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Misha says according to the papers, Simran returned the properties to Roshni’s Mum, meaning DD. Roshni says something is amiss and she needs to speak to Sid.

Misha tells her not to do that, instead, they should find out the truth themselves.
She says she thinks there is a connection between what happened and Sid divorcing her (Roshni). Simran’s enters her room and asks what they are doing here?

Misha hands the papers discreetly to Roshni who hides them.Misha starts coughing and Simran gets worried.Roshni uses the distraction to quickly put the files back in Simran’s wardrobe and gives Misha water and a Cough syrup. Misha says she’s been coughing and they’ve been looking for a cough syrup. Simran says she will take her to the Doctor. Misha says she will be fine with the Cough syrup.

Roshni helps Misha out of the room.
Simran checks her wardrobe and relaxes seeing the file is in place. Roshni takes Misha out for a roadside icecream. Roshni says she has to find out the truth about the documents. Misha asks how will she manage getting the file from Simran’s Cupboard as her dad’s marriage is tomorrow?

Roshni says she has to manage. Misha takes out money from her purse to give it to the icecream vendor when 2 goons on a bike try to snatch her purse and escape, dropping it on the floor. All the contents of her purse spilled out and Roshni helps her pick them up. She sees a photo turned face down and as she picks it up, Misha snatches it from her hand and hurriedly stuffs it in her purse and says she had to go, as she has important work!

Roshni gets confused seeing the sudden change in her behaviour.
In the morning, Simran sees Raj and his Mother ready in a party attire and asks where they’re going? Misha comes ready and says they are all going for Roshni’s dad’s marriage and asks her to go and get ready, as she has to accompany her to Roshni’s father’s wedding.
The Ceremony has started between Shiv and Jigna.
DD is in her room, burning photos of her and Shiv.
As the Priest calls for the Couple to make their nuptial rounds, Sid starts to count loudly to DD’s hearing.
DD is pacing up and down her room, miserable.
Everyone is looking towards DD’s bedroom to see if she would come out.
Sid’s family arrive.
Roshni touches their feet and take their blessings.
Shiv tells Sid that DD hasn’t come out and the plan might not work.
Sid yells that they have taken the 6th round so it’s now time for the last one.
DD looks frustrated.
Roshni asks Sid what they would do as the plan is not working?
He tells her to have faith.
DD comes out of her room and tells them to stop!

Everyone holds their breath as she comes down.
She cuts the rope to their relief and climbs the podium to untie the clothes used to tie Shiv and Jigna together.
She tells Shiv that he can’t marry Jigna because he’s her husband. She asks how he could forget their moments together and a mere signature doesn’t erase all their memories and if he wants to hear it she will say it, she loves him.
Shiv is crying. Sid and everyone are happy hearing this and Sid jumps as his plan worked.
Roshni and Sid get on the podium and Sid tells Shiv to say he loves DD too. Sid happily taunts DD and she smilingly hits him with a paper roll.
DD asks Shiv if he did not think about her even once, before taking the nuptial rounds and asks if he was really going to marry Jigna?
Shiv says they were not going to do it and he felt like he has lost his life. Jigna says the marriage was fake as Sid promised her a role (heroine) in a movie if she acted well.
Sid continues taunting. He asks Shiv if he has forgotten his friend-like Son-in-law after getting back his Wife?
Roshni reminds her Parents that they are divorced. DD says the papers haven’t been validated.
She burns them and Sid and everyone clap in happiness.
DD tells the Priest to complete their marriage as per rituals and sits next to Shiv.
The Priest starts their Marriage. Simran sees Misha trying to speak to Roshni and she ignores her. Simran gets happy thinking her plan is working.
The Priest completes the Marriage.
DD and Shiv get remarried, to everyone’s delight.

Sid looks at Roshni and thinks to herself that DD was right in saying relationships don’t break just because of a piece of paper.
Misha goes to Roshni, but Roshni says she doesn’t want to talk to her.
Simran sees them and wonders what could have gone wrong between them?
Roshni goes to her bedroom and Misha follows her. Roshni tells Misha that she cannot hide the truth.
Simran enters the room and asks what’s going on!
Misha tells her to leave.
Simran says she wants to know what they are keeping from her!
Roshni says Simran has been the one hiding things and she now knows that Simran gave DD back her house and she will tell everyone the truth!
Simran asks if she knows how DD would feel if she knows she got her property back in exchange of her daughter’s divorce? Roshni is shocked to hear her revelations and shatters.
Simran is surprised that Roshni didn’t know that part of the story.
Roshni in tears says Sid suffered so much and he’s still smiling and getting her Mom and Dad remarried. She asks how Sid could love her so much to do all that and he also brought her Parents back together.
Everyone in the living room is dancing at the party.

DD comes to Roshni’s room and asks her what’s wrong? Roshni says she wants to tell her something.
Sid who is happily dancing outside does not find Roshni and comes in.
He enters the room and tells DD everyone is waiting for her at the party. DD says Roshni has something to tell her.
Sid sees Roshni crying and sees the look on his Mother’s face.
Sid interferes and tells DD that Roshni is emotional regarding her Parent’s reunity, and asks her not to worry as he will bring her out. He tells DD that Roshni would talk to her later.
Misha escorts DD out.
Sid asks his Mum what is wrong and she says it’s about his divorce. Sid is shocked and Simran silently slips from there. Sid consoles Roshni and tells it was their life and he did not want to ruin other’s life because of them, so he divorced her.
Roshni asks why he would sacrifice their Marriage so that her Mother could get everything back without considering her own feelings?
She says she has to tell everyone the truth!
Sid begs her not to tell anyone because DD won’t be able to deal with the fact that she didn’t actually win her things back.
He tells her to just see how happy DD is now and not ruin it.
He says he only fulfilled his obligation as a Son-in-law and something died inside him when he divorced her but they are still together because their love is special.
They are both in tears.
He takes her out to see everyone celebrating and says it is happening because they sacrifice their love.

He tells her he wants to go and dance.
He leaves her and joins the others in dancing.
Roshni asks herself how Sid could do so much for others? She thinks Sid is very strong and only he can bear all this. She soon joins him and they all dance.
Sid sees Misha on the outdoor balcony taking a Phone call.
He asks if she’s okay and she says everything is fine.
He looks like he doesn’t believe her.
Back at the Khuranas, the family is gathered in the living room.
Sid’s Grandmother says she has just one wish, and that’s for Roshni to return.
Sid gets a call from Roshni sounding flustered and asking him to come over to a particular spot. He tells the family that he has to rush out now! Misha says she will accompany him, but he says he will call her if needed and rushes out of the house.
Raj tells his Mother that whenever happiness is about to enter their house, so does problem starts.
Misha thinks what could have made Sid rush out? She steps aside to make a Phone call and asks the person why he’s taking so long!
Yash and Sam are home with the kids.
The girl asks Yash if they can go out?
Yash asks Sam who says she’s not going. Yash tells the kids to go and get ready. He asks Sam why she doesn’t want to come?
She says the kids don’t want her to come.
Yash says in that case, just the 2 of them would go.

Sam asks what he would tell the kids?
Yash says he would probably take them to lunch.
She hugs him and the kids watch from the doorway, furious!
Sid gets to a warehouse, calling for Roshni!
He dials her Phone number and her phone rings from a table.
He picks her phone up and sees a note on the table.
The note reads that if he wants to see Roshni, then he should come in and switch on the lights!
Sam is getting ready for her dinner date. The Children peep from behind the door. The girl goes in coughing and asks Sam to get her water. Sam asks her to take it from the Servant. Thd Kid insists, and Sam leaves the room to get the water and when she gets back, she sees her clothes have been cut up and thrown all over the room.
She yells for them and Yash enters the room.
She shows him the clothes and tells him the kids did it!
Yash calls them and asks how they could do such a thing!
He tells them they won’t go anywhere, and that will be their purnishment!
He leaves with Sam, and the kids talk about how much they hate Sam and they won’t forgive her for making their Uncle (Yash) scold them!

Sid sees a wire and it leads him to the light switch. He turns it on and sees a huge ‘I love you’ sign displayed on the wall. He hears Roshni’s voice and calls for her. He asks her to come out. She shows the slides of their first meeting, their romance, and so on.
She tells him he fight so many obstacles for her, and he has even taught her that when one eats sweet things, they have only good thoughts.
Pictures of him and Roshni are projected on the wall.
He turns around and there is another light displayed with the words ‘Will you marry me?’
Sid says yes.
Roshni holds him from behind and says she just wants to be with him. Mai tenu samjhawaki… song… plays in the background.
They hold on to each other.

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