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Sid enters the room and sees Roshni in front of the Mirror.
He is confused about how he’s going to do what his Mother wants him to do because Roshni is hopeful they will reunite, but what his Mother wants is in everyone’s best interest.
Roshni moves close to him, but he leaves her and enters the bathroom.
She tells herself that she knows he loves her as she heard him say it last night.
On the radio, a program is on about wives who think their husbands do not love them because they don’t express their love.
Roshni goes to the wardrobe and takes out one button from each of Sid’s shirts and silently standing grooming her hair.
Sid comes back into the room and heads for the wardrobe.
He picks out his shirt and sees a button is missing.
He picks out another and another and it’s the same on all his shirts.
Roshni offers to sew the button on.
Sid is wearing the shirt as she sews it on. She gets intimate with him while fixing the button.
He gets attracted at first, then later looks uncomfortable and when she bends to bite off the thread, he leans into her and takes in her smell.
When she’s done, he holds her hands, but then he realizes her intention and separates with her and slowly puts her hands down, saying he’s getting late.
He puts on his jacket and turns to leave, but Roshni stops him and tucks a pocket square into the jacket.
She reminds him to come home early for Samaira’s henna Ceremony. He nods yes.
When he leaves, she tells herself that he is only acting, but she remembers what he told her last night. She promises herself that she will unite with Sid soon.

Roshni goes to the Kitchen to inform Simran about Sam’s Ceremony.
Simran says they have not had a Ceremony (Last rites) for Rajveer yet, and how would Krutika feel?
Roshni says it would be great for Krutika to go out and get over her depression.
Simran says she knows how to take care of her daughter and they won’t be attending! She tells Roshni to stop her fake concern and do what she and Sid always do; insulting their family and helping DD’s!
Grandmother enters the Kitchen and says they will be attending.
She tells Roshni to go and get ready.
When Roshni leaves, Gradmother tells Simran that She’s always upset these days and behaves like Krutika and Roshni is right, Krutika will feel good getting out of the house, so they will attend Sam’s henna Ceremony, and it will be rude not to attend Sam’s Ceremony, so they have to attend.
At the henna Ceremony, Roshni tells the artist to write Yash’s name on Sam’s hands.
Raj, Sid’s Grandmother and Simran arrive with gifts.
Roshni welcomes them.
Roshni tells DD she can see things falling into place and DD shouldn’t worry about her and Sid because she knows he will never leave her.
Sid arrives with a gift.
He and Roshni stare at one another, then he tells Roshni she looks great.
She thanks him and he bends to give Sam a gift and asks if she finally considers him her brother?
Sam says she does.
Roshni tells the henna artist to write her husband’s name, Siddhart on her palm.
Raj is happy.
Sid is uncomfortable as he sees his Mother watching and frowning.
He walks to the Kitchen.
DD joins Sid in the Kitchen and tells him that Roshni still loves him very much, even more than before, but she doesn’t know what he feels for Roshni, she knows he cares for her and her family, but it’s different from love and she just wants him to show her that he will always make Roshni happy; She’s happy about it, but needs his word for it.

Before Sid could speak, they hear a Man asking for his money.
DD goes into the living room and tells the Man that she will send him his Money.
Sid overhears DD on the Phone, trying to sell off her jewelry so she can pay off her debts.
He tells himself that he ought to be ashamed of himself because of what happened to DD and vows he will make things right again.
He goes to his Dad and begs him to give DD Money.
He says she doesn’t accept favours, so he has to find an excuse to give her the Money that will make her accept it.
Roshni overhears them and tells herself that this is what she loves about him and she can’t bear to stay away from him any longer; she wants to start a new life with her husband.
When they return home, Roshni sees Sid walking around and asks his Grandmother where she should sleep? Sid says wherever she likes. She tells Sid’s Grandmother that she wants to sleep with her tonight. Granny says Sid doesn’t seem to like it. Sid says he doesn’t have a problem with it. Roshni tells herself that they will see if Sid can resist her.
Sid is in his room thinking of Roshni.
Roshni is sleeping in Grandma’s bed.
Sid thinks of the happy times with Roshni, then remembers his Mother giving him the divorce papers and asking him to sign on them, Roshni apologising to him and begging him to give her a second chance as she loves him a lot.
He tells himself that he can’t go through with the divorce.

Next day, it’s the Haldi ceremony for Sam and Yash.
Roshni starts dancing and Sid watches her with fascination.
Mona has turmeric on her hand and it accidentally falls on Sid, rubbing turmeric paste on his face.
She apologises and Yash teases Sid that he can get married to Roshni again since he is already performing some of the rites.
Mona asks how many people will be coming from Yash’s family?
Yash’s Sister says they didn’t have time to tell others because it was too soon.
Roshni suggests Sid can be from Yash’s side of the family, since they are friends and were even drinking together in Thailand.
Yash gives her a sign not to say that infront of the Parents. She then changes her words and says they are shopping buddies. Yash insists Sid does it. Sid says okay and goes to wash his face.
Sid goes to the Kitchen and Roshni follows. She goes to him and rubs her cheek against his, saying he can’t be the only one to have turmeric on his face. He leans close and they stare at each other.
Sid turns to see his Mother watching him, so he tells Roshni to go and join the others and he will be out soon.
It’s the day of the wedding.
Roshni takes off her headpiece and hides it under the rug.
When it’s time for the Couple to perform the nuptial rounds, Roshni tells Sid that she has misplaced her head piece.
She takes him round the room to help her look for it.
As the bride and groom are going round the fire, Sid and Roshni are also going around the room.
The Priest tells the Wife to now switch places and walk in front of the groom.
Roshni tells Sid to switch sides with her. She now walks in front and they continue to go round the room.

After the rounds, she pretends to find the head piece and tells him to help her put it on. Just then, the Priest asks Yash to apply the Vermillion.
Yash applies the Vermillion to Samaira’s forehead.
Sid has no idea that there is Vermillion underneath the headpiece Roshni gave him.
He places it on her head, thereby applying Vermillion to her forehead.
He is surprised when he sees the red stain on his hand. He asks what she did and she tells him they have now renewed their Marriage vows. She says he took reverse rounds in their room then and now, he took the right rounds and remarried her. Sid feels emotional. Zindagi me… song… plays in the background.
Simran watches them in anger and confusion.
Sid has tears in his eyes.
After marriage, the Priest asks the bride and the groom to take elder’s blessings.
Later on, Simran stops Sid and says he’s not keeping to his promise because she saw him expressing his love to Roshni and she will see how he will reunite with Roshni!
Sid says he was doing that because he loves Roshni.
The Ceremony is over.
Sam hugs and thanks Roshni for everything and says she is sorry she has always been rude to her.

Roshni says she is like a Sister and her words won’t hurt her.
Sam asks for Sid and Roshni says she hasn’t see him in a while. She asks Raj about him.
Raj says he just stepped out and will come back soon.
Sam apologises to Mona for always troubling her.
Yash promises to take care of Sam.
They Couple hug everyone in the family and leave.
Simran asks Grandma if they can leave? Grandma says yes. Roshni tries to walk with Grandma.
Mona tells Roshni to stay with them for the night because one daughter (Sam) has just left them and she will feel sad if she also leaves. DD also insists.
Sid’s Grandmother tells Roshni she can stay and says nobody (Simran) can disobey her. Raj says she is right. DD smiles.
Roshni asks her to tell Sid to call her back as he’s not answering his phone.
Sid is home, sitting sadly in the living room and thinking about Roshni. He reminisces Roshni requesting him to give them one more chance and to forgive her, she performing the rounds and telling him She’s his Wife again.
The family returns and he tries to hide his tears.
His Grandmother asks why he came back home when Roshni is searching for him? Sid says he had a long day. He asks where Roshni is?
Grandmother says she’s not coming home tonight because her Mother and Aunt wanted her to spend the night with them.
When everyone goes to bed, Sid stops Simran and tells her that he knows he made her a promise, but he can’t keep it and he can give her whatever she asks for, but not this. She asks when he became a selfish person!
Sid says he has thought about it and he will find out another way and make sure no harm comes to her, Krutika or Roshni, but he can’t do what she wants.

Roshni calls Sid, but he cuts her call repeatedly. She’s on the bed, lying next to Mona and wondering why Sid hasn’t called her back.
Sid enters through the window and She’s surprised to see him.
She asks what he’s doing here?
Sid takes her outside and asks if everything is alright and asks why she called several times? She says her heart beat is getting faster.
Roshni says she wants to tell him something and whatever happened…
Sid says whatever happened, it’s in the past and he wants to tell her something as well.
Roshni tells him to pour out his heart out to her. He says ‘Roshni I …I..’
She gets closer and closes her eyes and says ‘Me too.’ He smiles and holds her face and says she already knows what he wants to say, but he wants to ask her something. She tells him he can. He says she only agreed to marry him because she thought he was Middle class, so what if he really becomes Middle class?
Roshni says they will stay together, and nothing can separate them ever again, they love each other and she can’t leave him for anything, no matter what the circumstances are, she wants to be with him.
In his heart, Sid thanks her for saying those words because they have helped him made his decision.

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