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Raj tells Krutika that modern people do not believe in those things and she still has her life ahead of her.
Sid tells her not to live her life as a Widow.
Krutika tells him she already withdrew the case like he asked, for his sake and Roshni’s family!
Sid says he only told her to do the right thing and not to do it for him or for Roshni’s family.
Krutika says she wants to stop talking about the issue, but Rajveer is in her heart and will never leave her!
She picks up the urn with his ashes and vows quietly to ruin all of them for killing him; she will make sure Sid suffers and she separates him from Roshni!
Later on, Roshni is walking along the corridor and hears Krutika talking to an Old college friend on the Phone.
Roshni smiles thinking Krutika is getting over the issue.
At dinner time, Roshni offers Krutika a special dish and Krutika throws the dish on the floor.
She asks Roshni what she’s trying to do!
Grandmother, Raj and Sid explain that Roshni is only trying to help. Raj says she prepared kheer to cheer her up. Roshni says she was only helping.
Simran tells Roshni to just stop, as her efforts won’t help in any way!
Krutika walks out and Simran follows her.
Krutika tells Simran that she knows Roshni is not leaving the house, so she has to accept it! She enters her room and shuts the door. She thinks she will trouble Sid by torturing Roshni!

Simran says Roshni has been a problem, first she made her Son suffer and now, it’s her daughter and she won’t let it continue!
At bedtime, Roshni calls her Mother to find out how Sam is doing.
DD says Sam is depressed and she eat food with great difficulty. She just hopes she gets over it soon.
Sid enters the room and asks who she was talking to? Roshni says she was talking to DD and she’s sorry about what happened with Krutika.
Sid says he understands her actions and it’s not her fault. He asks how Sam is doing?
Roshni says the Doctor says she needs care and support to recover from the trauma; she has been through a lot and she needs someone to care for her and not judge her for her past.
Sid is thinking.
Roshni asks what it is?
Sid says he’s fine.
He tells himself that he has a plan and he will talk to everyone about it tomorrow.
In the morning, Simran is in Krutika’s room trying to select something else for her to wear.
Krutika starts acting and tells Simran to leave her alone and to go to Roshni instead and give her the clothes, since Roshni is not going anywhere!
Simran ponders over Krutika’s words.
At DD’s house, Samaira is in bed.
Mona and Roshni are consoling her.
Roshni goes to the living room to join Sid and DD.
DD says Sam is suffering from severe depression.
Sid says he has come to realise there is someone who can give Sam what she needs, a good life and security; Yash.
Mona enters the living room and asks what he’s talking about?
DD says it’s something that will benefit Sid greatly and she is grateful for his help and has come to start thinking highly of him, but he has ruined it by trying to manipulate them.

Sid asks if they are back to this?
He says he knows that no matter how he tries, he can never change her impression of him, but he was thinking of Sam and he insists Yash is a good Man and he’s shown himself by taking care of Sam already.
He says Yash and Sam still have to make the decisions for themselves.
DD says she’s not convinced and Sam is like her daughter and as important to her as Roshni.
She asks what if Yash rejects her?
She says she also feels Sid just wants to have his way because he feels Yash is a threat and loves Roshni; she doesn’t know if he and Roshni will get a divorce and if they do, she wants someone to be there for Roshni.
Sid says he also likes Yash, that’s why he suggested him.
He says he and Roshni separated and it was their decision and if they want to get back together, it will be their decision and not their Parents or Yash would decide for them.
DD says she’s still not buying it!
She walks away and Sid tells Mona to think about it.
He leaves and Roshni goes to meet DD in the kitchen.
DD says Sid has done a lot for them, but it’s over and he will never go above his Parents and choose her (Roshni).
Roshni says she and Sid will make Yash understand that he’s going to change Sam’s life, and it’s also not right to make her give Yash false hope because she and Sid will never be apart, he’s her husband.
DD asks when she fell in love with him?
Yash is home with his Sister.

Yash’s Sister tells him that’s it’s been 3 months since he proposed to Roshni, so for how long will he wait ?
She says if he waits any longer, he might miss the opportunity.
Roshni and Sid enter and Roshni says they have come with a Marriage proposal.
Yash asks why Sid has come with her?
Sid says Yash knew what Sam is going through and the Doctors have recommended that she needs someone and as such, they want him to get married to Sam.
Yash gets upset and says Roshni should have just told him that she doesn’t want him! Roshni says she wants him to get married to Samaira.
Yash says he can’t do it!
His Sister tells Roshni that his brother loves her a lot, and that doesn’t mean she can make him dance to her tunes. Roshni says she came here to request him as a friend. Sid says he can kick him out of his house, but he wants him to take care of Sam. Yash says he does not have any answer for this. His Sister tells them to leave!
Sam asks Mona why Yash would accept her and even if he does, he won’t love her because he loves Roshni, so she has accepted she will be alone.
DD assures her that she will find someone who will love her and she shouldn’t lose hope.
Yash is standing by the doorway, watching them.
At home, Sid tells Roshni that he doesn’t understand why her Mother is against it. Roshni says DD is only concerned about her and what will happen to her if they get a divorce.
Sid tells her not to focus on that now.
Roshni suggests they just discuss it.
Sid says he bas to make some Phone calls.
He walks away and Roshni says she knows he doesn’t want to admit he loves her, but she will make him admit it.

Krutika, who is eavesdropping, gets upset.
Roshni receives a Phone call and gets excited. It’s a call from DD that Yash has come and rushes to her house. Krutika hears that and cuts her hand with broken glass. Simran asks what did she do that for? Krutika says her husband died just 2 days ago, but Sid and Roshni are busy getting Sam married to Roshni’s boyfriend, Yash!
Sid and Roshni are in DD’s house. DD asks Yash to not do anything under pressure. He says he’s not.
Yash tells Sam that he has always loved Roshni, but it has been one sided, so it’s best they remain friends and Sam is also his friend, but he would like to turn it into something else.
He gets on one knee and offers her a ring, asking if she will marry him?
Sam smiles and says she’s all his.
Everyone is happy and Mona gets sweets.
Yash asks DD if she’s happy?
DD hugs them and says she’s happy for both of them.
Sid tells them he’s happy for both of them and hugs them.
Mona asks Yash to take care of her daughter and gives him sweets. Roshni says congrats to Sam. Sid prays to their togetherness and blesses the new Couple. Roshni smiles.
Sid stops Yash as he’s about to get into his Car and hugs him again, saying he has done a huge thing for the family. Sid says he is a great guy and brother, and he feels proud to have him as his friend.
Yash says he hasn’t done anything. Roshni is his best friend as always and Sam is a good girl, and they will start loving each other. He says Sid is also a great guy, so it’s time he does something for himself and wins back the Woman he loves.

Sid thanks him. Yash leaves in his Car. Sid thinks about Yash’s words.
At night, Sid and Roshni are ready for bed.
Sid is sitting on the Couch.
Roshni says Sam and Yash are perfect for each other.
Sid says it’s true and Sam deserves a second chance, everybody does.
Roshni gets to him and asks if he really believes everyone deserves a second chance?
Sid says he does.
Roshni holds his hand and says she wants a second chance too and she wants him to forgive her; he has always given her every thing she needs; love, trust and even let her go when she asked him to, she wants his forgiveness and never wants to go away from him again.
She says she loves him more than anything in this world.
Sid pulls his hand away and stares at her.
He tells her it’s getting late.
He moves to the lie down on the bed.
Roshni gets to the bed to take a pillow to keep between them, but he tells her they’ve come a long way and she doesn’t need to do that, as they have moved way ahead of it (emotions).
She lays next to him. He looks at her and turns. She also does the same. He turns off the bed lights. Teri udaasi si ye meri… zindagi me… song plays in the background.
They turn to look at one another, then Roshni turns to face the other side and sleeps.
Sid goes near her, and turns to her as she sleeps and says she has kept him waiting; all he wanted was for her to tell him she still loved him and wants to be with him.
He asks if she ever thought he could live without her, he can’t imagine his life without her and from now on, he will shower her with all the love he saved for her that nobody can separate them.

He tells her he loves her too.
He lays back down and Roshni opens her eyes, smiling to herself and thanking God.
She tells herself that in 2 days, they will withdraw the divorce papers.
In the morning, Sid comes home with flowers to give to Roshni and his Mother gives him a document.
Sid is in shock as he reads the document and the flowers fall from his hand. He asks why his Mum wants him to do it?
Simran says she wants things to go back to the way they were, he has only 2 days to make a decision and once the decision is made, there is no going back!
Sid has tears in his eyes.
Simran walks away, stepping on the flowers as she goes.

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