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Thursday update on King of hearts 13th June 

Kesar takes DD’s blessings and tells her that he is leaving for Junagadh. He says learnt a lot from you, will use that knowledge and stand on my feet. He apologizes for hurting her and the family. DD apologizes to him. DD says no need. He says, your my Guru. He says even if he fails, he is sure, DD will support him. DD says he can stay here.

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Sid agrees with him and says time will come when u will talk to all about Kesar’s achievement. DD agrees. She is teary eyed. Kesar says her tears are weakening him. He tells DD that he considers her like his mom and asks her if she wont give him one chance to stand on his feet. DD smiles and tells him that she will come to visit him when he settles. DD goes in her cabin. She is in tears.

Right then Rajbeer comes to her. He tells her that he is sorry that he disappointed her today. He says he dinno the man was Gaffur and they are enemies. DD chides him for being irresponsible and says Sid intervened in time and saved all. DD rues that she was about to name the power of attorney on Rajbeers name but is saved in time. Rajbeer assures to gie his 100% to it but DD says no need to get involved in this. She calls Sid in her cabin and asks him to close the cabin door. He does. Rajbeer glares.

DD reaches out to Sid. She says she is relieved she has someone whom she can trust. He has inherent business sense. Sid says no big deal. DD says u speak a lot. She says i have kept house, office all in mortgage for the order. Want u to handle it. Sid is stunned but reassures he will get it done. Sid worries that not all is well and that he needs to find out who is fooling them as family as per Gaffurs input.

Sids dad reassures Sids mom that he is starting his biggest project on Kritika’s name.Sid’s mom is moved. Sids dad says now time to expand the business further in the name of ur other daughter. Sids mom wonders who. Sids dad says Roshni. Sids mom agrees with Sids dads suggestion. Kritika overhears and fumes and says .. Sid is too smart, taking my share for his wife, wont let this happen. Will teach Champu Sid and his wife a lesson.

Sid comes to jail and asks to meet Gaffur but finds that he has been released on bail. Sid is stunned and asks how the cops let him go. Cops say he got bail, officially. Rajbeer tells Gaffur he got bail, now he should go underground or Sid wont spare him. Gaffur tells Rajbeer he should be worried too as Sid wont spare him either. Right then Rajbeer spots Sid outside the police station. Gaffur goes to pan shop and Rajbeer fakes a drama with Gaffurs lawyer and chides him for giving Gaffur bail. Lawyer keeps mum.

Sid is surprised to see Rajbeer and asks what he is doing there. Rajbeer says came to ask Gaffur why he did what he did but he got bail. He tells Sid not to worry and that he will find out all about Gaffur. He leaves. Sid recollects Gaffurs words of a snake in the house cheating them all. Right then Roshni calls him to pick her up from the NGO. He leaves from there.Mona reassures Samaira not to worry. She says as long as Mona is with her, she has nothing to worry for. The duo promote Dabur honey [Yh for real].

Nani comes to DD and asks the matter. DD says that she has made big mistakes in the past. Nani says happens, we are humans, now alls well with u and Kesar. DD says not just Kesar, i think i misunderstood Sid. I am rigid, short tempered but am not blind. Till now thought Sid is after Roshni for money but he cares for family. Always warns me. DD says have an idea.DD tells Nani that she wants to give power of attorney to Sid.

Roshni greets Sid at the NGO and and he asks why so much love. Roshni says.. for saving Kesar. Sid says he is my uncle too. Roshni hugs him and says its like they are ur family. The kids tells SidNi that u both are under mistltoe so they need to kiss. Roshni is shocked and chides them. Sid agrees with the kids and asks kids to tell Roshni to kiss Sid. The kids start shouting KISS and circle Sid-Roshni. The duo come close. They are smiling. Roshni kisses Sid on the cheeks.

Kritika notices them and says this is Roshni. Well she doesnt know who i am. All this property is mine. She is smiling a lot. Well i will remove her good girl image in front of my mom soon.

Sid reminisces on Ghafoor telling him that he still has a snake/betrayer in his house and then he seeing Rajveer with Ghafoor outside court and getting tensed seeing him. Roshni asks him why is he awake till now and takes him to sleep. Roshni falls asleep. Sid gets call from his associate who informs that he did what he told. Sid says now Ghafoor will call who bailed him and he will easily identify him. Associate asks how will he come there. Sid says he will somehow and thinks he will find out who is snake at his house.

DD calls ACP and asks how can he allow Ghafoor’s bail. ACP says he cannot stop his bail, but Ghafoor is under house arrest as DCP himself is taking care of his case and got pressure from higher ups. She thinks who is her well wisher that is pressurizing even ACP and DCP.

Ghafoor calls Rajveer and asks him to get him out of house, else he will get into jail again and will tell his truth to everyone. Rajveer thinks he can think about DD and Sid later, first he has to get Ghafoor out from there. He gets ready and is about to leave when he hears Samaira’s cough and stops. Sid passes via his room by then. Rajveer walks silently, Pratima sees him and asks Bablu where is he going. Bablu says he has smoking habit and must have gone out to smoke. Sid waits for lift in lobby and while Rajveer comes out, just then sid gets into lift and leaves. Rajveer comes and also leaves via lift.

Sid meets his associate outside Ghafoor’s house who says commissioner has beefed up security and Ghafoor cannot get out. Sid says Ghafoor’s rescuer will come there and he can easily find him out. Rajveer comes wearing a hooded jacket, sees constables outside and throws money on floor. Constables run behind money and Rajveer enters Ghafoor’s house. Sid follows him. Rajveer realizes someone is following him and turns back, but Sid hides. Rajveer gets into Ghafoor’s house and locks door from inside. Sid hears Ghafoor asking Rajveer to get him out of here. Rajveer says police is outside and they cannot go out easily. Ghafoor says he does not want to listen anything.

Rajveer takes him and opens door. He takes him out of house and mingles with marriage baaraat crowd. Sid follows him from behind. Ghafoor escapes in crowd. Both Sid and Rajveer start searching him, but don’t see each other. Rajveer suffocates due to cracker smoke and removes his hood. Sid is shocked to see that Betrayer/snake is none other than Rajveer, reminisces all the incidents, and thinks why didn’t he realize it first and thinks Rajveer betrayed his sasural. Rajveer walks out in front of Sid without noticing him.

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