King of hearts update Wednesday 11 December 2019


King of hearts 11 December 2019: Roshni sees Sid’s face and she’s surprised. She says she thought he was Neil. He asks where Naina is? Roshni says she’s not there. Sid says he brought Naina’s inhaler as Mittul told him she was at the Office and forgot her inhaler. He says he has to go back to the hospital to meet Anya and she can come with him.

Roshni says Neil is coming to pick her. He says she can call him on the Phone to tell him. She calls but she is unable to connect. They try to leave but had to return to the Office as they couldn’t get to the Car due to the heavy downpour. Roshni starts sneezing. Sid tells her to change her wet clothes. He gives her something to wear from what she had used for the photo shoot.
Mittul calls Neil to tell him that Anya is not feeling well and has been hospitalised. Neil says he will go to her after picking Roshni up.

Neil and Naina enter the Office. They see Sid and Roshni sleeping on a Chair. They are sharing a blanket and Roshni has her head resting on Sid’s shoulder. Neil gets upset and tells Naina that he would wait in the Car! As he turns around, he knocks a painting over. The sound wakes Sid and Roshni up. Roshni jumps up and starts explaining what happened to Neil. Neil asks Sid what he’s doing here when Anya is at the hospital! Sid says he was with her and only brought Naina’s inhaler to her. Naina asks why he brought it to the Office? Neils says he’s going to pick Anya. Sid tells them to go home because she won’t be discharged till morning.

Neil walks out leaving Roshni behind. Roshni runs after him. When they get home, Roshni runs after Neil again. Mittul asks Naina what’s going on? Naina doesn’t respond. Mittul says she doesn’t trust Roshni as even her name is fake and she’s actually DD Patel’s daughter. Naina is shocked. Mittul begs her not to let Neil know she told her.

Sid is at the hospital with Anya. He says the problems will be over soon. Anya worries that he still wants to leave for London in spite if all her efforts.
Next day at breakfast, Neil acts as if all is well with him and Roshni.
Sid arrives with Anya. Anya tells her Mother that the Doctor told her to rest for a week. She looks at Roshni, then calls Sid ‘Baby.’
Sid is shocked. She tells him to bring her breakfast to her room as she’s feeling dizzy.

In the room, Anya asks Sid why he’s still interfering in Roshni and Neil’s business since they are now married? Sid says there is a problem and he can feel it. He says he has to go to the Office.
Naina enters the room and tells him he can’t go to the Office because he has to take care of his pregnant wife.
Sid says he has to go. Naina insists he’s not leaving. Sid reluctantly agrees to stay. When Naina leaves, Sid asks Anya why her Mother is being like that? Anya says she’s just worried about her that’s all.

Naina goes to DD’s store and asks an employee if he can give her DD’s address so she can go and pay a condolence visit to her family. He gives it to her and says he doesn’t think her family lives there anymore. Naina goes to the house and meets a woman who says she just moved in and doesn’t know anything. The woman gives her letters and tells her to give them to the family if she finds them. Naina gets home and reads the letters. She is shocked at what she discovers.

Roshni is in the room. She looks at a bruise on her arm that Neil inflicted.
She hides it with her Sari and leaves the room.

Naina reads a letter from the court to Roshni informing her that her request to divorce Sid has been denied because they didn’t show up in court and as such, they are still married. Sid bumps into Roshni and spills some water on her. He takes out his hanky and wipes her face as he apologises.He looks at the Vermillion stain on his handkerchief and gets upset.Naina watches them. Sid leaves. Naina walks into her room in tears. She says if Sid and Roshni get back together, her children’s lives will be ruined; Neil won’t survive the heartbreak and Anya is pregnant for Sid already.
Mittul knocks on her door. Naina quickly hides the letter. Mittul asks what she’s hiding? Naina says it’s just pictures.

Sid tries to feed Anya. Anya says she wants something tastier. She begs him to take her to get street food. He says he will grant her wish since he’s only around for a few days.

Naina goes to see Simran. She tells her what she just discovered and asks why she deceived them? Simran says she doesn’t want Sid and Roshni to be together. Naina says she wants Sid to be far away from Roshni now and she wants Simran to join Sid and Anya together.

Sid takes Anya to the street vendor. She likes the food.
Neil and Roshni are having lunch in a fancy restaurant. A man approaches Roshni and calls her Mrs Khurana. He says it’s good to see her again, then he walks away. Neil gets upset and leaves the table.
The street vendor asks Sid why his wife is not with him? Anya tries to hide her sadness. Sid tells the vendor that his wife didn’t want to come.

At the Office, Roshni tells Neil that she didn’t expect that the restaurant manager would recognise her. She suggests they go for their honeymoon to a place with a beautiful beach. Neil smiles. Roshni tells him to book the tickets while she attends a meeting.

Bunty is representing Sid at the meeting. He tells her she has to be in London for the Bridal week promotion happening in London. She calls Neil to tell him and he says she can go and they will go for their honeymoon after. Ranjeet is eavesdropping.

Naina tells Sid that he should go to London and manage his father’s business. Anya tries to protest but Naina tells her she can travel as her first trimester is over.
Ranjeet calls Mittul to tell her what he overheard. At dinner, Mittul says the house will be quiet without Anya. Neil asks where she’s going? Mittul tells him that Sid is moving to London and Anya will join him.

Roshni calls Bunty to tell him she can’t make it to London.Neil enters the room and she hangs up. She leaves her phone and goes to the bathroom. Bunty calls back. Neil picks up. Bunty thinks he’s talking to Roshni so he says he has to speak to Sid first before they can cancel the London trip because he planned it. Neil hangs up and storms out of the room.
Roshni is waiting for Neil but he doesn’t come back. She calls his phone and a man tells her that Neil has passed out from drinking so she needs to come and pick him. She asks for the address. When she gets there she almost runs him over with her Car. She begs him to come home with her. He smashes a bottle on the road and asks if she wants to ruin his life like the others! She begs him to come with her. He shoves her hard and she hits her head on the Car bonnet. Some of her bracelets also fly off her hand.

Neil gets into his Car and drives off. He almost hits Sid on his way. Sid gets out of the Car to look and he recognises Neil’s car. He sees Roshni’s Car following him. He sees the broken bottle pieces and Roshni’s bangles on the floor. He picks them up and says Roshni cannot continue to hide what’s going on.
In the morning, Neil brings a cake with ‘Sorry’ written on it. He asks for Roshni. Roshni walks in with a plaster on her forehead. Naina asks her what happened? Roshni says she slipped on the bathroom floor. Mittul asks if it was Neil that made her slip? Neil says he went out and returned very late that was why he made the cake to apologise.
Sid is very suspicious of Neil. Neil gives Roshni a piece of cake and she hesitates before she eats it. Sid realises some of her bracelets are missing and concludes that the ones he found belong to her.

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