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Tuesday update on King of hearts 2nd July

Roshni asks Yash if he still wants to marry her? He stares at her in shock.
DD smiles while Grandmother shakes her head.
Sid is on the phone with his father. He says his Manager deserves to be purnished for what he did!
The Manager calls Rajveer and says he doesn’t want to work for him anymore, and doesn’t want to ruin his life and career!
Sid snatches the phone from the Manager and calls back. He hears Rajveer’s voice.
Roshni and Yash are in her room. She tells him that she has an answer for him; She takes out his ring and says she has decided she wants to marry him.
DD is happy while Grandmother is the opposite. DD tells Yash to propose to Roshni properly. Yash takes the ring from Roshni and gets on one knee.
Roshni accepts the ring.
DD tells Grandmother that they should give Roshni and Yash some privacy.
They leave the room and Yash asks Roshni if she made her decision because she loves him and feels the same way he does? He says he’s ready to give her time to get over Sid and promises to always keep her happy. He wipes her tears.
Sid gets home, shouting for Rajveer!
The divorce papers fall out if his hand.
He hears Krutika crying in the room. He goes to see her and she has a bruise on her head. Sid asks what happened? She says she overheard Rajveer talking on the phone that Yash sent the thugs and when she confronted him, he hit her. She falls on her knees and begs him not to tell anyone because she doesn’t want to lose her family. Sid is upset, but she keeps begging and he agrees not to say anything. He tells her to promise not to fall to her knees in front of him again and not to ever defend Rajveer again and if Rajveer ever hits her again, then he will deal with him!

Sid realises he still needs to apologise to Yash, so he tells Krutika he has to go and see someone.
Grandmother enters the room to see Roshni. She asks why she could think of marrying Yash when she doesn’t love him? Roshni says it’s not necessary to fall in love before marriage, a lot of women fall in love after marriage.
DD says Roshni is right and there is nothing wrong with her plan to marry without love. Grandmother says they have lost their minds! She tells them to go ahead with whatever they have planned, but they should know it won’t work without a divorce!
DD tells herself that her Mother is right and Roshni will not to be able to get married if Sid doesn’t divorce her.
Yash’s sister, Meeka, comes into town.
He tells her that he’s engaged and Roshni has agreed to get married to him. His sister congratulates him. The help announces that someone wants to see him.
Sid enters and Yash asks why he has come to create another scene!
Sid says he’s sorry about accusing him and hitting him because he now knows he wasn’t involved. Yash accepts his apology.
Sid says he hopes things won’t be awkward between them. Yash tells Sid that they can never be friends, especially now that Roshni has agreed to marry him.
Sid tells him to stop living in a world of fantasy because Roshni is his wife and would never leave him. Yash says Roshni already signed the divorce papers, so Sid should just let her go.
Sid tells him that he will never be able to separate him and Roshni! Yash says they will see about it, may the best man win!
Sid agrees.
Rajveer sees Sid’s divorce papers and picks them up. He is surprised to see the papers and vows to use it to put his plans in place!
Yash’s Sister says she doesn’t know if things will work out since Sid is not ready to divorce her. Yash says he’s not bothered about that, as long as Roshni wants to be with him.
Meeka asks how he can be so sure that Sid won’t win Roshni over again?

She says she has a feeling things would go wrong and the only way around it will be to announce the engagement formally.
Yash and his Sister, Meeka come to visit Roshni’s family.
Meeka asks Roshni if they can announce a formal engagement to the public?
Grandmother tries to discourage Roshni, but Roshni says she’s ready.
Sid is sitting on a couch and telling himself he can’t let Yash win.
Rajveer overhears him and thinks he should pay Yash a visit. He calls Yash on the phone and Yash asks what he wants!
Rajveer asks why he keeps talking to him like that when all he does is help?
Yash says he’s not interested in his conversation or his help, he says he and Roshni have decided to get engaged and start their lives together, so Rajveer can keep his ideas to himself!
He hangs up.
Rajveer sees Sid is away from the phone and Sid’s phone is ringing.
Rajveer sees the call is from Roshni’s Grandmother and decides she may be calling to inform him of the engagement. He switches Sid’s phone off and hides it in the cushion.
DD tells Roshni that she called the hairdresser. Roshni says there is no need as it’s just a simple ceremony.
DD tells her to cheer up and forget about her past relationship. DD gives her a set of jewellery and says it’s from her own marriage.
Roshni thanks her.
DD leaves the room and grandmother asks Roshni why she’s allowing DD to decide for her; she knows she still loves Sid, she’s not divorced and she is still wearing Sid’s ring.
Roshni says she wants to marry Yash.
DD calls Yash and he says he and his Sister are on their way.
Grandmother tries to call Sid, but his phone is switched off.
The stylist tries to help Roshni put on her bangles.
Grandmother pushes her and the bangles breaks, injuring Roshni in the process. Grandmother blames the stylist who is unable to defend herself.

Roshni looks at her Grandmother with suspicion, as she tends to her wound.
Yash and his Sister arrive.
Yash’s Sister asks for Roshni’s left hand?
There is a bandage on the hand. Yash asks when she hurt her hand? Meeka says she can bring her right hand instead. Roshni remembers when she was getting engaged to Sid. She is unhappy.
Roshni and Yash exchange rings.
While the others clap, Roshni and Grandmother look unhappy.
Simran says the Patels are so full of themselves! Sid saves their Grandmother and instead of being grateful, they are accusing him of sending the thugs! She says DD is very cunning and totally shameless!
Rajveer tells her that Krutika has been very upset about the thought of Roshni coming back to the family, she has been unable to sleep or eat and if Roshni comes back, they won’t be happy as a family. Simran says she will go and talk to Krutika.
Rajveer tells her not to worry about her, as he will take care of her, but they should focus on making sure Roshni does not come back to the house! He shows her her the divorce papers and says Roshni is clever; she issued divorce papers to put pressure on Sid, but they need to try and take advantage of the divorce papers.
Simran asks how? He says he will take care of it, as he already has a plan.
Sid is standing by the balcony and thinking of Roshni. He’s in tears.

He remembers all her rejections, on the boat in Bangkok and when she gave him the divorce papers.
Raj joins him and says it’s more important than ever for him to find out who frames him.
Sid says it’s important for Roshni to trust him and believe he was not involved in the attack.
Raj asks what he wants?
Sid says he wants his support, to set things right again. Raj assures him he’s always there for him.
Sid hugs his father.
The Priest has arrived at DD’s place.
He says there are 2 days for the weddings that will bring the Couple good luck. DD says she wants to get them married as soon as possible!
Grandmother is ringing a bell as she prays.
Yash asks DD if she doesn’t think they should give Roshni more time? DD tells him to just make Roshni happy.
He assures her that he will.
Grandmother prays to God to help, so Sid and Roshni doesn’t get separated.
Grandmother calls Simran and says she wants to talk to Sid because Roshni is getting married to someone else. Simran says it’s a good thing!
Grandmother begs her, but Simran says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore! She ends the call and blocks her number.

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