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Kaki says to Jhanvi that i need your help to save my family, Jhanvi says i understand but Nisha doesnt like me in that house and I dont want to go there and increase Adi’s problems, i hope you understand, Kaki says i understand, I have recognized Nisha now, Jhanvi is stunned, I had doubt when Nisha blamed Adi for having affair with you, then how she didnt want Adi to go for blood test, Nisha trapping you for having affair with Nisha, yesterday Nisha stooped so low, i can sense that Nisha is playing tricks, she is not what she looks like, Jhanvi says you are a mother and nothing can hide from you.

Kaki says how to tell this to Kaka? he is blind in Nisha’s trust, he has given ultimatum to Adi to take divorce back in 7days otherwise he would leave house, Kaki cries and says I got to know about Nisha’s antics after you came in house, you opened my eyes, you are my only hope, please save my family, Jhanvi looks at Kaki who is pleading her. Kaki says bring Nisha’s truth out, stop from hurting my family, Nisha kept making my family weak and I couldnt see it, but now I will make Adi get his respect back. Kaki says to Jhanvi’s Maa that you are a mother and you know pain of house breaking, ask your daughter to save my family, she folds her hands and asks Jhanvi to save her family, you are my last hope, please save my family. Jhanvi gets tensed hearing all this.

Baba is sadly lying on his bed. Kaka comes there and calls him to have lunch, Baba says i dont want to eat, Kaka checks his fever and says why you are not eating? Baba says i dont like this food, I like Jhanvi’s house food, i wont eat this food, he looks away from him, Kaka gets miffed and leaves. Baba says he is gone, Baba looks at Jhanvi’s bracelet, Baba says I have to remember that I am ill, everyone should feel that i am ill only then Jhanvi will come, i have to remember that I am ill.

Kids are talking to Nisha, kids say that my friend Tani got dog but her father asked her to not let him in house so we took that dog. Nisha says how can you bring him? you both have activities, who will take care of that dog? i will have to get him food and everything but I dont have time, as i have to clean many messes in this house so forget about dog, she leaves. Kids says lets talk to Jhanvi, she can help us.

Neha says to Raj that Nisha did everything to save her family, Raj says she shouldnt trap Adi like this, Nisha comes there and says i know Raj you are with you brother, Raj says if Jhanvi didnt expose everything then Adi would have broken completely, Kaki calls everyone in lounge, Nisha murmurs Jhanvi angrily.

Kaki calls everyone in lounge, all come there, Kaki says I have to say something, come inside. Jhanvi comes there, Kaki says Baba is ill and he needs person who he thinks as his own, Nisha says but.. Kaki says I havent finished, we all know that no girl is better than Jhanvi to take care of Baba so i brought Jhanvi here and i wont listen to anyone in this matter, lets go Jhanvi. Kaki glares at Nisha and leaves, Nisha angrily looks at Jhanvi, Jhanvi leaves with Kaki to Baba’s room, Nisha is tensed.

Kids are in garden and says its kids lie tragedy that nobody takes us seriously, its about someone’s life, we have to think about him now, kids take bag and goes.

Jhanvi comes to Baba and asks how is he? Baba gets happy seeing her and says i am fine, Jhanvi says i will give you medicine. Jhanvi sees cloth on camera, she says you faked your illness? you are mischievous then kids, Baba says i dont remember anything, i didnt put cloth on CCTV, Jhanvi says i didnt take camera’s name, you are fooling me. Baba laughs and says i am happy that you cameback, you are hope for my family, if you leave again then i might get seriously ill, Jhanvi gets tensed, she pulls of cloth from CCTV and goes to bring his food.
Jhanvi comes in kitchen, Nisha is there and says you cameback again Jhanvi?

Kaki brought you like a nurse for baba, your work is give him food and entertain him but dont interfere in family’s personal matters, Jhanvi tries to leave but Nisha says wow you have no answer for me, its good, Jhanvi says I dont have to prove why i am came here, I want this family happy and if anyone tries to snatch their happiness then I will not remain silent, she leaves. Nisha says you, this family and this family’s happiness can all go to hell, I just have to do something in next 7days that Adi wont divorce me then this family and Jhanvi should leave me, Adi and my kids.

Kids asks Jhanvi to come after giving food to Baba, its emergency, she nods and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to Kids room and sees them laughing, Jhanvi asks why you are laughing? Chinni says because you are laughing too, Binni says you have to help us with something, close your eyes, she does. They bring our small Pomeranian puppy, Jhanvi gets happy and says he is so cute, Papa bought this? kids get tensed, Jhanvi says Papa doesnt know about it and mama must have said no? they nod, kids asks to convince Adi to let them have puppy, they hear Adi’s car. They run to hide puppy. Adi comes in house and calls out for kids. Jhanvi puts puppy in basket and puts him under bed. Adi comes there and sees Jhanvi and kids sitting seriously there, Adi says hello and asks why they are looking so serious?

Jhanvi says we are doing meditation, breath in, breath out, kids nod, Jhanvi asks him to go and change, Adi says kids wont hug me? kids run and hugs him, Adi sneezes, he says sorry and says did anyone brought flower here? I have allergy from flowers and dogs. He sneezes again and says there is something here, Jhanvi says it must be spider. Puppy comes out of basket and goes near Adi’s foot, Jhanvi sees it and gets tensed, she pushes Adi away before he could see puppy and asks him to go and change, Adi is surprised and asks her why she is behaving like this?

Jhanvi says nothing, you just go from here, Jhanvi tries to push him away but slips, Jhanvi grabs Adi’s shirt to balance herself and his shirt’s button tears down, Adi is shocked to see his shirt’s button torn, Jhanvi leaves his shirt, Adi sneezes again and says only you can do this with my shirt, you are acting like kid with kids, there is something there, she says nothing, Adi looks down and sees dog there, he screams and says who brought doggy here? shoo shoo, Chinni says Binni brought it, Binni says Jhanvi brought it, Jhanvi says kids brought it, let him be here, he will be entertainment for kids, Adi says I have allergy, Chinni says I will bring medicines, be good girl, will brush teeth five times a day, Jhanvi repeats that i will bring medicines, be good girl, will brush teeth five times a day, Chinni asks Adi to agree, i will give you my chocolates, Jhanvi says please agree i will give you my chocolates too, Adi says no no, Chinni says please agree, i will give you big kiss, Jhanvi says please agree, says please agree, i will give you big kiss too, she realizes what she repeated, she is stunned, Adi looks at her in shock, kids snicker, Jhanvi says sorry, where is Jimmy?

Adi says who named dog jimmy? it was my nickname, Jhanvi says your name was Jimmy? he says yes baba gave me, Jhanvi snickers and says i will go and look for Jimmy, she sings Jimmy, Jimmy aja aja aja, kids sing with her and goes to search dog, Adi laughs hearing all this and shakes his head

Jhanvi says to Adi that you should do something that your kids see you as hero. They hear screams, Baba says Adi Jimmy fell in ditch. Adi and Jhanvi comes there, kids says Jimmy fell in water ditch, save him please, Adi looks on, Adi ask kids to not cry, nothing will happen. Adi jumps in tunnel of ditch, Jhanvi and Baba asks him to be careful. Jhanvi asks kids to not worry, Adi will bring Jimmy.

Nisha meets Mrs. Rathore, she asks her to help her, Mrs. Rathore says I wont go anything that is against my God’s will. Nisha says you do good work for welfare of others, I have brought money for you that will help poor, you are just doing this for their good, i am not forcing you, i will leave money here, you think and take your decision, she leaves, Mrs. Rathore looks on.

Adi brings Jimmy out of ditch. Kids get happy and thanks Adi. Adi is dirty. Baba thanks him. Jhanvi says to Adi that you were scared but still saved that dog for kids. Adi says i can bear my fear but cant bear tears in my kids eyes, Jimmy is important to kids so protecting him was important for me. Nisha comes there and sees them talking. Nisha comes to Adi and asks why you are dirty? after hanging out with middle class people, you forgot your basic hygiene? Adi says Jimmy fell in manhole, Nisha says i told you this dog is added responsibility, he will be problem for us, Adi says i dont need your opinion, stay out of this, Jhanvi leaves, Adi glares Nisha and leaves.

Kaki gives sacred thread to Neha. Nisha comes there and says i went to mandir to pray for Neha that her bad dreams stop coming, she gives parsad to Neha. Kaki goes to kitchen. Nisha comes in kitchen and says i know you are upset with me, i disappointed you but i have owned you people as my own and whatever i could i do for you people, i did, i am worried for Neha having bad thoughts, i was thinking to have peace pooja in house, we will lose negative vibe in house, and Neha will be calmed down. Neha says to Kaki that she is right, we should call Mrs. Rathore in house, i dont feel like going out, Kaki says fine, i will call everyone, she leaves. Nisha thanks Neha and says you still trust me, thank you, Neha hugs her and says i know you are really good at heart, Nisha asks her to take rest, she nods and leaves.

Adi comes to kids room, Jimmy is there. Kids have drawn superman and says its our papa, Chinni asks he doesnt like Jimmy then why he saved him? Adi says you like him and my happiness is your happiness, papa wants you to be happy always. Kids play with him, Chinni says lets take selfie, they capture selfies with kids hugging Adi.

Jhanvi comes to her home, she sees Survi meeting someone behind house, she sees man’s silhouette, she says whom Survi is meeting at night? Jhanvi comes closer and sees Survi talking to their father, she says you? Survi panics, and says actually.. Jhanvi says enough, Jhanvi drags Survi and brings her in house, she says this is man whom you couldnt handle, and now you are meeting him secretly? Survi says I cant even meet my father without your permission, Jhanvi says you are meeting wrong person and i wont allow it. Father comes there and says its not Survi’s fault, please listen to me, i have lost my job and i dont have anything, i have right to ask for help from my kids, Jhanvi says what help? when we needed you, you left us and now you want our help? Survi says you dont need to bring pas Jhanvi, he is our father and has right to ask help from us, Jhanvi says i dont want to see your face father, father says dont see it, just help me, i started my business but i have lost everything, i cant even buy simple things, Survi says papa you leave, nobody is going to listen to you in this house and i cant see you insulted.

Jhanvi says stop it Survi, you have said enough and father you leave. Maa comes there, she glares at father. Jhanvi brings cheque, she says you have done wrong with us but i am mama’s daughter and i cant do wrong with anyone, i dont want your other family to suffer, take this cheque and dont come here again, please take it. Father takes cheque, Jhanvi asks him to leave. Father looks at Maa, she looks away, father leaves, Survi angrily goes to her room. Jhanvi comes to Maa, Maa says i cant believe that he is in such bad condition, Jhanvi says dont worry, our past can try to break us but we will not get weak, but Survi.. what has happened to her? Maa cries and leaves.

Jhanvi thinks one side is Adi who can do anything for his kids’ happiness and otherside is my father who can do anything for his selfish gain, even today he came here for his selfish need.

Jhanvi is sadly sitting in her room, Survi comes there and says we should have dinner, Jhanvi says i am not hungry, Survi says dont be angry on food, Jhanvi says dont worry about me, Survi says fine if you dont want to eat then i will not eat too, Jhanvi says why? you have started taking your decision so take this one too, Survi leaves. Adi calls Jhanvi, Adi says to Jhanvi that you made me hero infront of my kids, you made me realize that kids look up to their fathers and they learn from fathers, fathers cant become weak, Jhanvi says i didnt do anything, what you did need guts to do, you did everything for your kids happiness otherwise some people are so selfish. Adi asks what is it that is bothering her? Jhanvi says nothing, Adi says you are lying, tell me. Jhanvi says i am worried about Survi, actually i love her and there is no limit, we do everything for them, you are a great father, you dont need motivation for anything, Adi says i know you will solve your problems but if you need me anytime then please tell me, Jhanvi smiles and says thank you Sir, Adi says thank you Jhanvi ma’am, Jhanvi says i mean thank you Adi, he smiles and says Thank you Jhanvi, good night, they smile and end call.

In morning, Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house with pooja things, She strikes with Adi and says i am sorry, he says you cant walk without falling, Jhanvi says no, i shopped for all pooja things then i forgot few things then i had to go back.. Adi says you can just say that you need help, Jhanvi says no i am strong girl, she tries to take things she dropped but Adi says strong girl let me help you, he brings shopping bags in house. Jhanvi takes it from him, Kaki says Jhanvi you didnt have to take stress for all this, Jhanvi says there is no stress in helping elders, Kaki asks her to start preparing for pooja, i will bring Parsad, she leaves.

Jhanvi takes God’s idol but Nisha takes it from her hands and starts decorating it, Jhanvi says i hope you accepted you family with this much happiness as much as you are showing while decorating this idol, Nisha glares at her.

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