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Raj picked Roshni’s Grandmother from the Airport and she’s now taking her home in his Car.
She thanks him and says she doesn’t know whether to be happy DD got her property back or sad that Sid and Roshni got a divorce.
Raj says he knows they are still in love and Roshni won’t be able to stay away from Sid, so he knows Roshni will set things right. Roshni’s Grandmother says let us hi five for that.
The mystery Man pulls DD to the dance floor and she is forced to dance with him to the song… Khoya khoya chang song. DD angrily dances.
Roshni says she didn’t know her Mother could dance.
Sid says the Man is the one dancing and DD doesn’t know how to dance.
Roshni sees her Grandmother and rushes to hug her.
Sid also hugs her and takes her blessing. They show her DD on the dance floor. She says it is good and asks for who the dance partner is?
The Man turns around and She’s shocked when she sees his face.

She goes to them and breaks up the dance.
She asks DD what’s going on and pulls her away. The Man feels embarrassed, but the Guests clap for his dance.
They go into DD’s bedroom and Grandmother asks how she could forget what the Man has done to her or her family?
DD says it’s complicated.
Grandmother says she should have thought about Roshni and how they’ve been hiding him from her for some time.
Roshni enters the room and asks what they are hiding from her?
She says she has been suspecting something about the guy and wants to know who he is.
DD says she heard only a part of the conversation and the Man is not related to them in any way.
Sid enters the room and tries to take Roshni away, but Roshni tells him to allow her talk to her Mother.
Roshni places DD’s hand on her head and demands to know the truth.
DD tells her the Man is her father, Shiv Patel.
Roshni gets dizzy.
She says she has always been told her father died when she was a baby.
She asks why DD lied to her and where was her dad all these days!
Sid tells her to calm down and let her Mom explain, it’s as difficult for DD also. Roshni tells him not to tell her that because he won’t understand since he has both Parents; she on the other hand, has been kept in the dark for 23 years!
She tells DD that she needs to know the truth!

DD says she didn’t have a choice and did it for Roshni’s happiness.
DD accuses her of being so self-centred and not concerned about anybody else.
She says since DD is refusing to tell her the truth, she will go and ask her dad what happened!
Sid blocks her path and says she can’t asks her dad yet because he’s suffering from memory loss.
Roshni tells him not to interfere in her family matter! She says she will ask him as it is a matter of keeping a daughter away from her father for 23 years!
She looks at him closely and accuses him of being a part of it and knew all along! Sid says he didn’t know. He says even he is shocked and did not know till now. Roshni says she doesn’t know whom to believe and walks out.
Roshni goes to the living room and stares at her father, emotionally.
He smiles and asks her what is going on?
Sid announces to the guests that the party is over since DD is not feeling very well.
The Guests leave and Shiv asks Roshni why her Mother left the dance floor all of a sudden? If she didn’t like the music, then they could have changed it to something else.
Roshni hugs him, crying.

He asks her why she’s upset and if her Mom scolded her?
Sid has tears in his eyes as he watches them.
The Man says he’s sorry if he has offended anyone, as he’s a stranger and doesn’t remember anything about himself, else he would have left.
Roshni calls him dad and tells him he can’t go anywhere, then calls him Uncle and says he hasn’t done anything wrong.
He asks why she is crying then and asks Sid to control her.
She hugs him again and he consoles her.
Sid tells Kesar to take Uncle inside.
Kesar calls him brother and takes him back to his room. Shiv leaves asking what happened to Roshni?
Roshni breaks down crying on the floor.
Sid goes to her and holds her.
Roshni packs her suitcase and She’s about to leave the house.
DD begs her to wait.
Roshni says DD is still lying to her and she will make it easier for her by going away from her; she would rather live anywhere else with her dad!
DD says she tried to protect her.
Roshni asks how that is protecting her?
Grandmother tells Roshni she can go but to remember she is making her decision based on partial information and the last time she did that, she lost Sid and now, she will lose her whole family. She should realize even when that Man is here, nobody wants to go near him. She says she has always been on her side but today, she stands with DD and Roshni will never understand except she knows the whole truth.
Roshni asks what the truth is?

Grandmother tells DD that her sacrifice is not being appreciated, so she might as well tell the truth.
DD says she doesn’t expect Roshni to understand.
Mona says Roshni needs to know the truth.
Roshni asks what that truth is?
DD says her father abandoned them, they didn’t keep him away from his daughter but it was his call, he made the decision to leave and never came back.
Roshni is surprised.
She asks why he left?
DD says it was because of Roshni’s brother.
Roshni is stunned.
Grandmother says her Older brother, Rohan.
DD says many years ago, she fell madly in love with Roshni’s father and it was love at first sight. A flashback is shown. She says her ideas (principles) used to be the same as Roshni’s. She fell in love with a Middle class man and her father was against their relationship, but DD wanted to marry him and be happy.
She married him and moved into his house.
Mona, Kesar and Bablu, his siblings, were all part of the family.
They were all very young and happy.

Bablu and Kesar became like her Children, then came an addition to the family; she had a baby boy, Rohan and they were very happy.
God later sent another angel, Roshni.
When Roshni arrived, they all felt like their family was complete, but the happiness didn’t last forever. She says when God gives immense happiness then takes test too. She says one day, Shiv, who was the head of the Teacher’s union staged a protest and the Union went on strike.
DD warned him to be careful not to get involved in the party as they have small children, but Shiv says he knows what he is doing and earning money with hardwork and they went on strike and it lasted so long all the responsibility came on her head and she (DD) had to get a job at a jewelry shop. She didn’t even have any time to look after her Children and that’s why she spoke with Shiv again asking him to change the Job, but Shiv asks her to have trust in him, as they will reach the destination. He says it is our right and it is a matter of some days but She still tried to convince him to call off the strike, but he wouldn’t relent.
Things continued till Rohan fell very ill.
A Doctor checked him at home and said it was critical and he needed to be taken to the hospital.
Shiv said he will take him to the government hospital.
The Doctor suggested a private hospital.
Shiv said he didn’t have any money.

DD suggested they borrow money, but Shiv insisted on the government hospital and took him there.
She had to seek help from her Mother. Shiv refuses to change the Job and says his Union members need him. DD gets hysterical and says her Son’s live is not more than his Union. Shiv says he can’t do what she wants as he won’t let his professional life suffer for personal reasons!
She continued begging him to put an end to the strike, but he said he couldn’t betray the people who put their trust in him. She told him she was concerned about her Son’s life.
He said he was also concerned, but it’s a matter of ethics and principles!
She asked for some money to add to her life’s savings, so as to pay for Rohan’s operation. He gave her some Money and said it was from the sale of his watch.
DD threw the Money away, saying it’s not enough to pay for her Son’s surgery.
Her (DD’s) father sold his property and gave her the Money, but she gets to the hospital and her Son was already dead.
Shiv comes home and sees them mourning Rohan. DD confronts him and he says Rohan is his Son too!
DD says he was his Son but now, he’s no more.
Shiv says if she wants him to leave them, he would.

He left and never came back.
Her (DD’s) father couldn’t bear the grief and died, so her Mother (Roshni’s Grandmother) came to live with her. Mona was chased away from her house by her in-laws and came to her.
She says she wanted to die, but thought of her daughter Roshni, Bablu, Kesar, and Mona, so she decided to work hard at the jewelry shop and from there, she set up her own business and became obsessed to be with the Upper class and realised you can’t be happy without Money.
She tried to forget about Shiv who never returned and she became the hard woman she is today.
She told everyone in the family to forget about Shiv, but secretly kept his photo in her wardrobe and talk to it to make her heart feel low, and she kept the news from Roshni, so she can have only loving thoughts of her father.
One day he collides with her Car and the past comes infront of her. She says you are my Child and I can’t hate you being your Mum. I failed as your Mum, but will always love you. You are my life, my daughter, Roshni.
Roshni is in tears and everyone else is in a sober mood.
DD is also in tears as she says she loves Roshni and she means the entire world to her.

Roshni goes to her and wipes her tears, saying DD has done nothing wrong, but She’s the one in the wrong for not realising the value of the person who was always there for her, her Mother.
She begs DD for her forgiveness. She sleeps on her lap and cries.
They cry together.

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