King of hearts update Tuesday 24 December 2019

King of hearts 24 December 2019: Sid says it’s possible that Payal has seen him before because he looks like a movie star. She asks if he’s drinking alcohol. He says it’s a medicine for indigestion.

Ria gives him Payal’s file.Sid hears some men saying they have to leave the set.
He panics.Bunty begs the men to leave as they are not done.Raj offers them money.
Payal asks Sid what’s going on.He says it must be the psychiatric patients.Payal tells Ria that she’s leaving.

As she gets out of the room, she sees Neil talking to a doctor who tells him to come for his physiotherapy.She relaxes and returns to see Sid.
He tells her to lie down so he can check on her.
Raj thanks Neil for coming to save the day.
Neil says it’s for Sid and Sid is trying to help them.
Sid checks Payal’s eyes and keeps exclaiming like he has a very serious condition.
He tells her that her kidney and liver aren’t working and she has leukaemia and cirrhosis.
She panics.
He tells her she will soon go bald and become very weak.
She asks how much time she has left
He says maybe she has a few weeks or few days or even hours.
She panics further.

Sid tells Ria to take her home as she doesn’t have much time.
Ria and Payal get outside.
Payal tells Ria that she will go ahead to finish what she started.
Ria assures her that nothing would happen to her.
Payal says she will have to give Ria power of attorney.
Sid returns home to Roshni and tells her everything.
Ria calls to tell him that Payal is giving her power of attorney.
Sid is excited.
Ria turns to see Payal looking at her.
She tries not to look guilty and asks if she needs anything.
Payal says she just wanted to see her.
Ria assures her that nothing would happen.
Payal says Ria is right and she won’t take any hasty decision like giving out power of attorney.
When Payal leaves, Ria wonders what she would do.
Neil asks Ria what they would do.
She says they will have to tell Sid.
They come to see Sid at his family home,
Sid says they have to get Payal to sign over the power of attorney.
Neil says he feels responsible.
Roshni tells Sid that they need to help Ria and Neil closer as they love each other but they have issues getting close.
Sid says he will work something out.
He asks Neil and Ria how they are getting home
They say they will use a cab.
Sid says he will get his driver to drop them.
He goes into the room to call the driver.
When Neil and Ria get home, Ria says she will go inside ahead of him.
He calls her back and says because of his mum’s mistake and his ignorance, he lost his chance with her but he doesn’t want to lose another chance and if they let go of their past, their present and future will be good again.

He holds her hand and asks if she thinks they can do it.
She hugs him.
Next day at work, Sid tells Roshni not to overact.
They enter Payal’s office and Sid tells her that he and Roshni want to talk to her.
He says he knows he has made mistakes and he wants her to think of his wife and child.
He begs for her forgiveness.
Payal says it took very little to bring him to his knees.
She asks if he gets it now that she is better than him.
Roshni gets upset and pulls Payal’s hair.
Some strands come off and Payal panics.
Sid and Roshni are laughing in the hallway about Ria putting hair removal cream in Payal’s shampoo.
Ria rushes to the office to tell them that Payal is going back to the hospital.
Sid says it’s a film studio.
Roshni says they have to stop Payal from getting there.
Payal is in her car driving.
A woman walks in front of the car.
Payal stops and a crowd gathers.
The woman is crying and saying Payal hit her.
It’s Simran but she has a scarf covering her head.
The crowd takes Simran to a warehouse.
Payal follows them and says she has to take Simran to a hospital as she’s running late for her appointment.
Sid, Roshni, Ria and Neil are watching from outside the warehouse.
Sid prays that Payal doesn’t see Simran’s face.

The scarf falls off and Simran quickly puts it back on.
Payal takes the scarf off and calls Simran’s name.
The crowd leaves them.
Payal raises her hand to hit Simran but Roshni grabs the hand and says she will never allow her hit Simran.
Sid and Neil also join her.
Payal says she’s happy all her enemies have come out to face her.
Ria also comes out and Payal is almost in tears.
She remembers the trip to the hospital and says she now understands that she’s not sick and everything was fake.
Ria is crying.
Sid tells Payal that tricking her was the only language she could understand.
Payal asks if this was how hse wanted to get back ownership.
She tells Ria that she will deal with her betrayal after dealing with Neil.
She asks Neil if he wasn’t aware of her father’s death.
She says it’s his fault so she will ruin his family.
She tells Sid that she will ruin his reputation in the business community.
She snaps her fingers and says within ten hours, she will not only take over Mauve but the entire Khurana industries too.
Ria tries to talk to her but Payal gives her a slap and tells her she’s dead to her.
At Sid’s place, Neil tells Sid and Roshni that he doesn’t want them to get into trouble for his sake.
Sid says Neil is now family and they share their problems.

The doorbell rings and Payal walks in with her assistant.
She tells them that she hopes they remember what she said about their downfall starting in 10 hours
She takes an invitation and throws it on the floor saying she hopes they will come.
She tells them that it’s a press conference where they will see Sid’s companies go down for fraud.
She walks out.
Sid suggests they go to the conference.
Simran asks if he’s out of his mind.
He says there is free food.
At the Event, Payal’s assistant announces that they will be taking over Mauve.
The contact is handed to Payal to sign by Mr Smith, the English man.
Mr. Smith climbs the podium to say their merger with Khurana enterprises is now complete.
Payal is shocked as she realises she was tricked with the papers.
Sid climbs the podium and says Mauve doesn’t belong to him but the people who worked day and night to build it.
He calls on Neil and Roshni.
He tells his father that Mr Smith is his friend’s father and Mr Smith was working with him all along.
He says Payal was also instrumental in the deal and now he will be returning Mauve back to the Sengupta family.
He advises everyone not to sign a document without reading it.

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