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Sid and Roshni are in the room. He throws a vase on the floor in anger and asks if she has lost her mind! Roshni says there is no other option left. She asks if he will be able to watch his best friend suffer? Sid is furious.

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He asks how many times he should sacrifice their own relationship for others! He tells her not to come to him with such a suggestion because he won’t do it!
Roshni holds him and says their love is very special to her but Sids can’t ignore what is happening.
He walks away from her.
She says she knows he can’t get over the incident and they need to make a decision, otherwise Misha will end up in a mental asylum.
Sid says he can’t!
He throws the bedside lamp and everything he can find in the room.
He holds on to Roshni and cries.
They hear some commotion coming from the family members and run out.
Misha is standing on the ledge of the balcony, saying she wants to jump because she has nobody, Neil has left her and so has Sid.
Everyone begs her to come down.
Sid goes to her and begs her to come down.
Misha tells him to stay away from her.
Misha tells Sid not to come any closer because she wants to jump!
Sid pleads with her but Misha refuses. Sid tells her everyone loves her very much, so he will search for a better guy for her. Misha emotionally blackmails him and says bye Sid. Sid’s Grandma asks her not to jump. Misha closes her eyes and waits for Sid to stop her.

Roshni gets to Sid and begs him to do what she told him because Misha is capable of anything.
Misha raises one leg and her shoe falls off. Everyone is filled with fear.
Roshni prods Sid to just say it.
Sid tells Misha that he will marry her.
Everyone is stunned and can’t believe what they heard. Misha smiles as her plan succeeded and calms down.
She turns to Sid and tells him not to lie to her.
Sid says he will get engaged to her right away.
DD and Roshni’s Grandmother shake their heads in disbelief.
Misha tells Sid to promise her that he would marry her? Sid promises her.
She asks if he will get engaged to her now? Sid promises and asks her to come down. Misha asks him to promise not to leave her and go anywhere? Sid holds her hand and she comes down. Misha hugs him and says today is our engagement. Everyone is shocked.
Sid and Roshni stare at each other with tears running down their faces.
DD says she won’t allow anyone ruin her daughter’s happiness again!
Shiv sees the thugs entering DD’s compound.
He tells himself that he has to find a way to get to Roshni.
DD gives Sid a spicy slap and asks if he has lost his mind! How dare he play with Roshni’s emotions! She is not a toy for playing.
Raj tells him it’s good he wants to help Misha but he can’t ruin Roshni’s life in the process.

Simran asks Sid if he has lost his mind!
Roshni tells DD to understand, but DD is not ready to listen.
She says Sid has done it to them once again.
Misha acts again and asks DD why she hit Sid! She struggles with DD but DD eventually pushes her off.
Sid holds Misha.
DD tells Sid that he’s ruining two lives and it’s not fair!
Misha still struggles to get to DD, so Sid takes her away.
Roshni pleads with DD to calm down but DD says asks what’s wrong with Roshni and says she won’t let Sid disappoint her again. She tells Roshni that she didn’t expect this from her and will not support her either! Roshni hugs her and cries. She walks away and Sid’s Grandma hugs Roshni and says everything will be fine.
Sid takes Misha into the bedroom and tries to calm her down. He says DD is an elder to him so she can do anything. He tells her everyone loves us. Misha says today is her engagement and she wants to get engaged to him. He tells her to wait while he goes to make sure all the arrangements are ready.
When he leaves the room, she smiles to herself and says she finally won his heart and he will be hers forever!

Sid is still unable to believe it and couldn’t come to terms with it. He meets Roshni along the corridor and with tears in his eyes, Mere Rubara Tu hi Tu… song plays… Roshni too stares at him emotionally. They get close before parting ways. He asks why is this happening to them again; they made a promise not to let anything separate them again but still.
Roshni walks up to him and holds his hand then says it won’t affect their love and she will only love him.
She says maybe it’s not necessary for every relationship to end in marriage; when they fell in love, they didn’t make any conditions because they didn’t know what fate had in store for them.
She says she will continue to love him the same and it’s not always necessary for two lovers to be together.
Sid kisses her on the shoulder and gets close. She says they have made so many sacrifices for the ones they love. Hamari Adhuri plays… as they hold hands and walk back to join the family.
Shiv enters the Compound and thinks he will save Roshni as he can’t let his daughter’s life be ruined.
Jigna asks DD what they would tell the guests?
DD says the guests should be told to leave, as no engagement is taking place.
Roshni and Sid enter.
Roshni says nobody will go home because Sid and Misha will get engaged. Roshni looks at Sid.

The thugs enter the building and take the elevator upstairs.
Shiv decides to take the stairs.
Sid says he and Roshni have decided that for Misha’s sake, he has to get engaged to Misha.
DD says this is your decision and accuses him of only thinking of himself and not Roshni!
Roshni says she was the one who told Sid to get engaged to Misha.
She says it’s the least they could do for Misha after the humiliation she went through.
DD blames Sid again saying you have fooled my daughter again and asks until when Roshni will be blinded? She says all Men are the same!
She tells Raj to talk to Sid to change his decision.
Raj is about to speak but Sid says they have made their decision and nobody can convince them otherwise.
DD tells Sid that if he goes through with it, then he severs all ties with her family, especially Roshni.
Raj is in tears. He begs his Mother to talk to Sid but Sid says his mind is made up!
DD says she wants him and his family to leave her house because they are breaking all ties with his family!
Roshni says they will leave, only after the engagement.

DD tells them they are making the biggest mistake of their lives and will regret it when they realize it. DD and her Mother leave the living room. Sid breaks down sobbing and asking why them? Roshni holds him as he cries. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays…
In the bedroom, DD asks her Mother why she and Roshni had to fall in love with betrayal Men like Shiv?
Kesar asks what is wrong with Shiv?
DD says he went missing again.
She shows the message on her Phone to him and Mona. They are shocked. DD tells her Mother that Sid and Shiv have betrayed them.
DD gets upset and starts throwing things!
She hugs her Mother and cries. Her Mother asks her not to get sad. DD says today, her Mother was let down by her Son-in-law and she was also let down by hers.
Shiv enters the house but meets only guests. He sees the thugs are dressed as waiters.
Misha calls one of the thugs to say if Shiv comes to the house then he should be killed!
Shiv overhears the thug on the Phone and hides.
Roshni enters the room to meet Misha.
Misha pushes her and tells her to leave but Roshni says Sid sent her to help Misha get dressed. She says you want to look good for Sid, so he wants me to dress you up.
Misha says she doesn’t like her (Roshni)!
Roshni says she wants to help her get dressed for the engagement.

As she is putting the bangles on Misha’s wrist, Misha looks at her with hatred and thinks she will make her get jealous when Sid romances with her right infront of Roshni. Misha holds Roshni’s hand tightly and digs her fingers into her skin.
Roshni is in pain but unable to cry out.
Misha continues to torture her.
She uses her lipstick to write ‘Sid weds Misha’ on the mirror then asks how it looks?
Roshni tells her she is lucky to be marrying Sid. Misha says Sid will become her husband. Roshni turns her head away to cry. Misha asks her to make her wear something. Roshni says she will come back in 2 mins and goes. Misha smiles evilly.
Shiv is going towards Roshni’s room. A thug in disguise as a Waiter see him going in and informs his partner. They follow him.
Shiv is approaching Shiv’s Parents, but
he sees the thugs and turns back.

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