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Nisha says get out of here. Jia says Nisha must have done something inspector, Nisha says truth has come out and you cant bear it, Jia strangles her. Inspector grabs Jia and says enough of your drama, Jia says Arjun please listen to me, come with me once to Kaki and Chinni.

Inspector drags her away, Arjun asks her to get lost. Inspector says we dont have law about last births, Nisha says just forget it, inspector leaves. Arjun holds his head, Nisha hugs him and says you insulted Jia so nicely. Nisha asks Priya to take Arjun, he needs rest, Priya takes Arjun from there.
Outside Nisha’s house, inspector warns Jia for wasting their time and leaves. Jia says dont know what Nisha have done with Arjun. Nisha comes there and claps.

Nisha says you tried to make Arjun against me but it happened with you, you cant expect anything. Nisha says to Jia that I have got Adi in Arjun after years, before I send you away, I suggest you to leave, if you bring past in present then you will bring troubles for yourself, Kaki and Chinni. Jia says I am not scared of your threats, you are scared of facing your sins but you will get punished and I will do it.

Nisha folds hands and says please Jia leave otherwise I can kick you out. Jia glares at her. Nisha says to Priya that your salary is double for what you have done, we have to keep Arjun in our control, she thinks that I have Adi after much struggle. Jia is walking on road and recalls how Arjun blamed her and called her killer, Jia thinks I am not weak, I used to hate Arjun, he cheated and did mistakes, he got his memory back but he got involved with Nisha and blamed me?

he is nothing to me in this birth,we dont have relation now why I am hurt with his words? why I didnt answer him back? Jia says Arjun is stranger to me, I wont let him get to me and hurt me. Nisha gets ready and says Samar was right, he gave me new life, he couldnt get Jhanvi but he returned my Adi in form of Arjun, just one work and all my problems will be solved. She smirks.

Nisha blindfolds Arjun and brings him to a room, its decorated with flowers and candles, she says surprise. Arjun smiles and says nobody did all this for me, Nisha says we are starting a new life so I wanted to surpise you, she asks him to cut cake, he does, they both feed each other cake. Nisha makes sad face.

Arjun asks what happened? Niahs hugs him and says I cant believe you are with me, Arjun smiles and says I am so happy that you are with me again. Nisha says I am scared, that girl Jia, what if she provokes you? I dont want to lose you. Arjun says I want to lose.. get lost in your eyes, dont say her name, you showed me her real face, you are my present and future, I am yours.

Nisha smiles and says there is one problem, that girl Jia is provoking Baba, Baba is ill and listens to her, he thinks she is Jhanvi. Arjun says what? Nisha says if this goes on then he will separate us from property, Baba is ill what if anything happens to him? Arjun says dont worry. Nisha says if anything happens to Baba then you should get property as his son. Arjun says all your troubles are mine,I will handle everything, dont worry. Nisha hugs him and thanks.

Arjun asks where is Baba? Nisha smirks. Arjun shaves Baba’s long beard and unkempt hair. Arjun asks him to take bath and get ready. Baba comes out of shower all clean and prim. Arjun says you are looking handsome, did you take medicine? he makes him sit down and gives him medicine, Baba takes it. Nisha stands on door and sees all that. Arjun says to Baba that I know you had to bear troubles after I left, you missed me but now I am back, I am promising to make everything alright.

Baba recalls how Adi used to take care of him. Baba takes his hand away from Arjun and asks who are you? Arjun says me.. Adi.. your son.. Baba says no you cant be my Adi, Arjun says I am your son, you gave me upbringing.

Baba says no I cant forget my Adi, my Adi can never forget his family, he used to keep his family together, where is my family? where? I know my family is alive, Kaki, Adi’s daughter Chinni are in this city, where they live? Jhanvi is here too.

Arjun says I am your family too, your son, you dont recognize me? Baba says Adi’s identity was his family, he never used to separate himself from them, if you were Adi then you would have made me reunite with family, Adi used to keep his family together under one roof, you are not Adi, no you are not.

Nisha is miffed to hear it. Arjun says I am your Adi. Baba says I can never mistake in recognizing his family. Nisha says Arjun wants to bring family here but Kaki and Chinni have sworn to not enter house, think how I am living without Chinni? she is my daughter. Baba says you are most fake and liar, leave. Arjun says Baba you want me to beg my family? I will do it, I dont want them to live separately. Arjun says to Baba that I promise your family will be here, we will all live together, I promise as a son, he asks Baba to rest.

Nisha looks on stunned. Arjun leaves. Nisha smirks and thinks one Baba signs property papers then he will leave this world and I will have good life. They leave.Baba is lying in bed and recalls how Jia came to him and said she was Jhanvi, how he found her bracelet, how she said that Kaki and Chinni miss him. Jia get fresh in her room and says how can Arjun think that I killed him? how can Adi think that jhanvi can hurt him? Nisha must have planned all this.

Kaki comes and says you are crying over memories? you take tension too, there are moments of trouble but we cant lose hope,dont worry, she makes Jia sit down and massages her head, Jia says its so relaxing, Kaki says everything will be fine, God has made Adi as Arjun so he will bring Nisha’s truth out too. Arjun comes to Kaki’s house. Chinni gets excited and says see who is here.

Arjun is dressed as Adi and says Chinni you have grown up, Chinni hugs him. Kaki comes there and gets emotional seeing him dressed as Adi, he touches her feet. Kaki says I knew my Adi would come to meet his Kaki, you remember everything? he nods. Kaki says Adi used to dress like this. Arjun says I am your son Adi, I remember everything.

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