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Jia was imagining arjun being stabbed by Nisha. He come sand says what happened? She says nothing. They come to Nisha’s room. She is asleep. They look for property papers. Arjun’s sari gets stuck in dupatta. Nisha hears the noise. Nisha comes and says stop it. Whats happening here. Nisha says whats happening here? nisha says don’t look at my wife. Nisha says I am a woman. jia says you never know about even woman. She says get out. They go out.

Jia and Arjun come to their room. Jia says you had ruined the plan. He says you are with me what can go wrong. He kisses her forehead.

Bini is sleeping. SHe wakes up and says who is playing so loud music. Nisha comes out as well. Jia is cleaning the house on loud bhangra music. Nisha comes downstairs and says why are you doing all this. Bini says you ruined my sleep. Arjun goes to Nisha’s room and looks for the papers. Bini says you are so illmannered. Nisha says don’t play this loud speaker again. jia says I have to stop them here. She says statue. you can’t goo to your room. I have to clean it. She sticks the vaccum to her hhair. Nisha screams. Arjun looks for papers. Nisha is screaming my hair. Bini turns off vaccuum. Nisha runs upstairs. Arjun is looking for property papers. He hides and runs when nisha cleans her hair.

Nisha gives Arjun money and says your work’s money. Enough you can’t stay here anymore. you have done so many mistakes. Jia says we have to tell Bini that Nisha is wrong. He says I know how to do it.
At night, Jia and Arjun are cleaning Bini’s room. Nisha says what are you two doing here. Bini comes and coughs. Arjun says are you okay? Nisha gets a call and goes. Jia and arjun give her meds. Arjun says what kind of mom is she. She says go from here.
Jia and Arjun take care of Bini when she is not well. She says thank you. She says why are you doing here. Go from here. I don’t need anyone,. My mom cares for me. She sees a suitcase.

Arjun puts cold clothes on Binni’s head, Binni says thank you, she opens eyes and sees them, she says what are you both doing here? leave, my mom will come to take care of me. Binni sees Arjun’s diary there and asks what is this? Arjun says I found this box when I was cleaning. Binni sees dress in box and says this is my childhood dress, she smiles and sees her doll too, she sees Arjun’s diary there. She says papa’s diary? she asks them to leave, Arjun smiles and leaves with Jia. Binni reads Adi’s diary, it talks about Adi’s birthday when his kids celebrated it with them, Binni reads about Adi’s allergy to dogs but he let dog be in house because Binni wanted it, she reads about how Adi got worried when Binni fell ill, Binni is emotional reading it.

Arjun and Jia hides and sees her reading it. Binni reads more about how Binni was miffed with Adi when Nisha was thrown out of house and then Adi had to call Nisha back even after the pain she had given to family but Nisha asked for property before coming back so Adi agreed because he wanted Binni to become fine. Binni gets angry reading it.

Binni comes to Nisha and shows Adi’s diary to her. Binni says it says that you cameback home when I was ill on condition of getting property. Nisha thinks how she got Adi’s diary? Binni says to Nisha that I fell ill but you were busy in your thing, I have no value, its clear money, property and everything else is important than your own daughter, you are with me because I have this property, I thought my mom loved me but no one loves me. Nisha thinks Adi left and put me in trouble.

Jia and Arjun hides and hears all this. Binni says you want this property? its more important than me right? so take it, I will name property to you today. Nisha looks on. Binni leaves. 1ia says what if she gives her property? Arjun says then Binni will know Nisha was after property. Nisha says to Binni that I did all this for my daughter, I had to bear pain because of you and you are saying this? I should die, when my daughter is saying all this then I should die, she puts knife on her pulse, Binni runs to her.

Nisha says I want this property but to save your future, I never wanted anything, I just wanted Adi and my daughters but I didnt get it, I thought I will get property and custody of my kids but I didnt have choice. Binni says what you mean? Nisha says you remember Jhanvi? she snatched everything from me, your father got in her trap, he left everything for her, he used to listen to her, he used to write in diary what Jhanvi wanted, he left me and then left kids too, now Jia and Arjun wants to separate you from me, I have been living alone for years but I cant now, I should die.

Binni runs to her and takes knife from her, Nisha acts like crying. Binni says I know now that Jhanvi did all that, I am so sorry for doubting you, I will never leave you alone. Arjun and Jia leaves.

Arjun comes to his room and shouts that this Nisha is destroying her daughter’s life too. Jia says Nisha is taking advantage of Binni’s innocence and asked her to leave too. Nisha comes there and asks what they are talking about? Arjun says nothing. Nisha says make food and serve me, she leaves.

In morning, Arjun and Jia are cooking, Jia says we have to leave today, Arjun says I want to kill Nisha. Jia says we will try to do something before we leave. Nisha asks for drink. Jia brings it to her. Nisha orders ice too, Jia puts it near current wire, Nisha h;olds ice box and gets current. Nisha how I got current? she touches ice box again and gets current, she faints. Arjun have connected ice box with current, he smirks, Jia asks him to take her, they lift her and takes her from there. Arjun and Jia makes Nisha lie on bed. Jia says lets search for property papers.

Jia and arjun give Bini meds. She says what are you two doing here. Go from here my mom will come. She sees a box and says what is it? Arjun says I found it during cleaning. Bini sees her childhood dresses in the box. She smiles. It has her toys as well. Bni reads her dairy and reads it.

Adi wrote today was my best birthday my daughters made me cake and cards. Bini wants a pet in the house although I am allergic to pets but if Bini wants I will keep them in the house. She reads bini is not well. She didn’t even eat. I was so upset. Bini is in tears. Bini wants her mom. She wanted to meet Nisha. I kicked nish out because she hurt everyone in the house. But I called and begged her to come back because Bini wanted it. Nisha asked me to give her all my property and I had to.. Just because I wanted to see a smile on bini’s face.

Bini comes to Nisha and shows her the dairy. Bini says Nisha only met bini if I gave her all the property. for you this property matters more than me. Even today I was so ill but were busy in your meetings. I have no value. For you money is everything. You are with me because this property is on my name. No one loves me actually.
You want this property right? I will give you all of it.

Jia says to Arjun we have to stop her. Nisha says stop it. You are important to me. You want to accuse me of all that? I will slit my wrist because I don’t want a life like that. Bini says stop. Nisha says no I should die. I want property but for you future. To make your future secure. I only wanted Adi in life but jhanvi took him from me.

Do you remmeber she took your dad from us. Arjun says we have to stop her. Nisha says I can’t. Nisha says she took my husband and kids from me. Jia wants to do the same in this life. Bini hugs her and says I am sorry. I don’t have anyone else but you. Jhanvi did all this. I love you I am sorry.

Jia says Arjun Nisha is using her innocence. She took property papers. Nisha come sand says what are you two talking about? Jia says preparing for the festival.. Nisha says shut up and make me food. Nisha and Jia give Nisha food. A wire falls on the pan. Nisha touches it and gets a shock. Arjun comes and says I did it. SHe faints. Jia and Arjun take her to her room.

Nisha hits a knife towards Jhanvi. Nisha says Bini come downstairs. Bini says mom help me. Nisha says I will kill you both in a moment. Bini comes downstairs.
Nisha points gun at Jia. Arjun says please let her go I will what you as. Nisha says I will ake you do anything. this game is fun.

Arjun says don’t you even care about Bini? She says no I don’t. Nisha says yes I don’t care about bini at all. I have nothing to do with her. bini listens. she hides behind pillar.
Nisha says she is here because I will get my property and money through her. Once she gives me money no one matters to me. This is all drama. I am doing this mothercare drama.

This Jia she took all my family from me in last life. Jia says I feel pity for you. You have no shame. You can never love anyone. Not even your kids. Your killed babasa and chini. I have my whoole family and you are alone. Nihsa says they had to die. I will write new history today. I killed you both before and now I will kill you again.

Arjun says leave Jia Arjun. she says I have no regrets of killing Chini, babasa, adi or jhanvi. I killed them all. And now I will kill you two. Jia says do you have any shame you killed your family members for this property and and now you will Bini too. She says of couse. Bini overhears everything.

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