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Other side in Jhanvi’s house, Jhanvi is consoling her mother and Survi. Jeene ki saza plays in background.

In morning, Dharmesh says to Sharda that dont know what happened to Chandresh, he looks so scared, Sharda says we have to take care of him, he might be scared of thinking so much, we didnt even prepare for Neha’s function, how will we handle it? we should postpone function. Adi comes there and says Neha is bringing happiness in our house, we should not cancel it, i will call my interior designer to help you, Sharda says how will modern girl help me? Dharmesh says she is very mature and good girl, she is well raised girl. Adi calls Jhanvi and says we have pooja in house so can you help my aunt to arrange for it? Jhanvi says no problem, i will come to your house for arrangements before going to office, Adi thanks her and ends call. Adi says to Sharda that she will come here before coming to office, Nisha hears it and thinks now who is that girl? Jhanvi is getting ready, she says to Survi that i am going to Adi’s house for first time so i have to wear something nice, i cant wear something common, Survi says you will get late if you keep choosing clothes. Jhanvi asks Maa to give breakfast, Survi says you will get breakfast at Adi’s house, Jhanvi says i am not guest there, i am going to work, Survi says you are acting like you are going to your fiance’s house. Survi says Adi talks very less, Jhanvi says so what? person should talk less but important, he is very mature, he talks very sensibly, Maa says Adi is very mature, Jhanvi says yes, he is very nice, he treats all employees like family, Maa smirks seeing Jhanvi praising Adi.

Adi’s father is panicking, Nisha brings fruits for him, Adi’s father gets scared seeing her, she throws fruits away and says i wont go anywhere, Dharmesh asks Adi to call doctor. Adi comes to his room and calls Nisha, Nisha comes there, Adi asks what did you do with father? he looks scared and you must have done something, Nisha says i feel hurt when you talk like this, i am peace loving person and i keep to myself, why you are so obsessed with me? you keep imagining me everywhere, i am worried for father, i know you love him, there will be time when he will forget your name too, think about your daughters, father’s panic attacks can be dangerous for Chinni and Binni, he can do anything so we should send him to old aged home. Adi says how can you say all that? he is my father, i love him, stop saying nonsense, Nisha says i am thinking about my daughters, Adi says what if you become ill when you are old and your kids send you to old aged home? Nisha says i will go on world tour, i dont want to be burden on my kids, Adi says i am talking to useless person, Adi hears his father shouting and goes to him,

Nisha says God give brains to my husband. Adi’s father comes in lounge, he sees Nisha coming there and shouts i wont go anywhere, Adi tries to control him but his father yells i wont go anywhere. Jhanvi comes outside Adi’s house and says what a coincidence, i brought that uncle in same house means Adi is uncle’s relative, Jhanvi hears Chandresh shouting voices coming from inside house, Jhanvi gets call, she goes away from Adi’s house a little to attend call. In house, Adi’s father gets hysteric, he takes knife and asks family members to remain away from him, family tries to calm him down, Raj tries to approach him but Chandresh attacks him with knife, his arm bleeds, all start tending Raj’s wound without realizing Chandresh have runaway. Chandresh runs from there. He sits in car and says i wont go anywhere, he starts driving car but Jhanvi is standing infront of car, he is about to hit her, Jhanvi is stunned to see car approaching her. Chandresh turns car away from Jhanvi and hits garden furniture, car stops. Jhanvi looks on. Adi’s family comes out of house, Adi tries to calm his father down and tries to make come out of car but his father is not listening, Jhanvi sees all this and sees bracelet on garden pavement which calmed Adi’s father down earlier when she gifted him, she takes bracelet and sees Adi unable to calm his father down. She comes to Adi and says let me try, Adi looks on. Adi moves away, Jhanvi dangles bracelet infront of Adi’s father, Adi’s father calm downs and looks bracelet, he recalls how Jhanvi soothed him earlier with it too, Adi’s father looks on. Adi is surprised.

Jhanvi shows bracelet to Adi’s father which calms him down, Adi looks on. Jhanvi moves bracelet towards car lock, Adi’s opens car lock to get bracelet, Adi brings his father out, Adi asks if he is fine? he hugs his father, Adi’s father cries, Adi asks if he is hurt? he shakes his head, Adi’s father looks at Jhanvi and holds her hand, Jhanvi is surprised, Adi’s father nods her to come with him, Jhanvi smiles and starts going with him. Adi brings his father to gazebo, his father makes Jhanvi sit beside him, Adi says its okay, all family members leave. Adi asks his father what happened? Jhanvi says give him water, Adi goes to bring it. Jhanvi shows bracelet to Adi’s father, his father gets relaxed taking it, Jhanvi wipes sweat from his head, Adi comes there and sees her taking care of his father. Adi’s father says i dont want to leave, Jhanvi says nobody is sending you anywhere, you will live here with your kids, Adi’s father says promise? she says i wont do fake promise in our friendship. She makes him eat her lunch, Adi is mesmerized seeing all this. Jhanvi says to Chandresh that you have this bracelet till now? Adi thinks how Jhanvi knows about this bracelet. Adi gives water to his father, Jhanvi feeds him food, Chandresh is playing with bracelet and eating food, Jhanvi asks Chandresh to go and rest. Adi holds him, Chandresh holds Jhanvi’s hand again and starts taking her, three of them enter in house together. Adi takes his father to his room. Adi comes in lounge, Sharda says thank God Adi you are smiling after so many days, you used to be miffed, but you are smiling now because of that girl, she is really nice girl, Dharmesh says her name is Jhanvi, she is very nice girl and very mature. Nisha comes there, Sharda asks Nisha to eat something, Chandresh is good now, you have eaten anything since last night, you should take care of yourself. Nisha says i cant eat anything, i have to see father first and i will give parsad too.

Jhanvi is sitting with Chandresh in his room, Jhanvi asks if he remembers her? he says i remember this bracelet, Jhanvi says this is my younger sister’s bracelet, she is very mischievous. Nisha comes there and sees Jhanvi sitting with Chandresh, she recalls how she saved Adi’s father earlier too, Nisha hides behind window and thinks that what connection this girl have with father? i dont want her in house because then she will tell family that father came back home that because of her and not because of me. Chandresh sees Nisha standing behind window and starts panicking, Jhanvi asks what happened? he nods towards window, Jhanvi goes to see out of window but doesnt find anyone there. Jhanvi says there is no one there, you are getting scared for nothing and scared me too. Nisha comes in lounge, Sharda says i feel like i have seen that girl somewhere, Nisha says i dont know her, sometimes faces look familiar, Adi comes there and says sometimes familiar faces become unknown. Nisha says stranger should not be with father, its risky for father. Adi says she is not stranger, she works in our office, she came here to help Sharda, Nisha gives him fake smile. Jhanvi brings Adi’s father downstairs in lounge, Adi’s father looks at Nisha and gets scared, Jhanvi doesnt see Nisha as she is convincing Chandresh to come down, Nisha looks away from Jhanvi and panics, she leaves from there before Jhanvi can see her. Adi asks his father if he wants to sit in garden? he says yes. Nisha calls her mother and says its same girl who saved father earlier too, i dont want her to become friendly with this family as then she can tell she saved father earlier, she has to leave, i am sorry Jhanvi, you are sweet but i dont like honey sweet people like her. Nisha hears Neha coming to her room, she ends call. Nisha breaks her pearl necklace and spreads pearls in her room so that pregnant Neha will slip. Neha enters her room, she steps on pearls and is about to slip but Nisha catches her and shouts Neha. Raj and Shadra comes there, Nisha asks Neha to be careful, you are pregnant, dont know how these pearls came here, today is her pooja and this happened, She asks Neha if she met any stranger? did you drink something? but you were in home, who came in house today? oh yes, Jhanvi came today only in our house and this happened, i think Jhanvi is bad omen for us. Sharda says Jhanvi handled Chandresh, she is nice girl. Nisha says dont take me wrong, she can be good for one person and can have bad affect on others, Neha is my family, we should think about her, you should ask Jhanvi to leave nicely, its for Neha, Neha says Nisha is very supportive of me, whatever she thinks for me must be right. Nisha says to Sharda that think about Neha.

Adi, Jhanvi and Chandresh are in garden. Adi says to Jhanvi that i am surprised that father is comfortable with you, did you meet me earlier? Jhanvi says when there was wedding function at your home, i met Chandresh near dustbin on road, i saved him from dogs and brought him home. Adi recalls it and says it was you who saved him? you dont know what Chandresh is for me, thank you for saving his life, i will always be grateful to you, Jhanvi says its okay, Adi thanks her a lot, Adi says i am with Chandresh, you can start pooja work. Jhanvi nods, she says bye to Adi’s father and goes in house, Adi smiles at her. Sharda comes outside, Adi says she is my aunt. Jhanvi says we met earlier, remember i came to take my bracelet back? Sharda says i remember now. Sharda says to Jhanvi that i want to say the pooja we are doing should be done by family members only and we are a big family so we will handle preparations. Jhanvi nods and says that would be good, i feel Chandresh is lucky to get family like this, if you need anything then tell me, i will bring it. Sharda says you are very nice girl, thanks for doing everything for Chandresh, God bless you always. Nisha is seeing all this from balcony. Sharda leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi that i should get going now. Jhanvi starts leaving but Chandresh stops her and gives her coin, Adi smiles, Nisha is observing everything from balcony. Jhanvi thanks him, Adi says this is special coin, Chandresh gives it to people whom he thinks as his own, Jhanvi touches his feet, Chandresh blesses her and leaves, Jhanvi says bye to Adi and starts leaving, Adi smiles looking at her. Adi says to Nisha you sent her from here because you thought you will be exposed. that day too when you were dining out she saved father. Nisha says I will tell everyone so I want you to stay with me. We used to prepare for pooja in the beginning. One last time. Adi says it ends here. I am sure you are clear your dramas won’t work anymore. You have only 24 hours. After that I won’t tolerate you near my family. She says you are hurting me. I really love you. I will support you in the divorce. Your family will die though,. she giggles and says all the best. Seriously, stay. He leaves. Nisha says do whatever you want but I will decide what happens today. Adi is in office. His employees brief him. Adi says you are right. this is good for our company. But this company has traditional values. We have to rethink. He recalls Jhanvi showing him spaces. She said the CEO is like head of the family. He intercoms Jhanvi.

Jhanvi comes in. Adi says have a seat. Jhanvi says how is uncle? Adi says he is good thanks to you. I needed a favor. We are designing an ad campaign we need your ideas. She says but I never made a movie before. I just watch them though. He says I feel like you understand the values of this company. You did our interiors with heart in the same way think about the ad. She says yes I can try. He says like family values matter to you and so to me and this company. He explains her everything.

Jhanvi says can we take a tea break? He says its quite late. We will discuss more tomorrow. She says yeah I think its late. She is about to leave. The lights turn off. She says what happened to the lights. Jhanvi says let me check. She hits her foot on something. Adi comes and says are you okay? She says I am fine. Adi says I will see you off to the gate. Adi and Jhanvi walk out. She collides him. He says relax walk slowly. The door doesn’t open. Adi says this door is electronic. She says will it stay closed till the electricity is back. Adi calls technician. He says what you mean? No don’t take that long. Adi says he said its a short circuit in building. Government technicians will check them. Jhanvi says till then we will stay there? He says You have any super powers? Call your family and inform them.
Jhanvi calls survi and tells her she is locked in the office. She says adi sir is here. Survi says how romantic. Jhanvi says shut up. Survi says you have fun. I will handle mama. Jahnvi collides with a table and falls down. HE says be careful please. adi extends his hand. He extends a cloth. Jhanvi holds the cloth and stands up. The song raabta plays in background. He walks. Jhanvi follows him holding the cloth piece.

The kids are playing in the house with Adi’s father. He runs after them. He holds his heart and says what was I doing? Neha says you were playing with the kids. Adi’s father comes to kids’ room. The kids say find us gandpa. He finds both of them. They are playing. Bini throws a ball and it hits TV. The Tv is about to fall. Adi’s father tries to hold it. A paper falls in his hand. He reads them. They are the divorce papers. He recalls he heard Nisha talking about divorce and threatened him not to tell anyone. Jhanvi is crying. Adi says I am sorry. Was I rude? She says I am not crying. I am allergic to candles. I don’t cry much. She plays with the shadow of her hand. Adi looks at her. Jhanvi gets awkward. He says if you are hungry go to pantry. she says of yes I am so hungry. She goes out and hits her foot again. He says be careful. He extends the piece of cloth again. Jahnvi says why didn’ I get this idea.
She says why is everything locked? As if someone would come at night to steal. Nisha comes to the room. Adi’s father hide. When she leaves he comes out. Nisha pats on his back. He is scared.

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