King of hearts update Monday 23 December 2019

King of hearts 23 December 2019: Sid returns to Naina’s house.He sees Payal with her lawyer and claps for her. He tells her she’s playing a good game.He brings out an arrest warrant from his pocket and tells her she’s being arrested for trying to kill Roshni.She says she won’t get arrested.
He calls the police in.Payal says they have no proof.

Her lawyer says his client didn’t commit the crime.
Ria comes in and says she saw Roshni fall down the stairs and nobody touched her.
Sid tells Ria that she’s no different from her sister.
Payal tells Sid that he made a mistake because the Senguptas and their properties belong to her so he should go and start a new life with Roshni who is pregnant.
Sid says he holds families dear to his heart and the Senguptas took care of Roshni so he is indebted to them and won’t let Payal destroy them.
Payal says she won’t let him take the properties back and Naina will pay for what she did.
Sid tells her that it’s up to her to let go or she will have him to contend with as he would never let her take the properties.
He leaves with the police.
Ria tells Payal that she is sorry and won’t offend her again.
Payal says it’s a good thing she’s back because their next target is Siddharth.
Roshni gets discharged from the hospital.
Sid brings her to his family home.
He carries her into the house and takes her to the baby nursery that he has decorated with toys and things for the baby.

Simran walks in unsure of what to say.
She turns to leave the room but Roshni calls her back and begs her not to be upset.
Simran apologises to Roshni for everything and begs for her forgiveness.
Roshni hugs her and begs her to take care of her.
Simran says she can’t believe Roshni is going to be a mother.
They turn to see Sid and Raj mimicking their hug.
Some policemen come into the house.
Sid asks them what’s going on.
Payal walks in and says it’s her turn to say something to him.
She gives him a subpoena saying their company is being sued for using the trademark of another company belonging to her.
Roshni panics.
Payal reads out an arrest warrant and it’s for Raj.
Sid asks what’s going on.
Raj says he will go with them.
Payal laughs at Sid and tells him to save his family.
The police take Raj away.
Payal tells Sid to get ready to surrender.
Roshni offers to go with Sid to bail Raj out.
Sid reminds her of her condition.
Simran tells Roshni that she needs to stay home and rest.
Sid and Bunty come to the office for a meeting.
Payal and an American are in the meeting.
Sid introduces himself to the American partner.
Payal confirms he’s Sid Khurana.
She tells Sid that the partner is using him for 50 million dollars.
Sid says he will respond in court.
Roshni is eating bananas at home.
Bunty makes fun of her for eating a lot and she doesn’t find it funny.

Neil asks Payal how she sleeps knowing that she’s affecting the lives of innocent people.
Payal says they are not innocent.
Neil asks why she’s involving Roshni and Sid’s family.
Payal says he is the enemy and anyone linked to him.
He raises his hand to slap her.
Ria appears and holds his hand.
She tells him that she was blinded at first but now she has come to her senses.
Sid and Raj return home to the relief of Roshni and Simran.
Sid gives Roshni a giant teddy for the baby.
She asks him what the plan is
Payal is on the phone with her lawyer.
She gets dizzy and faints.
Mittul finds her in bed bleeding from the nose.
She calls Ria for help.
A doctor comes to check Payal.
Ria gets a phone call and goes into another room to take it.
She says the plan was successful.
She is talking to Sid.
There is a flashback of her slipping a substance into Payal’s tea earlier.
At night, Roshni is irritated by Sid’s snoring.
She wakes him up and asks how he can sleep when she and his baby are hungry.
He asks what she wants and she says strawberry cake.
Sid is in the kitchen watching a video online on how to make a strawberry cake.
Roshni joins him in the kitchen.

He accidentally gets flour all over his body and Roshni laughs at him.
Simran wakes up and hears the noise.
She complains that there is an intruder in the house.
Raj comes downstairs with a bat and is about to hit Sid but Roshni stops him.
Sid wipes the powder from his face so his parents can see him clearly.
Simran offers to make the cake.
Payal is awake at night, scared of what the symptoms she experienced earlier mean.
She checks online and gets even more scared.
She calls her assistant and tells him to ensure everything for the merger is ready in two days.

Next day, Ria calls Sid to tell him they will be there in 45 minutes.
Sid, Bunty and Raj are setting up a place to look like a clinic.
The actor they got to play the Doctor complains that he lost his voice.
Sid asks where they would get a new actor.
Payal and Ria arrive
Payal asks if it’s a new hospital.
Bunty dresses Sid up as an old doctor.
Payal and Ria enter the room and meet Sid.
Payal looks at him and says it seems she has seen him before.

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