Kulfi the singing star update friday 23 December 2022


Kulfi the singing star 23 December 2022: Sikander telling the two men that the amphitheater has a place with Feroz. Then again, Feroz says his better half more likely than not offered the hall to Jimmy. Sikander gets in a battle however his girls safeguard him. Afterward, Kulfi gets some thought and goes to meet Sikander. She helps him to remember his own line from the play. She reveals to him they won’t free and will figure out how to do the play. In the first part of the day, Sikander chooses to meet Jimmy and asks him for what valid reason he is doing this. He approaches him to hang tight for one day as children have completed a great deal of diligent work for the play. Jimmy suggests that he can keep the amphitheater and requests a lease of 10 crores. Afterward, Ritu likewise won’t help as she is additionally associated with Jimmy. Ajit additionally leaves the play, who was assuming the job of the young lady’s dad. Kulfi and Amyra need Sikander to play as their dad. Simultaneously, Sikander gets a call from somebody and illuminates everybody that he has organized the cash.

In the interim, Gunjan gets the announcement from the key observer and chooses to grumble against Lovely. Sikander gives the cash to Jimmy in return for authorization to utilize the amphitheater.Sikander walks in and asks what’s the matter why are you here again we have permission till 12 am, Jimmy says it’s a lie, I gave no permit, sikander says I paid you 10 crore and signed contract, Jimmy says oh the contract which says you can use till 12 but 12 pm, Sikander checks the contract, Jimmy says cmon vacant the auditorium, Sikander says how can you do this, you cheated I paid you your amount. Peter and team abuses sikander, Firoz asks Sikander where did he manage so much money from, Jimmy says I will tell, he arranges this money, by selling rights to his songs, Kulfi and Amyra shocked.

Peter says sikander are you mad, Jimmy says don’t worry I will keep all your songs safe, because the man you sold songs to was my employee I had set him up. Kulfi says to Jimmy, you can take rights but sikanders charm and voice will always remain his, sikander says money is not real asset but family and friends are and I have it, and remember one thing use all your money and power but this play won’t stop. Sikander holds kulfi and Amyras hand, Kulfi sees her friends rush to her and they hug her and Amyra, Tia and Mia join them too, Mohendar Bebe join them, media covers the story.All stand together against Jimmy to protest, police allow them in, Jimmy opposes, police says we can’t stop this big crowd and there are kids and women too we are story, get court orders.Jimmy makes a call and asks to burn down to the auditorium. Play begins, the man gets in and throws Petrol all over the auditorium. Play ends all applaud. Auditorium is lighted. Peter addresses audience and says this story is by sikander and inspired by his true story, sikander says my whole life is in this play I love my daughters, I couldn’t me good father kept failing, but learned a lot from this failure, Kulfi Amyra get emotional. Sikander says I would end saying one last thing, everyone sees fire on stage and call sikander down.

Sikander says I won’t come down, till I say this, I took lot of courage to come here, this girl there is my daughter, Kulfi is my daughter, she is Kulfi sikander Singh Gill, she is my darling my life, Kulfi says baba, sikander says Amyra and kulfi are my daughters and love them equally, and today they proved they don’t need my name for success, please forgive me, Kulfi and Amyra beg him to come down,Kulfi and Amyra run to sikander, sikander jumps of the stage.

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