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Adi says to Nisha that everything be like before, please bring my mother back, Nisha says I promise Adi, jsut give me little time, she leaves. Adi is angry.

Jhanvi meets movie character of Sri-devi. Jhanvi shows her gifts and says this is for man and kids who arent mine, he is married to woman who wants to destroy him and his family, Sri-devi asks if her mother is with her? Jhanvi says yes she fully support me, Sri-Devi says if your mother is with you then you will achieve everything, mother knows everything and she will guide you always, Jhanvi thanks her and leaves. Sri-Devi promotes her movie.

Jhanvi comes home. She makes Adi’s mother eat food and drink soup, mother blesses her, Jhanvi makes her drink water, Jhanvi’s maa smile. Jhanvi asks Adi’s mother to lie down on bed, she tucks her in bed. Maa says Jhanvi you cant see anyone in trouble, Jhanvi says I dont know about others but I cant see her in pain, I feel like I know her from before but how to find out who she is and where she lives, her family must be worried for her but we cant leave her alone in this state, she is ill and scared, where will she go? door bell rings.

Jhanvi opens door and finds Nisha and Kaki there. Kaki comes in Jhanvi’s house, she says we were in mandir nearby and got drenched in rain, Jhanvi asks her to go in room and get dry, I will give you Maa’s clothes, Maa goes to make tea, Survi ask them to get fresh. Kaki takes towel, Nisha asks Kaki to go in washroom, I am in lounge. Kaki comes in room to go to bathroom and sees woman (Adi’s mother) sleeping on bed, Adi’s mother has back towards Kaki and Kaki doesnt see her face and goes to washroom.

Nisha says to Jhanvi that dont think you are doing favor on me, I came here because of Kaki, Jhanvi says I dont care about your presence, Nisha says me either, Jhanvi says but I know how to respect elders. Nisha huffs. Kaki leaves room without seeing her. Kaki comes in lounge and asks Nisha to get fresh, she says I am fine, Kaki says Adi have given you chance so try to be nice. Nisha rolls her eyes and goes to room.

Nisha doesnt see Adi’s mother on bed, she dries her hair, Adi calls her, she says I am coming, she ends call and leaves room without seeing mother. Nisha comes to Kaki and says kids are crying without me, I have to leave, Kaki says lets go. Kaki and Nisha starts leaving Jhanvi’s house. Adi’s mother wakes up, she stands in room and looks around. Nisha has back towards her and doesnt see her. Kaki says to Nisha that Jhanvi’s family have helped us a lot so thank you is due, dont you think? Nisha rolls her eyes…

Nisha is about to turn but Maa comes infront of her, Nisha thanks Jhanvi and Maa and leaves. Maa sees Adi’s mother coming out of room. Jhanvi goes to her and asks if she is fine? lets go inside. She takes her in room.

Baba says to Adi that I gave you photo of your mother, give it to me, I have to keep it in sharad, Adi says sharad will not happen, Baba says I told you sharad will have to happen, I dont want problems for you, Baba says I am worried about your talk, she was your mother.

Jhanvi says why are you not letting it happen? Adi says sharad happens for people who are dead but my mother is not dead, she is alive, all are shocked. Nisha gets tensed. Adi says I mean to say that Maa is alive in my heart and will remain alive for life, whats the need to do sharad? Baba says its our duty and we dont need your permission for that, I might be ill but doesnt mean I need your permission, he coughs, Adi gets worried, Jhanvi says to Adi that if Baba wants to do sharad then whats the problem? I will help in this sharad.

Adi says who are you to involve in my family matters? this is my house and about my mother so dont interfere. Baba says this is not only about your mother but about my wife too, dont you dare talk to Jhanvi like that, you cant stop me from doing sharad, it will happen for sure and Jhanvi is going to help me, those who want to hide behind their wives can do it but dont lecture me, enough. He leaves, Adi sadly looks at Jhanvi, she leaves too. Adi looks at Nisha, he says come with me, he takes her away. Kaki and Kaka are tensed.

Adi brings Nisha outside and says take me to my mother, I want to meet her right now, Nisha says we cant right now, Adi asks why? dont you have her? maybe you are lying, I want to meet my mother right now, I destroyed everything for this so I want to meet her, Nisha says give me time till 3PM and I will make you meet her, I promise, Adi nods and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to Adi, he starts to leave but she holds his arm, Jhanvi says I accept that you want to give another chance to Nisha but you cant forget your duty as son, all know how much you love baba then how can you deny sharad?Adi says I dont want to answer you, Jhanvi says I can read your face and the storm behind it, there can be two reasons behind all this, one that you dont care about Baba and his feelings anymore or second thing is that your mother is still alive, Adi is stunned, he composes himself and says why dont you leave me alone? stop interfering in my life, stop assuming, I am asking you last to not interfere in my problems.

Jhanvi says atleast you accepted that you are in trouble, why dont you trust me? I want to help you so share with me, Adi says excuse me, he leaves. Jhanvi thinks why I feel that there is link with Adi’s mother that I am not seeing.

Jhanvi comes to Kaki and asks how Adi’s mother died? Kaki says she was very health, she was going to mandir one day and had a bad accident, car burned and she did too, Jhanvi asks if her face burned too? Kaki says why you are asking this? we had to take so much time to recover from that tragedy, I understand that Adi doesnt want to do sharad, there has to be some reason behind it, she leaves.

Survi calls Jhanvi and says aunty’s health is going ill, Jhanvi says I will come to Bandra and then we will take her to doctor, Survi says okay and ends call.

Jhanvi is on Bandra street waiting for Survi and Adi’s mother. Adi is on street and calls Nisha, he says I am reaching the street, its going to be 3PM soon and I want to meet my mother, dont play smart this time, he ends call. Adi’s car stop beside Survi’s rickshaw, Adi’s mother sees Adi and tries to recognize him. Adi doesnt see her but see Jhanvi’s scooty coming there. He says what she is doing here? I have to leave otherwise she will ask questions, he leaves. Jhanvi comes to Survi’s rickshaw.

Survi leaves aunty in rickshaw, she comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi gives her scooty and goes to rickshaw, she takes Adi’s mother to clinic.

Baba says to God that how can Adi do this with his mother? give him strength. He cries and coughs. He gets ill.

Baba calls Jhanvi and tells her about being ill. Jhanvi says oh God, I am coming soon, she ends call. Jhanvi brings Adi’s mother to clinic.

Jhanvi brings Adi’s mother outside Adi’s house. Baba is in his room but feels something. Adi’s mother start going towards house, she looks around. Jhanvi opens house door, Adi’s mother stop at door.

Adi meets Nisha on street and asks where is my mother? Nisha says just wait for sometime, Adi says I knew you dont have her, I will not spare you now. Nisha says no she is coming,she is in that car. She shows him a car in which an old woman is sitting, Nisha says see your mom is fine, are you satisfied now?

Jhanvi brings Adi’s mother in house, Chinni says Nisha and Adi have left house. Jhanvi makes mother sit in lounge, there is no one around. Jhanvi says I am coming, she leaves her there. Chinni is playing there. She sees Adi’s mother there and says I have seen her somewhere but where? she shrugs and leaves. Adi’s mother sees Adi and Raj’s photo but cant recognize them.

Adi smiles at Nisha. Adi pulls away from Nisha and starts running behind car, Nisha shouts no Adi no.. Adi tries to catch the car but car drives away.

Adi comes to Nisha and says I wanted to meet her, Nisha says you saw her, Adi says I didnt see her face, what is the proof that she was my mother only? Nisha says it was your mother, you saw her, cant you even remember you mother? she was your mother, Adi looks on.

Jhanvi bring Adi’s mother at Adi’s house. Neha comes in lounge and asks who is she? Jhanvi says she is with me, she is a guest and came here with me, Neha says okay no problem, she leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi’s mother that you stay here, I am coming, she goes to Baba’s room.

Adi’s mother is standing in Adi’s home lounge, Baba comes behind her and says you have come with Jhanvi right? she turns and falls down, Baba holds her and says be careful, he is shocked to see that its his wife. Baba says how are you here? he cant believe it. Baba says to her his wife that I will comeback in a bit, just stay here, he leaves her in lounge

Baba comes to his room and forgets everything, he says what did I want from here? I wanted to get something from here but what?

Adi’s mother is walking in lounge and recalls hazy memory of her baby Adi running around in house singing poems. She tries to recall everything. She keeps going in house. Nobody in in lounge, she looks at dining table.

Chinni comes to Nisha and says play with me. Adi’s mother passesby Nisha’s room but Nisha doesnt see her.

Baba sees his wife Asha’s photo in his room and recalls how he met her in lounge.

Jhanvi comes in lounge and says to Adi’s mother that lets go, she starts leaving. Baba comes there and stops Jhanvi. Adi’s mother is already outside door. Nisha comes in lounge too. They dont see Adi’s mother as she is outside. Jhanvi asks baba what he wanted to ask? Baba sees Nisha and says I forgot what I wanted to say, he shows her Asha’s photo and says I need it enlarged for sharad, Adi is not ready so can you do it?

Jhanvi takes it from him but frame falls from her hand before she can see photo. baba takes it and says I will wrap it in bag, he takes photo and leaves, he brings bag, puts photo in bag and gives it to her, Jhanvi asks him to take care. Jhanvi brings Adi’s mother to her home, she gives her photo to make photo frame without even seeing it and getting to know that she is Adi’s mother. She gives medicine to Adi’s mother.

All family members of Adi’s family are in lounge. Baba comes there. Baba says to Adi that I am so happy today, you know who came here today? Adi asks who? Baba says your mother, Asha came here, all are shocked and confused, Adi looks on. Nisha glares at him. Adi says what are you saying? Baba says yes she came here to her husband and son’s house, Nisha thinks she here? how can it be? who brought her? Adi says what are you saying baba? Baba says I didnt believe it too.

Kaka says you might have seen someone else, Baba says I am saying it was asha, Adi’s mother, Baba says she was standing exactly here in lounge, she was wearing old shawl, bring a new shawl for her, Adi asks if he saw her face? Baba says what are you saying she is my wife, wont I recognize her face?

Kaki says he is ill thats why saying all this, Baba says no she really came here, Kaka says Adi dont question him he is ill, Baba says I remember everything, she was here, it was Asha, bring her back, Adi says I trust you, calm down, Baba goes hysteric and says fine her.. please find her.. Adi takes him to his room. Kaka sadly sits in lounge, Kaki says Baba is worried about her sharad thats why saying all this, Nisha looks on.

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