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Yash is driving with Sid, Roshni and Sam in the Car. Sid tells him to make a left turn. The Car following them makes the same turn. They block the Car and Sid gets down to confront the driver. The driver says Sid dropped his wallet and he wanted to give it back. Yash looks a bit disappointed. Sid collects his wallet and thanks the Man.
They arrive at the hotel in Goa. A hotel Manager shows them around. The Man who gave Sid his wallet earlier on is spying on them. He makes a Phone call and tells the person at the other end that the plan went accordingly.

The hotel attendant comes back to Sid and tells him his room has been upgraded to the Presidential suite. Yash and Sam leave for their room. Sid says he doesn’t understand why their room was upgraded. Roshni says DD must have wanted to surprise them. Sid says he would call her. Roshni accuses him of always trying to ruin things instead of relaxing and enjoying it. Sid ends the call and they leave for their suite. The spy hands the hotel manager a large sum of money for his service.

DD takes Aisha out and Aisha asks for ice cream. DD gets it for her and someone takes photos of them. DD hears the camera clicks and wonders.
Sid and Roshni enter their room and Roshni is all excited when she sees a hamper filled with goodies. Sid doesn’t seem to be comfortable yet. He sees a card in the hamper and hides it in his pocket.

At DD’s place, the new cook is making a dish in the Kitchen and still acting weird. Resham tells him to make a milkshake for Aisha, some tea for her and coffee for DD. She leaves the Kitchen and he gets confused, asking why anyone would want pistachios in their tea and who would want orange milkshakes? He gets completely confused and messes up the orders. He tampers with the gas switch and it blows up, cutting out the power supply in the house.

Yash tells Sam to cheer up as they are in a hotel suite. Sam says they are not in a suite and if he had asked, maybe they would have given them a better room but he’s just useless! Yash says he shouldn’t have listened to Sid and married her because nobody can make her happy!

An electrician comes to check the switch. He tells DD that they will have to sleep without electricity for the night. Aisha says it means they will have to stay in a hotel like her Mum and dad. DD agrees with her.

Roshni opens her bag and says something is wrong with her clothes. Sid says he packed her bag and doesn’t want his wife covered from head to toe in Goa. He says he sees her only in Saris and wants to see her in something else. Roshni says she won’t wear what he packed!

DD tells the new cook to look after the house while they are away and not mess about, otherwise, he would lose his job! A shadow moves past and DD asks if someone came in? The cook says it’s just two of them in the house. She hands him the keys and tells him to keep them safe with his life. She leaves and he gets confused when he sees the keys in his hand.

At the hotel, Yash sees Roshni by the pool and asks where Sid is. They turn to see Sid swimming. He swims to some ladies and flirts with one of them. Roshni is jealous. The ladies tell Sid they want to play volleyball and want him to be the referee. He says when anyone misses, they would have to give the referee a kiss. The ladies get into the water and start playing. Roshni is boiling with anger as she watches Sid teach the one he was flirting with how to play. The lady tells her friends that Sid is so hot. Sid points to his cheek and she leans in to kiss him but he stops her and says he will get all the kisses at the end of the game. Roshni leaves the poolside in anger.
Sid goes to Yash who asks him why he’s trying to annoy Roshni? Sid says it’s the oldest trick in the book and his plans never fail.

Roshni returns to the suite and sees a dress laid out on the bed for her to wear. She decides to get back at him. Sid enters the suite and sees the room all decorated with rose petals on the floor, candles lit, and champagne freezing. Roshni is standing with her back turned in a sleeveless dress with a high slit, holding a glass of champagne. She moves to him and they hold each other, staring at one another as they sip from the glass. They get romantic. Mere Rubaru music plays… Roshni asks if this was what he wanted and if she looks nice? Sid says it’s a lovely dress and her taste is really great. Roshni pulls away from him and says she thought he chose the dress for her. Sid appears shocked. He asks who could have brought the dress for her because he didn’t? He calls DD to thank her for upgrading the room and getting Roshni an outfit. DD says she didn’t do anything except send them to the hotel. She asks if they are okay? Sid says they are fine. He hangs up and Roshni asks if DD did everything? Sid says no and hurries out of the room. Roshni follows. DD asks herself who could have done those things?

Sid goes to the hotel Manager who upgraded their room and commands him to say who made him do all those things for them! He warns him to stop! The Manager says it was just a Man, Alex who is a patron of their hotel and had no ill intentions. He says this is a five-star hotel and they only want to give their guests the best experience. Sid says his personal life is being affected by it all so he likes to decline such things and he would want to see Alex. Roshni asks Sid why he’s upset? She asks Yash if he wouldn’t be happy to receive a room upgrade? Yash tells her to listen to Sid. Sam accuses him of taking Sid’s side! Roshni tells Sam to come with her and leave the Men alone. The Women leave. Sid and Yash are by the poolside. Sid says he came to enjoy his honeymoon but he’s ended up with Yash.
Roshni and Sam are in the suite. Sam complains that Men have a problem with everything She goes to sleep on the bed in the suite.
Next day, Roshni is walking on the hotel grounds, complaining to her Mother on the phone about Sid. DD tells her that Sid really loves her. Roshni says DD is defending her Son-in-law. DD says she’s only telling the truth. Roshni says she would talk to her later.
Sid walks up to Roshni and holds her. He takes her to the swimming pool. Ang Lagade Re plays… She tells him to leave her alone! He says she came to the place she knew he would be at.

DD and the family return home. They see another man fixing the electricity. Resham complains he’s not the person they hired. The Man says his boss sent him. DD and the rest leave the living room. The Man places hidden cameras in different parts of the living room.

Sid and Roshni are sitting by the Pool area, sipping their drinks and staring into each other’s eyes. Sam intrudes on their intimate moment and calls Roshni away. Yash apologises for his Wife’s intrusion. Sam reminds Roshni of their agreement not to forgive the Men easily. Roshni says their husbands do so much for them.

A Man brings an envelope to Sam. She opens it and it’s an invitation for a competition for the best Couple. Roshni says Sid would not agree to it. They return to the Men and Sid says he doesn’t want to partake in the competition because he doesn’t need anyone to tell him he and Roshni are the best Couple. Sam tells Yash he has to partake. He asks if he has a choice? Sam tells Sid that he shouldn’t brag about how amazing he is but let the game decide on the best Couple! Yash tells her to leave Sid alone if he doesn’t want to participate. Roshni tells her not to talk to Sid that way because he has his reasons and she would respect it. She tells Sid that they would do as he says. Sid says that’s why he loves her so much. Roshni and Sid leave.
Yash tells Sam that Sid and Roshni are the best Couple. Sam say the best couple her foot!

Next day, Sid and Roshni are on a swinging Chair on the hotel grounds. Sid says he feels bad for Yash because of what Sam makes him go through and feels bad that he made Yash marry her. Roshni says Sam is her Cousin but she knows how difficult she can be. Someone approaches their swing. Roshni leaves to go and make a call to her Mother. Sid calls the hotel and tells them to arrange for a dinner for two Couples later. A hand touches him on the shoulder. He turns to look and the person apologises. Roshni is making her call. The same hand taps her on the shoulder and when she turns, he apologises. His face is not shown.

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