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Tuesday update on Kindred hearts 25th June 

In morning, Nisha is working in kitchen, kaki is looking at her, Nisha asks what happened? she says nothing. Jhanvi comes there, she asks how is Adi? Kaki says he is not fine, he has rashes all over his body, Jhanvi says rashes happens due to allergy, there are so many illnesses, we should make him go for blood test then we will know what really happened with him. Nisha thinks then they will know. Nisha says i dont think he needs test, Adi should rest, it might be some viral, he should rest. Kaki says i think Adi might be ill because of eating mushrooms, we should take him for test.

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Nisha says he is ill, how can we take him? he cant go. Jhanvi says i can call someone to come home and take his blood sample, Nisha says what? Kaki says what happened? Adi is ill so why you are not allowing for test? Nisha says no go ahead, Kaki asks Jhanvi to call pathologist.
Jhanvi says to kaki that Adi has rashes? it means he has got fever due to allergy, we

Pathologist comes home to take Adi’s blood sample, he checks him too. Kaki says his fever is not coming down. Nisha thinks that i have to do something fast. She says i will bring ice. She leaves from there.
Nisha comes in kitchen with Adi’s blood sample and takes big knife, she looks at menacingly and says why only Adi will have blood loss? I am your loyal wife Adi, I will be by your side in everything. Nisha cuts her finger, blood drips, she winces in pain but collects her blood in test tube, she sees blood drops falling on floor too, she starts wiping it. Jhanvi passesby kitchen but doesnt see Nisha cleaning floor there.

Pathologist is leaving. Nisha stops him and says have breakfast then leave. Pathologist puts his bag on table and goes to wash his hands. Nisha opens his bag and sees Adi’s blood sample, she brings her blood sample. Jhanvi sees her from far but is not able to see clearly what she is doing, Jhanvi shrugs and goes away. Nisha takes out Adi’s blood sample from bag and is about to put her blood sample in it but Kaka comes there and asks if everything is fine?

Nisha mistakenly throws blood sample away from her hand in fear that he might see, Nisha says everything is fine, i am going to give breakfast to pathologist, Kaka asks how is Adi? she says he is fine, Kaka asks what happened to her hand? why there is blood? Nisha says i was helping in blood test so i got some blood on hand, kaka says wash your hands, he leaves. Nisha finds her blood sample on floor she mistakenly threw, she takes it and puts it in pathologist’s bag and takes Adi’s blood sample from there, she turns but is shocked to see someone standing there, Jhanvi glares at her.

Jhanvi asks what were you doing with his bag? Nisha says his bag was about to fall down so i was putting it on table, what did you think? Jhanvi says nothing. Pathologist comes there and says i have to leave, i cant have breakfast, Nisha says send blood test results by tomorrow, he nods and leaves. Neha and Kaki comes there, Neha offers parsad to Nisha, Nisha holds out her left hand to take it as she had cut finger of right hand, Kaki says we take parsad from both hands, how could you forget that tradition Nisha?

Jhanvi is seeing everything, Nisha says nothing like that, i was thinking about Adi. Nisha holds out her both hands and takes parsad. She leaves before anyone could see her cut finger. Neha gives parsad to Jhanvi too, Jhanvi looks on.

Nisha is cooking in kitchen. Jhanvi comes there and asks for Kaki’s medicine, Nisha says i will give it to her after cooking for Adi and kids. Jhanvi says if house was not divided, everything would have been fine and normal, Nisha says i agree but we have to accept this division, Adi is stubborn and wont back down and kaka is so hurt, he wont listen to anyone, what can i do? Jhanvi says we need someone who make them explain that this division of house wrong, who can make Adi and kaka listen to him. Nisha says who that can be? i feel so guilty that Adi had to do it because of me, Jhanvi says whats done is done, i know you want to set everything right, i know who can help us, its baba, Adi and kaka will listen to him, if we make him agree to help then it will be fine, Nisha nods.

Jhanvi thinks that if Nisha really wants to make everything fine then she will talk to baba, she will try to convince baba to talk to adi and Kaka but if she doesnt try to convince baba then that means she doesnt to to make things normal again and her truth will come out, she leaves. Nisha thinks that i want Adi just for myself but rightnow I have to win your trust, you too sweet Miss Jhanvi.
Jhanvi comes in garden and sees Adi sadly sitting, Adi recalls how Kaka didnt allow Adi to come to his side of house to meet Kaki.

Jhanvi comes to him and says have food, Adi says i am not hungry, Jhanvi says i brought full plate for you, have it, Adi gets angry and throws plate away, he says i wont eat.. he realizes that he yelled on her and says i am sorry, i cant bear it more, i did as you asked me, i gave Nisha everything she wanted, i divided house for her and what today happened? i couldnt even meet my Kaki, why cant you see Nisha’s truth? why cant you see that this is Nisha’s trick? Jhanvi says you are ill, you should rest, we will talk later. Jhanvi thinks that today will clear if it was useful to come here to help Nisha.

Nisha brings roses for Baba, baba gets scared seeing her, Nisha says i brought these flowers from graveyard for you, baba gets tensed. Nisha says i just want to say that you wont try to reunite Kaka and Adi, i might fall in your feet and beg you to reconcile Adi and kaka, i will cry and request you to reunite them but you will not listen to me, clear? She threatens baba, Jhanvi hides behind window and has heard everything, she is shocked and recalls how Adi told her that Nisha cant be trusted, Jhanvi thinks that so this is Nisha’s trust? she never wanted family to reunite and what i was doing? i was taking her side? she is hurt seeing all this.

Jhanvi is sitting in her room and recalls how Nisha kept playing with her. Survi asks what are you thinking? Jhanvi says am i look that dumb? that anyone can fool me? Nisha fooled me, everyone tried to warn me but i couldnt see her truth, she has cheated her family, how can someone be so selfish? she doesnt deserve that family, Adi was right, she is evil that cant change, i didnt know her earlier but now that I know, i will make her confess her games. Survi says you know Nisha, will she accept her crimes? jhanvi says Adi’s baba is going to help me to bring Nisha’s truth out, i didnt believe Adi earlier but i promised to help him, Nisha wants to break that house but i am not going to allow that even if I have to break Nisha for that.

Next morning, Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house and sees Nisha watering garden. Nihsa sees her and says glad that you came. Jhanvi says dont do drama infront of me, i have got to know about your truth, dont ask me how to reunite this family because you dont value it, you dont deserve to live with this family or any family, you should be mental asylum, you get happy while hurting others, you need mental help, i didnt listen to Maa or Adi and took your side and what you did? you are so selfish, Nisha says calm down, Jhanvi says i will bring your truth out, everyone should know that you are so evil from inside, i saw how you threatened baba, i saw how you were scaring him, i suggested you to take his help but you planned to use him, i have to accept that you plan well but you lost most important thing in life that is family, you cant see anything beside money and power but enough, i am not going to destroy this family, i am going to bring your truth out to everyone.

Nisha says listen to me once, Jhanvi says whatever you have to say, you will say infront of everyone. Jhanvi brings Nisha in house, Adi asks baba to eat, Baba says i wont eat, why dont you remove this division line? why cant you reunite this family? Baba sees Nisha there and gets tensed, he says to Adi that i cant see this family broken, either cut me in two too or remove this division line, baba coughs heavily. Flashback shows how Nisha was threatening Baba and Jhanvi heard her. Nisha starts to leave baba’s room but sees Jhanvi standing behind window and hearing how she threatened baba, Nisha thinks that Jhanvi heard everything so now I have to change plans and teach baba, flashback ends.

Nisha thinks that Jhanvi is so predictable, i had to ask baba to do this acting to fool Jhanvi. Nisha says to Jhanvi that you dont know full truth, i didnt threaten baba, my way of taking baba’s help is weird, I asked baba to help me, you dont know that baba doesnt like me, if i asked for his help directly then he wouldnt have helped me so i told him that he cant reunite this family, but he is elder of this house, he can take decisions, i provoked him to take decisions, i provoked him and challenged him that he cant talk to Adi and Kaka to reunite this family and he went against as predicted and now he is trying to rejoin this family, i said all that to get this reaction from baba, Jhanvi is confused hearing all that, Nisha smirks.

Baba yells on family to erase this division line, Adi says even i dont want this division, he says to Kaka that i dont want money or anything, you people are everything for me, forgive me, you are my elders, Kaka says you respected your elders? i can take care of baba, Adi says it was my helplessness, i am your son, kaka says sons dont break houses, Adi dont want to burden his life with us, he wanted to get free from us so we have freed him, Baba starts coughing and his breathing hitch in his throat and he starts shaking, all family members get worried, Adi leaves from there. Baba have difficulty in breaking, Kaka runs to bring baba’s medicine.

Kaka comes to Baba’s room and gets frustrated by not finding his medicine there, he asks kaki where is baba? Kaka coughs too, Kaki says why dont you agree? Adi doesnt want this division, accept it and remove this division, kaka says no. Adi comes to his room and is in pain seeing baba’s state, he throws things away, he takes picture frame of Nisha and is about to throw it away but Jhanvi comes there, Adi stops.

Kaka says to Kaki that Adi doesnt think we are his own, when he wants he can break this house then when he wants, he ask us to remove it? he is doing all this today for his baba, we are not his own, he doesnt have emotions for us.

Jhanvi comes to Adi and says this is useless, Adi says can you be clear? Jhanvi says its useless to take out anger on these useless things, bring out your anger where its useful, where it can be seen and can be understood, dont let this fire die down but use it wisely so it bring out light, use it where its needed and can be helpful, Adi looks on.

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