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Roshni is in the bedroom, wondering how she will prepare the dishes for Grandmother and her relatives when she doesn’t know how to cook!
She gets a video call from Yash. He asks how she is and she says she’s in a bad mood and can they talk later?
Yash says he’s at the Leo café and wants her to come and join him for a Coffee. She says she will see if she can make it.
Krutika is listening by the door. She informs the Reporters.
Roshni’s Grandmother is at home, freaking out because DD is not back and it won’t look good if they miss the event Roshni’s in-laws invited them to.
DD arrives and Grandmother tells her to get ready quickly!
DD says they are not going! Grandmother says it will be bad if they don’t go. DD says she just wants the 3 months to be over! Grandmother says if they don’t go, then the family may make Roshni pay for their sins.
DD agrees to get ready.
Roshni is with Yash at the café.

She complains to him about the things Sid’s Grandmother and her relatives expect her to do and on top of that, she’s not allowed to tell Sid’s Grandmother that Sid and her are getting a divorce in 3 months!
Yash tells her to relax, as it’s just 3 months.
Two reporters are outside the Café, talking about Sid’s wife who is rumoured to be having an affair!
Pratima overhears them and wonders what to do? She calls Sid on the Phone, then waits for him.
The Reporters are watching Roshni and Yash from the window.
Yash touches Roshni’s face and holds her hand. The Reporters sit in the next table and tries to snap Yash touching Roshni’s face and hand.
Sid suddenly shows up and sits with them. He holds Roshni and says he’s sorry he got caught up in the Office.
He shakes Yash’s hand and thanks him for keeping Roshni company.
Roshni and Yash are surprised and have no idea what is going on.
The Reporters are confused.
Sid takes Roshni by the hand and walks her out of the restaurant.
In the Car park, Roshni shouts at him and asks him to stop his drama! The Reporters follow them. She asks him what’s going on! Sid let go of her hand.
He says he has no reason to follow her around as she is an adult, but he came to explain to her that what they do affects their families and he cares about their reputations.

Roshni asks what he’s talking about!
He shows her the Reporters and tells her they are Gossip Reporters and came here to cover news and print a story that Sidharth Khurana’s wife, Roshni is having an affair with another Man. Roshni is shocked.
Sid says he doesn’t care what she tells Yash about him, but he cares about their families’ reputations!
Pratima joins them and says Sid is telling the truth and she was the one who overheard the Reporters.
Sid gives Roshni the Car keys and tells her to drive home. He asks Pratima to take care of herself and he leaves.
Roshni looks at him sadly as he walks away.
Roshni gets home and Sid’s Grandmother asks where she has been?
Sid appears and says she was with him. Grandmother gives Roshni a form and says it’s the rules of the cooking competition and the competition is in 3 days.
Sid says Roshni has never cooked before and won’t be able to do it.
Simran says it’s best Roshni doesn’t partake in the competition so as not to embarrass them all!
Grandma says she doesn’t know what to do, she has already told everyone that Roshni was going to partake.
Roshni tells her that she will partake in the competition.
Grandma gets excited and tells Roshni to get practicing. She asks Sid what he would like to eat so Roshni can make it for him? Sid says he would like Vegetable Curry. Roshni gets tensed. Grandmother tells Roshni to go and cook for her husband, and that they will enjoy the Vegetable Curry prepared by Roshni today.
Roshni is in the Kitchen, cooking and reading the recipe from a tablet. Krutika thinks of her ugly plan to ruin Roshni’s cooking! She goes to the Kitchen and asks if Roshni needs help? Roshni says no, thank you, and then picks up her tablet.

Krutika tells her the internet server has gone down so she can’t get the recipe from the internet, but she brought her the recipe book, but if she does not need it, it’s okay. Roshni tells her to bring the recipe book. Krutika gives it to her. Roshni takes the receipe book and starts preparing the dish.
Krutika then goes to Rajveer and smiles. Rajveer tells Krutika that Roshni seems to be doing well?
Krutika tells him not to worry because she didn’t give Roshni the complete recipe; she stuck another page from another recipe in between.
Roshni adds lemon juice in the dish  and serves the food, and Grandma takes a spoon. She spits it out and asks Roshni what she made!
Simran says she shouldn’t have told Roshni to make the food because her Mother never taught her to cook!
Sid looks sadly at Roshni.
Simran tells the servant to throw away the food as it’s good for nothing!
DD and Grandmother have arrived and they are watching. Roshni sees them and gets tensed. Grandmother tells DD not to make a fuss.
Raj tells them to come and join them.
Sid’s Grandmother complains to DD that Roshni can’t cook! She asks if DD didn’t teach her daughter to cook! Roshni’s Grandmother interferes and says it’s her own fault for not having taught Roshni how to cook because she (Roshni) is her only grandchild, so she spoilt her, and she hopes Sid’s Grandmother can teach her, since Roshni is very intelligent and if she teaches her, Roshni will learn cooking well. Sid’s grandmother says it will be her pleasure to train Roshni!
Simran goes to the pool area, fuming.
Krutika tells her to calm down.
Simran says she can’t tolerate Roshni for 3 months in the house!

DD overhears them and asks Simran how she feels when she and her family tricked Roshni back into the house! Simran says DD can take Roshni if she wants!
DD says maybe Sid tricked the Judge to swing the case in his favour!
Raj joins them and tells Simran that DD is a guest. Simran says DD should not talk rudely to her in her house!
Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD that Simran is right, as it is her house.
DD says they tricked her and took her house, so it belongs to her!
Roshni throws a Chair in the pool and tells them it’s enough! She asks if they have lost their minds! She tells DD that she has to stay in the house for 3 months! She tells Simran that there was a time Simran used to consider her a daughter, but she now thinks she’s nothing, but it’s okay, and she doesn’t really expect anything good from her, but it’s not about them, it’s because Sid’s Grandmother is around, and they need to think of her! She says she will make sure everyone behaves! She tells DD to go and see Sid’s Grandmother before she leaves, and to be nice to her.
Roshni’s Grandmother goes to Raj and says she is impressed that Roshni is now acting like a daughter-in-law because she was able to tame both her Mother and her Mother-in-law, and gives high-five.
Raj is also very happy.
Simran is giving Grandma her drugs in the bedroom. DD and her Mother enter. DD says they are leaving.
Grandma tells them to stay and eat, though Roshni didn’t make a meal.
Roshni’s Grandmother says they are inviting her to their house tomorrow, to come and have lunch because DD will cook and she cooks well.
Simran says they will be busy!
Grandma tells Simran not to speak when her elders are talking! She tells Roshni’s Grandmother that they will definitely be at her place for lunch, as she would like to know where Roshni’s family lives. Roshni’s Grandmother says she is most welcome, and leaves with DD.

Sid is snoring at night. Roshni is unable to sleep. She tosses and turns, then gets a peg and puts it on his nose before going back to sleep.
In the morning, Sid sees the peg on his nose and goes to ask Roshni who’s in the bathroom, if she put the peg on his nose!
Roshni is brushing her teeth. She makes some muffled sounds
Sid harasses her. She tells him to give her water, but he tells her to go and get the water herself!
Rajveer is all dressed up and standing in front of a mirror.
Krutika asks him where he’s going?
Rajveer says they are going for lunch in DD’s house. Krutika asks if he’s excited to go and see his ex wife? She asks why he’s wearing his favourite shirt and perfume? Rajveer says he just like the shirt.
Krutika says they are not going!
Simran says they all have to go because Grandma says so.
Rajveer says he won’t go if that’s what Krutika wants. Krutika says if her Mother wants them to go, then they will go.
Sid’s family arrive at DD’s house.
Grandma Khurana says she can’t believe the house is smaller than she thought, but they have decorated it so beautifully!
Roshni’s grandmother asks if they will like some juice? Simran says there is no need for that, as she can see they’ve been working hard and they don’t have helps!
DD says it’s fine as they usually have refreshments and she used to have helps, but she has learnt not to be too dependent on them, especially when she has been betrayed! Sid and Raj get sad hearing it. Roshni’s Grandmother tells Raj that DD is pointing at him. He nods yes. Roshni asks Grandma if she wants some ginger tea? Grandma says she wants.
Roshni begs DD to come and help her in the Kitchen. In the kitchen, Roshni begs DD not to worry and to calm down. DD says she cannot tolerate Simran’s taunts! Roshni says even she tortured Khuranas before, so she should not feel bad.
Krutika enters the kitchen and offers to help. Roshni tells her not to bother, but she insists!
Grandma asks why the tea is so sugary? Roshni’s Grandmother says it’s because of who they are, they are very sweet people.
Roshni has her back turned and Krutika pours oil on the Cabinet where the pots of food are placed, then she goes back into the living room to serve the tea and snacks.

She (Krutika) tells Grandma that Roshni prepared the ginger tea herself. Grandma asks if they will serve food or just snacks?
Roshni tries to lift one of the pots and it slips off her hand, sending all the other to the ground.
DD and her Mother hears the sounds and enter the kitchen to see what is going on.
They panic when they see all the food on the floor. Roshni says there was oil on the table and the food spilled.
Sid enters the kitchen and tells them not to worry; he will fix it. He tells Roshni’s Grandmother and DD to go back to the living room so his family members don’t come to the Kitchen to find out what is going on.
Sid’s Grandmother asks what happened and Roshni’s Grandmother says a cat entered the Kitchen.
Sid’s grandmother tells her not to open the windows down. She asks for the food and Roshni’s Grandmother says the food will soon be ready.
In the kitchen, Sid uses a rope to pull up some takeaway bags. Roshni asks what he’s doing? He says his family does not know if the food is from either a restaurant or home, and says there is a Gujarati restaurant nearby and he used to go with his girlfriend/Roshni there, so he ordered food from the restaurant.
DD and Grandmother enter the kitchen and they are surprised to see the food. Sid tells them to serve it, so no one in his family knows the truth.
Grandmother says she knew he would save the day. Sid says he may be angry with Roshni, but not at her Grandmother. He hugs her Grandmother.
Roshni is quiet.

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