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Sid gets a Phone call from Roshni informing him that they have come to take Aisha away. He calls his dad to let him know he has to hurry back to the house and won’t be able to make it to the Office. Roshni asks DD why the Couple has come? DD says they want to adopt Aisha. She calls for Aisha. Aisha says she doesn’t want to go. DD tells the help to get Aisha’s luggage! Roshni says they didn’t plan to send Aisha away so soon. Her GrandAunt tells her Aisha would have to leave eventually. She grabs Aisha by the hand but Aisha runs under the dinning table and begs not to be sent away.

DD tells the help to bring her out! The help bring her out and she runs to cling to Roshni. Roshni cries. DD tells Roshni that she can always visit Aisha at the home of the Sharmas. The Sharmas take Aisha away even as she kicks and screams. Roshni looks on in tears. DD tells her to calm down. Aisha runs back to cling to Roshni, saying she doesn’t want to go. DD tells Roshni to stop. Roshni begs DD to give Aisha more time. DD takes Aisha away from Roshni and gives her to the Sharmas who take her away.

Roshni is in her room, looking at a photo of Aisha and crying. Sid returns home and says he doesn’t believe Roshni let Aisha go! He asks if she was so eager to get rid of her that she separated herself from her the first chance she got! DD and the rest of the family enter the room. DD tells Sid not to interfere! Sid tells her not to interfere when he’s taking to his wife because this is between him and his family!

He asks Roshni for Mr Sharma’s number? He calls and asks to speak with Aisha.
He is shocked at the response he gets. He asks how they could let that happen? DD asks what happened? Sid says it’s good news for DD because Aisha has run away from the Sharmas’ house!
Everyone is shocked.

Sid tells DD that the Man has no clue why she ran away and they are not even bothered. He says Mr. Kapoor is sitting peacefully as Aisha is not his daughter.
He tells Roshni that she chose an excellent family for Aisha!
He says he lost a Child once and not again; he will look for Aisha and bring his daughter home.

DD gets angry and tries to talk but he tells her it’s enough as he doesn’t have time to pretend he respects her anymore so he will go out and make sure he brings Aisha back!

Roshni runs after Sid, apologising to him and tells that she didn’t do it intentionally and asks Sid to listen to her but he ignores her.

DD tells her to calm down.
Her GrandAunt says it’s a good thing Aisha ran away because a Street Kid won’t fit into their family! Roshni warns her GrandAunt not to talk about Aisha like that. She says Aisha is her responsibility, and she won’t be able to forgive herself if anything happens to her. She runs to Sid at the door and pleads with him. He reminds her that he told her not to let Aisha go. She tells that she didn’t betray him as she doesn’t know when DD called the Sharmas’ home.

Sid asks if she is happy now, after finding a good home for Aisha? Roshni cries.
He sees her crying and says he’s sorry. He tells that he will make everything fine. They both leave the house and get into the elevator.

Yash comes home and informs Samaira that he found the perfect person for the assistant job in his Office.
She asks who it is?
He says it’s Kritika but Sam didn’t hear him because her Phone is ringing.
She gives him a kiss and leaves the house.

Simran goes to DD to ask if she’s happy about what she did and if she even ran a background check on the Sharmas?
DD asks why she hasn’t gone to London and why she doesn’t just leave her house!
DD’s Aunt says Aisha has gone back to the Street where she belongs!

Simran feels bad about their narrow minded thinking and says I thought you are very progressive. She says she can’t believe that they who are supposed to be progressive people and are supposed to help the needy can act and say things like this.
She says Aisha is just a small Child and worries about her. She says we were staying in this house for our Sid, Roshni and our Grandson. She tells DD not to worry because they will leave her hostile home.
She asks her to be in her home with peace.
DD’s Mother begs her to stay but Simran’s mind is made up.
DD’s Mother tells DD that she is truly ashamed of her and the way she has behaved!

Sid and Roshni are back home.
Sid is on the Phone with the Police, asking if they have any news?

Roshni’s GrandAunt goes to the kitchen to ask the Maid for the food (Parathas) she asked her to make.
The Maid says she kept it on the counter here but she can’t find the food.
Roshni’s Grandmother comes and takes her Sister out of the Kitchen.
The Maid thinks of keeping the food (Parathas) on the table and wonders where did it go? She hears some noise from the kitchen shelve and opens it, just then, Roshni’s Grandmother comes and sends her away to go and set up the table. She says she will make the Parathas.

DD is in her room saying she hopes Aisha can come back so that Roshni can eat. She tries to open her bathroom but it’s locked. She calls Kesar to go and check! Her Mother and Aunt follows. They get to her room and the bathroom is wide open. DD says she is sure of what she is saying.

As they leave for their rooms, her Aunt thinks to herself that something is wrong, first Parathas went missing and then this. She goes to the Kitchen for some water. As she turns off the light, she sees a shadow. She picks up a wooden spoon and goes towards the figure. She puts her hand behind the curtains and the person bites her. She screams and the entire household gathers. She tells them that someone is behind the curtains!

Kesar picks a vase and goes towards the curtain. Roshni tells him to stop! She opens the curtain and sees Aisha. She hugs her and cries and Sid asks how she got back! Aisha says she gave a Man the address and he helped her back.
The GrandAunts are not happy to see her.

Roshni’s GrandAunt complains about her finger that was bitten!
Aisha apologises and kisses the hand. Roshni’s GrandAunt is still upset. Aisha says Roshni didn’t have anything, but she had all Parathas. Everyone smiles.

Aisha tells I love you so much to Sid and Roshni. She begs Roshni not to send her away again.
Roshni tells her not to call her Aunt again but her Mother and to call Sid her father.
Everyone gives mixed reaction. Aisha gets happy and hugs them.

At the home of the Sharmas, DD’s enemy pays a Man who says he dropped Aisha off at the house just as he was instructed to.
Mrs Sharma asks what he’s up to and asks why did they bring her here, when they had to send her back there again?
He says it’s the way he planned it and till now, DD has won the battles between them but now, it’s his turn because soon, he will make his strongest move and with time, DD and her family will end up on the Street! He laughs.

DD’s Aunt tells DD that since Aisha is back, she wants to go back home so she doesn’t have to live with her!

Sid and Roshni enter the room and Sid tells her she doesn’t have to go anywhere because he has a solution. He says he and Roshni have decided to legally adopt Aisha and they will take her to his house. He says you people don’t like her and you do not want to see her face, so they (Sid and Roshni) will take her to the Khurana’s house. He asks Roshni’s Grandmother to stay with them for sometime so that she can take care of Roshni.

Roshni tells DD that it’s the best solution because she can’t live without Aisha. She says Ayesha is the answer to her prayers. DD turns her face away. Roshni says she doesn’t want to have to choose between her Mum and her daughter, so she has to return to Sid’s home. She hugs DD and begs her to try and understand. DD has tears in her eyes but she doesn’t turn around. Roshni goes to Sid and says it’s time to leave.
They walk out.
Sid and Roshni are packing up their stuff.

Mona comes and gets emotional seeing her packing her stuff. She gives sweets to Roshni. Sid asks her to stop crying and asks when she will come? Mona says soon.

Sid’s GrandAunt enters the room and says she’s very happy to be going home.
As she leaves the room, she gives Aisha an evil look and vows to deal with her!

Roshni, Sid and his family gather in the living room and say their goodbyes. DD is nowhere to be seen.
Roshni’s Grandmother asks them to go in the Morning. Sid’s Grandmother says they had stayed enough days here.
Roshni looks for DD and says she didn’t come. She hugs her Grandmother and cries.

As they are about to leave, DD yells for them to hold on and says only she can take care of her!
She runs downstairs and asks if they think they can just leave because she disagrees with them?
She tells Sid and Roshni that they can go ahead and adopt Aisha.

Roshni gives her a hug.
DD says she and Aisha need time to get to know one another to make relations with her, so they can’t leave the house.
Sid agrees.

Aisha calls DD her Granny and runs to her, saying she has made her mummy happy and she loves her so much.
DD is uncomfortable and asks her to go to Roshni. She (DD) turns to the Khuranas and apologises to them, asking for a chance to mend her ways and to have dinner later.
Simran says they have to go. DD says they should go after breakfast in the Morning.
Raj begs DD to speak in her regular voice and not apologise to them.

DD, in a stern voice, tells them to take their bags to the room!
Raj says this is her style. They all laugh.
Roshni gives her Mum a hug. Everyone takes their bags inside. Roshni takes Aisha inside.
DD looks on.

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