Kulfi the singing star update Friday 10 January 2020

Kulfi the singing star 10 January 2020: Sikander thanks Babar for help and says let me know when i can return this favour, Babar says right away, please sing my favourite song for me. Amyra says Samaira is showing fake concern she is trying to humiliate me, Kulfi says with our society group we will teach her a good lessona nf invites Samira and friend’s to join the aarti. Babar gets emotional listening to song and says Sikander if you ever wish to do anything for me please sing this song for me and leaves.

Kulfi makes Samaira and friends sit on a bed, Samaira hears a sound and checks to find chips under it, Samaira says its not funny,kalti says look bed bugs on her, kulfi says oh god get rid of it they bite really bad and only way is to jump in mud,Samaira does so everyone makes fun of her, MLA distributing sweets in area, Lovely sneaks in one of the boxes and gets inside the society, Amyra thanks Kulfi and both hug eachother.

Lovely sees Amyra and says baby i will take you away from this dirty place, in the night lovely starts looking for Amyra,she falls in bag of flour but somehow manages to reach Amyra, Amyra wakes up sees lovely all covered in flour and gets scared and shouts,everyone wakes up, Lovely starts running, Raju catches lovely in Blanket and all start hitting her calling her thief, Sikander says stop lets see who it is, Sikander removes blanket and sees its Aslam, Lovely hiding,Himmat says i have doubt that she was a lady here to kidnap kids,Amyra gets more scared.

Amyra and Kulfi on their way to school, Lovely hears them talk and says good idea i can now kidnap Amyra on way to school and go away, Shantabai asks girls how about some dancing tonight for fun,girls agree, Himmat asks shantabai to lock the door,shantabai locks the door lovely hiding in, Himmat says the kid who dances the best will be gifted a silver spoon from me.

Kulfi the singing star January teasers


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