whatever amyra consumed is making her organs fail, she is at worst, she is trying hard, Lovely breaks down, sikander says I’m doing everything you asked for, doctor says till we find what she has consumed we can’t do anything, till then please pray. Ama gets kulfi out, Ama says this is why you shouldn’t disobey me,Kulfi says I miss you Baba, I want to come back to you, rajan says 186 you are out of the room now, Kulfi says I want my baba and leaves crying, Ama says let her go wherever she wants to, Kulfi finds a window open about to get out if it, dog barks at her, Kulfi says oh ghost, please let me go.

Lovely locks herself in room and starts crying, sikander was right I’m using my baby, I’m such a bad mom, god please give me punishment kill me but spare my baby, I’m sorry, sikander and Lovely with amyra, praying god to save her. Kulfi hears Sikander sing and follows the voice, 664 gets the Walkman to her kulfi very happy and asks how did you get it, 664 says I stole it, Kulfi hugs him, 664 asks her to hide it, both introduce each other as kulfi and Zinda. Kulfi sleeps hugging the Walkman.

Zinda tells everyone Kulfi helped him, kids say we don’t even feel like talking to her, Kulfi says she talks so like amyra, she asks why are you here, Kulfi asks when you know Ama is so bad don’t you wanna go out of here, they what you think we never must have tried, you know nothing about Ama, Kulfi says tell me then. Lovely thinks shall I tell sikander the truth, Sikander gets call from doctor, Lovely remembers how she tricked amyra into all the things and what it turned out to be, and says I can’t play with your life baby,I will loose you, I will tell sikander the truth.

Kulfi tells everyone there must be some way, my mom told me stories, with moral never loose hope and keep trying, and when I’m a good girl why should I loose hope and beat punishments, Ama hears that and says is that now they will bear punishment for what you said no family day, I will inform all your family members and leaves.kulfi asks what day is that, all blame Kulfi and scold her,and say no one will talk to her. Kulfi says because of me they won’t see their family what will I do now

Lovely walks to Sikander, scared and confused, and Hera ship talking about Amyra. Kulfi talks to Ama says I know you think I’m lying but trust me I’m here by mistake but because of me don’t let others suffer, let them meet their families, and about me you will soon find I’m a good girl and send me back, ama says is it then if you complete the task I do, I will organise the family day again, Kulfi leaves. Kulfi says she will give me some work and sounds very scary.

Kulfi walks in room, and sees kids crying and missing their families, Saraswati says enough none of our families are coming, we won’t forgive 186, we will have to wait a whole year now to meet our families, Kulfi says I’m missing Baba so much but these guys are away from so long, Kulfi thinks of Sikander and imagines him near her, she imagines hugging Sikander and share her problem with Sikander, says like I miss you, they miss their families, tell me what to do, I’m scared, should I say yes to Ama, sikander says my princess, don’t be scared, all will be fine,Kulfi opens her eyes.

Lovely says Sikander amyra, Sikander says she is fine, Lovely starts crying and says I know why is she so bad it’s because I gave her something, sikander says no ways, have you lost it, Lovely says I had no other way, I did this to keep you and amyra close and kulfi away, Sikander in shock,Lovely says I had no idea it would turn this bad, Lovely says this is what I gave her, show this to doctor, please save my amyra,

sikander scared picks the bottle, and says are you mad, what kind of mother are you, you tried killing my Daughter, Lovely says I did this to bring you two close, sikander starts breaking things and says what would you do when I would loose her, you put her in danger yourself, get out of my life and my house, you poisoned my daughter, get out, Lovely realises she was imagining sikanders reaction, Sikander asks what happened, Lovely says nothing and thinks sikander will keep me away from away if I tell the truth what will I do now.

Kulfi walks to Ama, Ama asks what have you thought,ama thinks she has no guts to say me yes, will apologise and leave, Kulfi says I’m ready, Ama says you have so much pride, you think you will do the task I give, Kulfi says I don’t know, but I will try,Ama calms her anger and leaves with Kulfi. Lovely writes a letter as Amyras well wisher, about poison. Ama takes Kulfi infront of assembly and says she doesn’t want family day to be suspended and so she will have to do a task and she agreed, is anyone else interested. Kids discuss, she has no idea what she is falling into, Ama says Rajan you know what to do, AMAs watch gets stolen again, and she scolds everyone says once I find the theif I won’t spare him, first I will test 186, this task can’t be completed in a day and family day in 3 days so do you.

Sikander is handed the well wisher note by doctor, sikander reads dark ruby why will someone give my baby dark ruby. Kids ask Kulfi to back off, Kulfi says don’t scare me,Ama walks in and says why will she do that, now she can’t back off, sikander says why is someone doing this, doctor as Sikander anyone in family, Sikander says no ways, all love her a lot, doctor says you focus finding culprit I will focus on curing her and yes dark ruby isn’t easily available openly but in black market, I will go begin treatment, Sikander says yes I will find out the culprit, and also find my Kulfi. Sikander walks to lovely takes the letter and leaves.

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