King of hearts update Tuesday 10 December 2019


King of hearts 10 December 2019: Simran comes to visit Anya at Naina’s House. She brings her expensive jewelry. Roshni looks on sadly. Simran tells Anya to call Sid so he can put the necklace around her neck. Sid comes to the living room but tells Simran that he’s running late. She tells him it won’t take time. Sid looks at Roshni. Simran tells Roshni to give the necklace to Sid. Roshni gives it to him and he puts it around Anya’s neck. He looks at Roshni and they both remember when he used to put on her necklace for her.

At night, Neil returns home with a present and flowers for Roshni. As soon as she hears him coming, she goes under the covers and pretends to be asleep. He leaves the room upset.
In the morning, Roshni asks him if he needs to go to work since they are having a party and there is a lot of work to be done in the house. He says he’s going to the Office. She holds his briefcase and begs him to talk to her. He yanks his briefcase from her hand and she falls on the flower vase. He walks out. Roshni’s hand is bleeding from where the vase cut her.

Naina gives Roshni the present Neil got for her the night before. She asks if they are having problems? Roshni says no. Naina says they slept in different rooms and that’s a sign there is trouble. She says they have to take care of each other as a Couple.
At night, the guests arrive for the party. Ranjeet tells Mittul that he hopes the party doesn’t go well because he followed all her orders. She tells him things will go wrong but he will get beaten up first. He asks why he always has to get beaten up?
Simran announces that the Couples will play a game; the ladies will be blind folded and will choose their partner and dance with him.All the men stand in a line. They are blindfolded. The women are also blindfolded and they are made to choose their men.
When it’s Roshni’s turn, Naina boasts to Simran that she will recognise Neil in a second. Roshni doesn’t choose Neil. She picks Sid. Naina and Simran are disappointed. Anya chooses Neil. The couples dance together.

Neil and Anya dance. Neil steps on her by accident and takes off his blindfold. He sees Sid dancing with Roshni and gets upset. Sid and Roshni finish their dance and take off their blindfolds. They are shocked to see one another. Sid walks away. Roshni is in a part of the house all by herself. Ranjeet grabs her hand and tells her to dance with him. She tries to pry her hand free but he holds on tight. Sid pulls Ranjeet away from Roshni and beats him.

Mittul tells him to stop! Roshni begs him as well, but Sid only stops when Neil arrives. Mittul tells Neil that Sid beat up Ranjeet. Sid says he was harassing Roshni. Neil starts beating Ranjeet. Mittul says all he did was ask Roshni for a dance and Sid too danced with her earlier so she doesn’t understand why a man would get so angry over another man’s wife! There is an awkward silence and Sid walks away.

Sid goes to the room to treat the cut on the hand that he sustained from punching Ranjeet. He takes out the first aid box and it falls on the floor. Roshni picks it up. He tells her not to worry. She ignores him and starts treating his hand.

He says he’s sorry for what happened and what has been happening so he’s leaving the country with Anya. She stops what she’s doing. Naina calls her and she leaves the room. Sid looks at his hand and sees a teardrop. Anya enters the room and wants to look at the hand. Sid tells her to forget it and focus on something more important like telling her Mother that they are leaving.

Neil enters the room drunk. He holds Roshni and tries to kiss her. She wriggles free. He tries again and she tells him it’s getting late and they need to get some rest
He stands up in anger. She grabs his hand and begs him to understand. He pushes her off. She asks where he’s going? He says she can go to bed but he’s in the mood to party.
Mittul tells Naina all that happened with Sid and Ranjeet. She says Sid gets upset at anything that has to do with Roshni and she’s tired of it so she wants to leave the house! Naina says she will talk to Neil about it. Mittul is satisfied.

In the morning, Sid sees Neil sleeping on the Couch, holding a bottle of alcohol. He tells himself that Neil doesn’t drink. He wakes him up. Neel leaves for the room and Sid wonders what’s going on?

Neil enters the room to meet Roshni picking out his suit for him. He asks what happened last night and says he hopes he didn’t hurt her? She doesn’t respond. He says he doesn’t know what got into him and he’s really sorry. He holds his head and says he has a headache and doesn’t think he can go to work. She tells him to lie down. As she leaves she room, Naina meets her at the door and asks if everything is okay?

Anya meets up with Simran and confesses that she has developed feelings for Sid but he wants them to leave in 3 days. Simran says she has a plan.

At the Office, Sid sees Roshni looking tired. As he stares at her, Anya walks in and pretends she’s about to faint. Sid fusses over her and takes her to the hospital. Roshni asks herself why she’s feeling sad?
At the hospital, the Doctor says Anya will have to do some tests. Anya says she’s travelling in 3 days.

The Doctor says she can’t give her permission. She gives a list of tests she would have to do. Sid leaves the room and Anya thanks the Doctor for going along with the plan. As Sid and Anya are about to leave the hospital, a heavy storm starts and they are trapped there.
At home, Neil calls Roshni and tells her to stay in the Office and he will come to get her.
Sid calls home to let Mittul know that he’s with Anya and they are fine. Mittul remembers Neil saying he was going to pick Roshni from the Office. She thinks of a way to get Sid to the Office too. She starts talking to Ranjeet loudly. She says Naina is stuck in the Office without her inhaler and there is nobody to pick her up. Ranjeet says he can’t go because of the storm.
Sid tells Anya what he heard. Anya says her Mother can’t do without her inhaler. Sid says it would be best to go. He asks for Anya to be admitted overnight at the hospital.

An employee tells Roshni that everyone else has left the Office. Roshni says she still has work to do. The man leaves and the power goes out. Roshni is scared of the dark. She sees someone walk in and runs to him thinking it’s Neil. She’s shocked to see it is Sid.

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