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Tevar begins his performance,Lovely sees Amyra dancing with Tevar and kulfi sitting with Sikander,Amyra joins Tevar rap,lovely surprised and in tears and starts feeling uneasy,Sikander and kulfi join Tevar and Amyra Dance.

Kulfi the singing star August teasers 

Sikander and Tevar walk into room and see Amyra and kulfi asleep, Sikander stops Tevar from picking kulfi,and says let her,Tevar says I can’t sleep without her,Sikander says stay here,Tevar says on one condition let’s have coffee. Sikander says done,lovely sees them bond. Sikander says great coffee,Tevar says yes after I left tea,Sikander says found new one,Tevar says nope and both share a smile.

Lovely keeping an eye on them.lovely walks in and asks what’s the topic of discussion,both reply nothing,lovely says fine got it and leaves. Sikander asks why did you reply, Tevar says we both have same reason,we are friends today and would be enemies too and the reason is lovely and I’m sorry but her stress gave me peace today. Amyra Sikander and kulfi Tevar, meet next day, amyra asks where are we going,Tevar says picnic.amyra says wow we will just have fun,Kulfi says that will be rocking,Amyra says we aren’t going this way and both run. Sikander and Tevar say come fast god knows what these girls want.

Both pack their toys,Kulfi carries torn paper pieces too. Tevar says both are just like their mother,Sikander smiles and tries to ignore, they leave. Lovely says nonsense,Sikander Amyra not home and I don’t see Tevar and kulfi too,that’s not good and tries calling both. Cutie tries to calm her down and says it’s just a days picnic,Lovely says mom if either of them talks about Nimrat all will be out,my whole life will be over,I’m hiding so many truth to save my marriage save me mom. At picnic venue everyone having fun,amyra says oh no tacky restaurant,Kulfi says wow dhaba,Sikander says we will have fun here amyra kulfi says yes it’s not tacky,and the food here is very yummy,you will lick your fingers,amyra says what no spoons, Sikander laughs and says let’s go and order food.kulfi opens her hanky and the paper drops,a man picks it up.

Everyone having food,amyra says how come you guys having onions your mouths will smell,Kulfi says we will have mouth freshner don’t worry,the man walks to Sikander and asks is this yours,Kulfi says oh it’s mine and says thankyou,Sikander asks what’s in it,amyra says cutie had thrown a paper and kulfi had picked it up and has kept with her,Kulfi says yes yes. They see a man troubling poor kids and making fun of their hunger,amyra says he is a bad man,Sikander looses calm,Tevar says we have kids with us,Kulfi this uncle needs to learn his lessons,Sikander says I know how to give them to him,Sikander walks to him,amyra and kulfi say we never know he is a prankster,Sikander walks to him and acts as if his old friend,and says Balwinder my friend we miss you and here’s your money, man thinks I can be the person he says for the sake of money,and takes money and says you have to pay my interest,Sikander says yes yes you will be do a thing order as much food you want all on me,Sikander says your kid will be welcomed too and asks the kids to join too,the man gets excited and starts ordering,Sikander clicks a selfie and says I will be back.

Amyra asks dad what did you do,Sikander says just wait and watch,now eat quickly because fat uncle is gonna pay our bill,waiter gets bill,Sikander says yes he will pay bill and then says Balu Bebe on call says hello,he says greetings to her,Sikander says to waiter,yes he will pay our bill,everyone leaves quickly. Lovely losing her calm and waiting atleast either of the two will pick her call, amyra sends her a selfie with everyone,lovely tries to figure out where they are by the restaurant. Waiter hands the bill to Balu,he tries to escape,waiters grab him,Sikander Tevar and kids tease him and leave.

Tevar says it was a great idea, Sikander tells the idea was inspired from a movie,amyra says you are very naughty,Kulfi asks Tevar was he naughty too,Tevar says no he wears very studious and wanted to be engineer,Amyra asks how come engineer,Tevar says my daughters mom loved money and so to earn I turned to music,Kulfi says not possible,are you really talking about my mom,Sikander thinks I need to divert the topic,and says it’s fathers daughter day and so no mother talk. Lovely reaches the dhaba,and asks waiter where are they,waiter says first pay the money,lovely hands him money and says here now tell,waiter says this isn’t enough,lovely hands him ring and says speak now,he says on way to kulaleshwar. Tevar Sikander and kids having fun,Amyra says it’s so cool here,unforgettable trip,Kulfi says very beautiful,Sikander says it’s just the beginning now we are friends right. Lovely misses her cab and is left with no money. Amyra and kulfi playing freebie,Kulfi getting confused,Sikander helps her,Amyra gets angry,Sikander looks at amyra. Lovely takes lift from a man on bike,and he irritating her.the bike breaks down,the man gets emotional about his bike. Amyra asks dad why did you help her,Sikander says I will play too me and Kulfi a team,amyra asks and me alone.tevar jumps in and says that’s not possible,I’m here.

Lovely reaches picnic venue and sees them play,amyra says wow Tevar you better than dad,amyra hurts herself, Sikander and Tevar rush to her,lovely looks at amyra and says she is turning to be just like Kulfi what’s wrong with my baby. Tevar says I got defeated for my baby, nothing else,Sikander says oh cmon,Tevar says Amyra never likes to loose so I had to say we won,Sikander thinks she is just like you now I know who she got this from,Tevar makes noodles for Amyra and Sikander makes sweet potato for kulfi.

Lovely says what are you sikander you have no issues with your wife’s ex boyfriend. Two girls come on bike,they get excited to see Tevar and Sikander and go hug them,and start clicking selfies, amyra and kulfi fund it odd, Kulfi says oh look the sweet potatoes and the noodles are burning, girls offer them sandwiches and tea.

Sikander and Tevar thank them, girls say it’s a dream to have lunch date with you,amyra says it’s dad daughter date,girls say oh you are very cute and what will we have in return,amyra and kulfi offer toys,girls say you are very cute shall we join you and have a party,and some dance,amyra says done and starts dancing with Tevar,Sikander watches them dance and is in tears, Kulfi holds sikanders hand and starts dancing,Sikander watching amyra and feeling bad, lovely keeping an eye on them.

Girls join them Dance, lovely says what do these think of themselves. Amyra and kulfi jealous seeing them enjoy with girls, Kulfi says forget them let’s go rest, amyra and kulfi chatting,amyra teaches her to write,Kulfi asks her to teach how to write Sikander Nimrat and Tevar. Lovely looks at Sikander and says so busy with girls he has no idea where amyra is. Kulfi writes Sikander Tevar Nimrat, Kulfi says what I have seen these names somewhere and remembers the paper.

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