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Sid is at DD’s place. She begs him to help her find Roshni. Sid says he can’t get through to her Phone. He goes downstairs and Bansi tells him to stop wasting his time because she will make sure he doesn’t see Roshni again! Sid tells her that she can’t imagine how bad he can become if anything happens to Roshni! She says those who make threats can’t do anything! He takes the clipper she’s holding and says he won’t hesitate to chop off any hands that get in his way! He asks where Roshni is! She says Roshni is where she should be, with her real husband. He tells her that her age has affected her thinking but he’s Roshni’s husband and that won’t change. She says Kunal has taken Roshni out to prove to her that he’s her real husband and Sid won’t be able to do anything. Sid drops the clipper and walks out.

Raj calls Sid on DD’s house Phone but Shakun answers and flirts with him. He begins to stutter. Kritika comes to tells him that her Mother wants to see him. He doesn’t want Shakun to know he’s married so he says he will go and see Simran. Kritika takes the Phone and she hears Shakun saying she will love Raj unconditionally. Kritika wonders who she is?

Sid gets to the NGO and asks for Roshni. He is informed that she went to get her Phone fixed with Kunal. Sid calls his father to let him know Roshni went out with Kunal.
Roshni is waiting by Kunal’s bike while he gets her water. Kunal pours a powdery substance in a bottle of water and takes the water to Roshni. Roshni drinks it and they get on the bike. Roshni asks him where they are going? He says the are going home.

Sid shows a photo of Roshni to a Man and asks if he has seen her? The Man says he saw her with a Man and the Man was getting a bottle of water, then they got on a bike and left.
Roshni gets dizzy on the bike and Kunal stops. Roshni falls on a bed of hay.
Sid is driving around in search of Roshni.
Kunal bends over Roshni and she asks him what he’s doing?
Sid finds them. He pulls Kunal off and starts slapping him. Roshni asks Sid what he’s doing? She takes her hanky and wipes the blood from Kunal’s mouth. She tells Sid that Kunal is her friend. Sid says he can’t be her friend. Roshni accuses Sid of always leaving her alone and not thinking about what she wants, now she’s sick of his attitude!
Kunal tells Roshni not to fight with Sid. Sid tells him not to interfere because it’s between him and his Wife! Roshni says she lost her balance on the bike and Kunal helped her. Sid tells Roshni to think of the reason why Kunal brought her to a place far from her home. Roshni shows Sid some Children and says Kunal wants to help them and that’s why he brought her.
Kunal tells Sid that he doesn’t want any problems, he only gave Roshni water with glucose powder in it. He takes the bottle and drinks some of the water. Roshni tells him not to explain. She gets on the bike and they leave.
Sid has tears in his eyes as he tells himself that Kunal is a traitor who wants to ruin their relationship and family. He vows not to let anything happen!

At night, Roshni is sitting up in bed. Sid enters from the window, giving her a fright. He teases her a bit, then gets serious. He tells her she’s his whole life and he loves her, he knows she’s angry with him and her anger is justified.
Kunal is watching them from the window. Devastated.
Sid places Roshni on the bed and vows that he won’t let anyone break them or their family.
Kunal asks himself how they are still together in spite of all his efforts?
In the morning, Sid and Roshni are still in bed. They hear Shakun crying in pain. They get to the Kitchen and see Bansi holding Shakun’s hand over the fire.
Sid pulls Shakun’s hand away and asks Bansi if she’s her Mum or her enemy? Bansi tells him not to interfere because Shakun is her daughter and she will do what she wants! Sid warns her to do this in her own place! Bansi grabs Sid’s shirt and warns that she will beat him! She tells DD that Sid’s father is attempting to woo Shakun and she was writing a letter to him! She shows DD the letter. Bansi tells Roshni that Sid was aware and he did nothing. Sid says he can explain. Roshni says she’s done because he keeps hiding things from her! She storms off.
Bansi tells Premal to book a ticket and send Shankun away. Shakun pleads but Premal drags her away.

Sid calls his father to update him. He says he feels bad that his plan wasn’t a good one and now even Roshni is not talking to him. Raj says Shakun is not exactly without blame. Sid says he doesn’t know what to do because Shakun was an important link but now, she’s being sent back to the village. He suddenly gets an idea and tells his father about it. Raj complains but Sid begs him to help out.
Premal drags Shakun and her luggage towards the door.
Raj arrives and pulls Shakun away from Premal. She follows him and stands by his side, clinging to him. Bansi tells Raj to leave her daughter’s hand! Raj says Shakun is coming with him to his place.
Roshni asks him why he’s doing it? Raj says he loves Roshni but he won’t give her an explanation for his behaviour.
Premal holds Raj by the collar and some Men rush in. One points a gun at Premal and he takes his hands off Raj. Raj leaves with Shakun.
Roshni asks Sid what’s going on? Sid says he tried to reason with his dad but he wouldn’t listen.
Bansi is in DD’s room. DD gets on her knees begging Bansi not to let Roshni know the truth. Bansi hits DD.
Sid is standing at the door. He stops himself from entering the room to defend DD.

Bansi says DD is not even Roshni’s real Mum and she doesn’t understand why DD is so concerned about her when she has no idea how a Mother in pain truly feels. Sid is stunned.
Bansi walks out of the room and Roshni’s Grandmother consoles DD.
Sid enters the room and DD quickly wipes her tears. Sid says he needs to know the truth about what Bansi just said. DD says it’s nothing. Sid says he won’t move till she tells him the truth. Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD to just let him know. DD says her family will fall apart. Sid tells her that if an outsider reveals the truth to Roshni, then everything will be ruined beyond repair. Roshni’s Grandmother urges DD to tell the truth.
DD says it was 23 years ago and she was 9 months pregnant, her Mum decided to take her to the village to have her baby and Shiv was worried but they traveled and stayed in Bansi’s house.
Roshni’s Grandmother says it was the biggest mistake she made taking DD there. DD was in so much pain, so she took her to a hospital where she gave birth but the Doctor informed her that the baby was stillborn.
FB is shown. Roshni’s Grandmother is in tears. Premal and Bansi came to the hospital and Bansi tells Roshni’s Grandmother to calm down. Bansi asks her to stop crying and not to lose strength. Roshni’s Grandmother asks what she will tell DD when she wakes up? Bansi shows her a baby belonging to another Woman that was asleep in the room. She tells her to take the Woman’s baby and replace the baby with the stillborn. Roshni’s Grandmother says she couldn’t do it. Bansi tells her to do it or she will be held responsible for the baby’s death.

In the end, Roshni’s Grandmother takes the baby and places her in DD’s baby crib. She says Shiv and DD were happy with their Children, and she kept this truth as a secret. She says later, Rohan passed away and Roshni became their only happiness. DD worked for her livelihood after her separation with Shiv. She later got a letter from Bansi claiming she is not feeling well, so she needed Roshni’s Grandmother to bring Roshni down. Roshni’s Grandmother gets to the village to meet Bansi in perfect health. Bansi told her she lied because she wanted her to bring Roshni so she could marry Kunal. Roshni’s Grandmother (Alaknanda) refuses but Bansi threatens to report them to the Man whose baby she stole because the Man is now a landlord and his Wife passed on from the heartbreak of losing her Child! She asks if she wants to go to jail, and then people would know that the girl is not of DD? Roshni’s Grandmother pleads with her but Bansi’s mind was made up. Bansi told Kunal that he was getting married to Roshni and Kunal told Roshni. Roshni calls DD to tell her about it but by the time DD got there, they were already married.

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