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Roshni’s Grandmother is still having a flashback of the wedding between Roshni and Kunal. DD arrived at the wedding, but Roshni was already married. The Priest declares them married. DD asks what is going on and tries to take Roshni with her. Premal says she is their daughter-in-law and he tries to take Roshni from her and she slaps him. Bansi gets upset and Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD to meet her outside.
Outside, Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD everything about how Roshni was switched at birth and let her know if she doesn’t agree to the wedding, they will take Roshni from her and she will get jailed. DD goes back inside to apologise to Bansi. Bansi tells her to bring Roshni back in 18 years so she can be with Kunal.

In the present, DD says they had shifted to Mumbai and thought the past would not follow them. Roshni’s Grandmother says Bansi will take Roshni with her. Sid blames them for not telling Roshni. He asks why they hid this big fact from Roshni? DD says she doesn’t know what Roshni would have done. Roshni’s Grandmother says if the landlord finds out, he will destroy their family. Sid vows not to let anything happen to them. He begs them to allow him tell Roshni the truth. DD says they stole her and she never told her. Sid says Roshni has a right to know and he is her husband. He will tell her. DD gets on her knees and begs Sid not to tell Roshni. Sid reluctantly agrees not to. He promises that he won’t let Bansi and her family take advantage of the situation. He tells them to promise they will tell Roshni the truth.

Roshni is in the market with Kritika and Simran. She tells them all about Shakun and Raj as it was all a plan by Sid and Raj. Simran says she will handle it.
Roshni gets home and meets a Priest seated on a mat with Kunal and his family members. Bansi tells the Women to take Roshni inside and get her ready.
Roshni struggles with them. DD comes to beg Bansi but she doesn’t listen. Bansi is about to take off Roshni’s nuptial necklace but Sid appears and stops her. Bansi calls Premal who pulls Sid away. Bansi threatens to deal with them by calling the landlord who is Roshni’s real father. Roshni’s Grandmother gets on her knees and begs her not to. Bansi pushes her out of the way. Sid wants to react but DD and Grandmother grab his hands, pleading.
Roshni continues struggling. Sid begs her to just do what they say for now. Roshni asks if he has lost his mind! Sid begs her to just sit for the ritual. Roshni runs to her room. DD pleads with her eyes for Sid to do something.
Roshni is throwing things around in her room. Sid enters and she asks if he wants to get rid of her just like that! Sid tells her to stop. She asks him to say that he is fed up of her and asks her to marry Kunal! She asks does she matter to him, and asks why doesn’t he fight for her? She cries and asks if he doesn’t love her? She says she knows the value of the Wedding necklace and tells him that nobody will ever be able to take her nuptial necklace from her! She says she will talk to Kunal and won’t let this happen. She leaves the room to look for Kunal.

Sid makes a Phone call. She sees Kunal and he tells her that he’s really helpless and can’t go against his Grandmother. He begs her to do what his Grandmother says. He acts like he’s really hurt and helpless. He apologizes and says he can’t help her. He thinks she has to take the fake Wedding Necklace of Sid’s name and wear the real one of his name, Kunal.
As he walks away, he tells himself that today, he will show Sid his place once and for all!
Roshni crumbles to the ground and Sid holds her. He tells her that he has a plan and he knows of the wedding necklace importance. Roshni says if anyone tries to take her wedding necklace, she would end her life in the holy fire and no one can stop her, not even him (Sid). Mere Khuda music plays… She hugs him.
Bansi asks DD where Roshni is? DD tells her to be gentle with Roshni. Roshni comes out and asks what she should do? Bansi tells her to sit next to Kunal. Roshni sits. Premal comes behind and ties Roshni’s hands behind her back. DD asks what she’s doing? Bansi says they don’t trust Roshni, that’s why they are tying her hands.
Sid is livid but he doesn’t do anything.
The Priest performs the Ceremony. He sprinkles holy water on Roshni. Bansi takes the pot from him and pours all the water over Roshni’s head. DD and Grandmother are crying.

Roshni looks at Sid. Sid feels her pain but signals for her to be silent.
Bansi tells Kunal to take off Roshni’s wedding necklace. Roshni begs Sid to do something.
As Kunal tries to take it, Roshni struggles and cries helplessly. Sid couldn’t bear it and he’s about to go and stop Kunal when some members of a Women’s rights NGO enter the house, stopping them from what they are doing. Bansi asks who they are!
Raj says he brought them and nobody will dare to marry off his daughter-in law-again! He takes Roshni and walks towards the door. Bansi is about to hit Raj but Sid grabs her hand.
One of the Women tells Bansi that she has made Shakun miserable and Women like Bansi should be covered in cow dung! The Women rub cow dung over her face. Bansi vows that they would pay! She takes an oath that nobody will be saved from her wrath!
Kritika and Simran see Shakun and try to throw her out of the house. Bunty tells them to leave her alone. Raj returns home and Shakun falls on him, but he doesn’t want to offend Shakun so it doesn’t spoil the plan he has with Sid. He says those who don’t want to stay with Shakun in the house can leave! Raj thinks Sid has trapped him. Simran and Kritika pack their bags and leave the house. Bunty and Raj follow them on to the road pleading with them but they refuse to stay.
As soon as they walk away, a Car knocks Raj down. Bunty screams and Simran turns around.

Bansi tells Sid that she has dealt with enough people like him and if he continues to bother her, she will deal with not just him, but his father as well! Sid tells her to watch her mouth!He tells her the cow dung on her face suited her and reflected her dark side, and she won’t be able to harm his family because he would always protect them; anytime she tries to harm one of his family, he will hurt hers in return! He says she will never be able to separate him from Roshni and she can do whatever she wants but she would never succeed and that’s a promise!
Sid gets a Phone call and Bansi smirks when she sees his face change to one of shock. She reminds him that she warned him. Sid leaves the house and goes to see his father who is at home.
A Doctor is attending to Raj in bed. Shakun sits on the floor near the bed and Kritika tries to drag her out but Raj tells Kritika to leave her alone. Simran says when Raj is better he would have to explain why he’s doing this. The Doctor leaves and the rest follow. Sid tells his father that he’s so sorry, he knows it wasn’t an accident and it was Bansi. He threatens to kill her but Raj begs him not to make a mistake and ruin the plans.

Kunal is furious. He breaks the mirror in his room and grabs a piece of the glass.
Roshni enters the room and sees him bleeding from the glass cut. She asks him what’s wrong? Kunal says he almost did a horrible thing by taking her wedding necklace and he hates himself for it! Roshni says she knows it wasn’t his fault. She helps him treat the wound.
Sid and Roshni are taking a walk.
Some Men stop in a Car and ask Roshni to come with them! Sid fights the Men off but they go back into the Car and get bats to beat him with. He fights them some more, but they soon get glass pipes and break it on his body. He falls down.
Roshni screams.

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