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The wedding starts.jia comes downstairs as bride. Bini comes too. Bini sits next to Akash and Jia sits next to Arjun. Kaki ties Arjun and Jia’s knot. Nisha texts someone. Arjun says to Nisha go and tie Bini’s knot leave this phone this time at least. She ties this knot. She says in heart I have to stop this. She burns the cloth a bit. Bini coughs due to smoke. Nisha says what happened.

Nisha says someone bring water. Bini faints. Arjun takes her to room. Akash checks bini. She gets up.. Nisha says she is weak. She can’t get married today. Arjun says in heart we can’t let nisha win. Arjun says when bini feels better in a while we will get married. kaki says no you two should get married. Guests are waiting. Arjun says Akash bring Bini as well.

Arjun’s mom and his wife are on their way. They arrive outside. Arjun is about to make Jia wear garland. Jia makes him wear garland too. Akash says to Bini I will always be with you. They make cute promises to each other. Arjun’s mom calls Akash.

Arjun and Jia stand for pheray. She says tell us the right way. Akash gives a wrong address. Driver says the address given to me was this. Nisha gave him that address.

Mai comes in and says stop.. Everyone is dazed. Jia says Arjun who is she? why is she looking at you like that? She says I am Arjun’s mother. Arjun touches her feet and she slaps him. She says I couldn’t bring you both up right. Everyone is dazed. She says what did I send you for Akash and what did you? Both of my sons are useless. Everyone is shocked.

Bini says you both are brothers? She opens Arjun’s knot. Jia says what are you doing. She burns it. She says you are already married. How can you marry you again. You ran away from your wedding after doing half of the rituals. Jia is shocked.

She says this is my son’s wife. She married him two years ago but after three pheray he ran from the wedding. Look at her she never left our house. She stayed as his wife for two years and my son is having fun here.

Arjun says enough ma.. She says don’t you say a word. Jia says is this right? Arjun says I texted and told you everything. Jia says you never texted me. Jia says I am ashamed of you. Nisha says thank God you came. Your son only destroys life of women. Arjun realizes nisha read the text instead of Jia. Kaki ma says they really love each other please don’t separate them. She says Rano is Ajrun’s wife not this Jia. We only consider one marriage. Jia is the third woman in Arjun’s life.

Rano says to Jia I am sorry. I don’t wanna hurt you. Jia runs to her room crying. Her pallu catches fire. Arjun runs after her. He extinguishes the fire from his hands. Mai asks all guests to leave. Akash says bini listen.. she goes to her room.

Nisha comes to Bini’s room. Bini says you knew he is ajrun’s brother but you didn’t tell me. Bini syas you were so blind in love you wouldn’t have listened to me. So I had to bring his mom here. They are both fooling us. Arjun says please listen.. i tried telling you. Jia says you always lied to me. Go from here. He says please listen. Jia says get out of here.

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