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Roshni and her family serve Sid and his family the meal.
Rajveer steals glances at Samaira.
Sid sees the receipt from the restaurant poking out underneath the plates. He gives Raj a signal.
Roshni sees the receipt too and panics. Raj pretends to sneeze as he’s drinking a glass of water. He gets some of the water on Samaira’s leg.
The sneeze distracts everyone else and Sid hides the receipt.
Roshni looks at him in gratitude.
Samaira leaves the table to go and clean up in the bathroom.
Rajveer sneaks away from the table and follows her to the bathroom.
He tells her that she’s looking so beautiful and she can see he’s wearing the shirt she got for him.
Roshni opens the door and pours water on Rajveer. He gets irked.
She tells him to stay away and that she will not allow him ruin Samaira or Krutika’s life and asks him to get out! She tells Sam because of weak girls like her, loafers like Rajveer take advantage!
Sid’s Grandmother tells Roshni’s Grandmother that she has had so much to eat, she can barely walk.
Simran says the food tastes like restaurant food.
Sid and Raj disagree with her.
Rajveer returns to the table and Sid’s Grandmother asks why he’s so wet, and asks if he did not have bath at home that he came here to bath? He says washroom’s shower. Roshni comes and says he slipped in the bathroom. Sid senses something is wrong.

Samaira returns to the table and Krutika gets suspicious. Rajveer says he wants to leave with Krutika.
Krutika says she will go with her husband.
Simran says she will go with them.
Her Mother-in-law orders her to sit, as it’s bad manners to just eat and leave!
Krutika and Rajveer leave.
Roshni is trying to help Pratima clean up the Kitchen.
Sid enters and tells Pratima to leave Roshni alone to it.
When they are alone, he asks Roshni if Rajveer did anything in the bathroom? Roshni hesitates, but Sid says he wants to know. Roshni says she handled it! Sid gets upset and wants to leave the Kitchen, but she holds him back and begs him not to do anything because anger only ruins things. He tries to leave again and she pulls him back even harder, making them both fall on the ground. They stare into each other’s eyes.
The doorbell rings and Roshni says she will answer it. She opens the door and Yash is standing there with flowers for her. Sid comes out of the Kitchen and sees Yash entering home with bouquet and hugging Roshni.
Sid’s grandmother asks who he is?
DD explains he’s Roshni’s Childhood friend.
Sid’s Grandmother says they have to leave. DD asks if she can let Roshni stay with them a little longer? Roshni says she will rather leave with them.
A thorn from the flowers pricks Roshni’s finger and she cries out in pain. Yash fusses over her.

Sid wants to go to her, but he restrains himself.
Sid’s Grandmother is not happy at the sight of Roshni and Yash together.
She says it was just a little thorn and they are making a big deal out of nothing! Roshni says she is ready to go. Sid tells her to stay with her friend, and Yash will bring her home. Yash nods yes.
As they are leaving, Roshni stops Sid and says she will go with him.
Sid tells her to stay with her friend because Rajveer took the other Car and there won’t be enough space for the rest of them in one Car. He leaves with the family.
Roshni’s Grandmother and Pratima angrily walk into their rooms.
DD asks Yash and Roshni to come in and relax.
Roshni asks DD why she invited Yash and embarrassed both of them because Sid’s Grandmother is now upset and will ask a lot of questions?
DD asks why she cares about them when they are not her family, and in 3 months, she will be done with them!
She says she wanted to show the family that her daughter has someone waiting for her!
Roshni tells DD to put her ego aside; She’s still the Khurana’s daughter-in-law and Sid’s wife, so she needs to act accordingly till the 3 months are over, and DD needs to accept it!

She leaves and DD apologises to Yash.
At the Khurana house, Sid’s Grandmother tells him to call Roshni and ask why she’s not home yet, and it’s late! Sid says Roshni is not a child.
Roshni returns home and Grandmother asks why she is late?
Roshni says there was traffic.
Sid asks if her friend’s Car broke down? Raj tells him to stop it.
Raj tells Roshni that he saved her some dinner. Roshni says she’s hungry. Sid makes fun of her, asking if she didn’t eat at her Mother’s house since there are so many people to take care of her there, and that he’s sure she must have had feast as DD and Grandmother and the whole family would have taken care of her.
Sid’s Grandmother says she will tell the Servants to clear up the dining then. Roshni bids them goodnight and sadly leaves to go to bed.
Later on, Roshni is by the pool side, eating biscuits. Raj comes to meet her and invites her to come with him.
He serves her food and she cries.
He feeds her with his hands and tells her she’s doing a good job, as it’s not easy managing 2 families. He says She respects elders, and this nature will make her win in her mission. Roshni thanks him.
Sid is standing in the doorway also carrying a tray of food he had planned to give Roshni. He listens to what his father is telling Roshni and he tears up.
Next day, Sid’s Grandmother takes Roshni to the venue of the competition. Her friend taunts Roshni
that it is Punjabi competition and not Gujrati. Grandma says she knows and her daughter-in-law will win it for sure!
The host of the event announces that’s the competition will go on for a week and the first challenge is for them to make something only from waste material.
Sid’s Grandmother tells Roshni that they need to get to work immediately.
DD and her family are seated at the dining. Samaira gets a phone call.
After the call, she tells everyone the good news. DD congratulates her and says she has to prepare for her interview. Samaira says she is already hired. DD asks how it is possible?

Samaira says it’s a party hosting job.
DD says she’s not comfortable with it because Samaira didn’t apply for the job and doesn’t even know how they got her contact!
Grandmother says she is also not comfortable with the job. Samaira gets upset and says if she doesn’t like the job, she can always quit, so she doesn’t understand why they can’t be supportive!
She leaves the table.
Grandmother and DD tell Mona to go and talk to her.
Sid’s Grandmother spreads the items on the floor and asks Roshni to practice for the Competition, while they are trying to figure out what to do with the waste.
Sid enters and tells them they can’t do it, especially as his wife, Roshni can be a bubble head sometimes.
Roshni says he think he’s the only smart one, but she will prove to him that he is not! She leaves the room and Sid’s Grandmother scolds him for talking to his wife that way.
Roshni is in the bedroom. She prays God to help her, she lights the lamp with match sticks and gets an idea.
She starts decorating a Cardboard by gluing the matchsticks to the Cardboard.
Sid peeps to see what she is doing.
He soon lies in bed and falls asleep.
Roshni falls asleep on the floor.
In the middle of the night, Sid wakes up to see Roshni on the floor. He goes to her pick her up. He gently removes her hair from her face, then carries her in his arms to bed. He tucks her in and remembers when she accused him of only interested in spending the night with her! He puts the pillows in between them to separate her side from his.
In the morning Roshni wakes up to find herself on the bed.

She looks at Sid who is still sleeping and smiles, then she looks on the floor and sees she hasn’t finished making her Model. She decides to get to work. She tells herself she is doing it for Granny’s sake, so she’ll win the competition for her.
At the time of the Competition, Roshni’s has built a house with the matchsticks. The guests commend it.
Grandma gets busy talking to Simran and Krutika.
A lady approaches Roshni and asks if she’s Roshni? Roshni says she is.
The lady informs Roshni that there is someone waiting for her outside.
Roshni begs her to look after her model. The lady agrees, but as soon as Roshni leaves, she also moves away. Another Contestant and her Mother who has been eying Roshni’s model all along, seize the opportunity to go and set fire to it.
Roshni sees Yash outside and asks why he came to see her? She complains that Sid’s Grandmother is around and won’t be happy.
They hear someone shouting that there is a fire!
Roshni runs back in, to see it’s her Model that is on fire. She tries to put out the fire, but Yash holds her and complains that she will get her hands burnt, and keeps on holding her.
Simran and the family are surprised to see Yash. Grandmother is not happy.
Some of the guests complain that Roshni is allowing a man who is not her husband to hold her!
It’s time for the winner to be announced.
The Judge says she loves the Model Roshni made, but it’s unfortunate that she couldn’t save her house, and If she cannot save her model house, she may not be able to save her real house, so the Contestant who set fire to Roshni’s house, wins.
Sid’s Grandmother turns to see Yash holding Roshni and hugging her. She becomes furious and leaves.
Simran follows her.
Roshni tells Yash that she has to go, but Yash stops her and asks to get her first-aid done. Roshni asks him not to interfere and runs behind Grandma.
Krutika tells Yash that he thinks he knows how Roshni feels, but he doesn’t know!
Yash says he doesn’t understand.
Krutika says ‘Domestic violence’!
Yash asks if she’s saying Roshni is a victim of domestic violence? Krutika says she’s ashamed of what her family is doing to Roshni.

Yash is shocked. She says she is only telling him because he’s Roshni’s Childhood friend; she’s ashamed because it’s her family, but he should keep the secret.
Roshni gets home and a furious Grandmother asks her what’s going on between her and Yash!
Raj tries to tell her to leave Roshni alone, but his Mother tells him to keep quiet! She tells him that Yash was also at Roshni’s place yesterday, and she doesn’t know why her friend has to follow her around, so she wants Roshni to tell her exactly what is going on!

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