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Nisha is packing her stuff, her mother asks why are you packing? Nisha says I am going to my house, my kids are waiting for me, I am wearing new saree too. Mother says their family wont allow you? Nisha says silent, you are my mother so you have to think positive things about me, Nisha says Nisha Jindal is coming back Jindal family.

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Adi says to Kaki that I dont understand how to handle kids, please help me. Jhanvi is there and hears too. Kaki asks Adi to not lose hope, Adi says dont know what Nisha told kids, they are hating me and not even looking at me, I cant bear their hatred. Baba says to Jhanvi that cant you see Adi’s condition? will you remain silent? Jhanvi says this is not right time to think that, Baba says this is right time, Adi is breaking, kids are in pain, Adi needs your love, he is lonely, he needs partner like you in life.

Adi says to Kaki that how to tell kids that their mother s selfish, I am ready to give them love of both parents but they wont accept anyone else, he leaves. Baba says to Jhanvi that see kids need you, Adi wants a life partner. Jhanvi thinks I have to find solution to pacify kids.

Nisha is looking at her phone and says why Adi is not calling me? I am sure after today’s incident, kids wont be even eating food, Adi should have called me till now to ask for help to pacify kids, why is not calling?

Jhanvi comes to kids with Adi, she says to kids that we are against Adi, we will party after Adi leaves. We will eat food and not give him, Adi wears waiter dress and tries to serve them but Jhanvi says they are in my team. Jhanvi offers food to kids and ask them to eat, Chinni and Binni takes food and starts eating. Adi looks at Jhanvi, she smiles at him. Chinni says to Jhanvi that you are older then why you are in our team? Jhanvi says I look elder but my heart is like kids, I like soft toys, ice cream and everything like you. Adi leaves.

Jhanvi says to kids that your papa is not bad, he was like you but his mother left him and he got sad, he wont eat anything then he fell ill, everyone got worried for him then he realized that everyone cares for him and how his mother told him to care for others then he promised himself to never leave food, he would be good boy, you both are good girls so promise to never boycott food, Kids promise her to never avoid food, they eat food which Jhanvi brought. Jhanvi smiles. Adi comes to kids room, kids say food is tasty, Adi smiles seeing them eating.

Adi comes in lounge, he wipes his tears. Jhanvi comes there, Adi holds her hands in his, Adi says to Jhanvi that if you were not here today then dont know what would have happened, what you did today is irreplaceable, I dont know how to thank you, my kids are everything to me, seeing them in agony me makes me want to kill myself instead of seeing their hatred, Jhanvi puts her finger on his lips to stop him from talking about his death, Jhanvi is lost in his eyes, Jhanvi makes Adi sit and feeds food to him with her hands, Ae dil hai mushkil plays.

Jhanvi imagines bringing Adi to room after lunch, she imagines making him lie on bed after helping him take off his vest, she covers him with blanket, Jhanvi’s dream burst, she sees Adi sitting and finishing his food. Jhanvi turns to leave but Adi stops her holding her hand, Adi says dont leave please, we all need you, kids need you, Baba needs you and… me too. Jhanvi looks at him, Adi says please dont leave, dont leave for the sake of our friendship, dont leave us alone. Jhanvi is mesmerized by him, Saathi re plays as they gaze at each other, Jhanvi pulls her hand away and turns to leave, she is in tears while leaving, Adi looks on sadly.

Adi is sleeping in kids room. Binni is lying on bed and recalls Nisha’s words that she cant live without them so she will die, she wakes up and sees Adi sleeping, se silently takes his phone and leaves room.

Jhanvi is searching for flats, she talks with broker. Maa says you are still trying to shift, she takes phone from her and says you cant runaway like this. Jhanvi says I have to go away from Adi otherwise I will keep solving his problems, I tried to stay away from him but when I saw his pain, I ran to him but now I am in pain, I want to get free from this pain but I cant do it alone so I have to go away from him, I have to, she cries. Maa and Survi gets worried for her.

Nisa is still waiting for Adi to call her. She sees Adi calling, she takes call and says Adi?

Binni says mama where are you? Nisha says I am at grandma’s place, papa didnt call me. Nisha says papa doesnt want maman to meet Cinni and Binni, Binni says I want to meet you, please come to me. Nisha says dont cry, we will happy. Nisha says we will play a game, she tells some plan to Binni which is muted.

Adi is sleeping in kids room, he wakes up and doesnt find Binni in room, Adi wakes family and says Binni is missing, Kaka says she must be in her room, Adi says no I was there, she is not there. Everyone goes and checks whole house. Adi looks around and says she is not in washroom too.

Jhanvi is sleeping but she wakes up and says why I am restless? I hope Adi is fine, I should call him, she says no, nothing happened, I have to stop thinking about him, its nothing, she lies on bed to sleep.
Whole family is searching for Binni. They come in lounge, Raj says guards are watching gate, Binni cant go outside. Family say Binni is not found anywhere, Adi says then where did she go at night?

Nisha enters house with women, all glare at her. Nisha comes to Adi and says these are with me from children NGO, court has stopped me from seeing my daughters but this is not fair, every kid has right to be with be kids and I feel my husband cant take care of my kids, he cant take care of them alone, he can be careless about them, Adi says we are not here to listen to you, leave, Nisha says I will meet kids then leave. Adi says I wont call them, NGO woman says we will not leave till we see kids, their mother is not wrong, you cant stop her from meeting kids.

Chinni comes there and says papa see Binni in her room. All rushes to Binni’s room and sees her lying inside cupboard and unconscious due to suffocation, Adi tries to wake her up, Kaka says we should take her to hospital, Adi takes her and leaves for the hospital.

Adi brings brings Binni to hospital, they take her to operation theater. Nisha asks Adi to talk with doctors and let us meet her, Adi says since you have met binni at school, she was ill and dazed, what did you say to Binni? what did you do? Nisha sees Binni in theater and looks worried. Kaka comes to Adi and consoles him.

Jhanvi wakes up and says why I feel restless? I cant call Adi this time of night. She paces around in lounge. Maa comes there and sees her restless.

In hospital, doctor comes out of theater and says binni is not conscious, we have to wait for her to respond, Nisha says can we meet her? doctor says only parents.

Nisha and Adi comes to Binni’s room, Nisha says princess I am here, Binni wakes up and says like you said.. Nisha panics and says you need to rest, dont talk. Adi asks what did mama say? Binni says mama asked me to hide in cupboard, flashback shows Nisha asking binni to hide in corner and wait for mama, I will come there, find you and will hug you, Binni said okay, Nisha says switch off Adi’s phone and delete my number, flashback ends. Binni says mama I did as you asked, you will come to me now right? Adi is shocked to hear it. Nisha asks her to rest, she kisses her hand. Adi takes Nisha from room.

Jhanvi is about to call Adi but recalls Adi’s words that he wont marry ever again, she says I shouldnt call him, I have taken right decision.

Adi brings Nisha out of Binni’s ward room and throws her on floor, he says what kind of mother are you? mother gives birth and protect their babies but you.. disgusting. Adi says to family that she asked Binni to hide in cupboard, he raises hand on Nisha but Kaka stops him, Kaki says what kind of mother are you? Nisha says you all are thinking wrong, I was just playing game, Adi shouts for her to leave, Nisha glares at him and leaves.

In morning, Jhanvi prays to lord. She starts leaving, Maa comes there and asks if she is going to meet Adi? you are doing right, I saw you were restless whole night, call him before you go to meet him, Jhanvi says I am not going to meet Adi but broker, she leaves.

In house, Neha asks Chinni to eat but Chinni says i want mama and Binni. Baba panics and screams to God to save his Binni. Neha calls Adi and asks him to come home, baba is going hysteric, Adi ends call. Adi calls her. Adi prays Jhanvi to take his call, he says Jhanvi take my call, where are you? I need you at this time. Adi says to Kaka that I am going home, you take care of binni here at hospital, he leaves.

Jhanvi is driving her scooty and sees Adi calling her but she ignores his call. Adi is driving car, they both passesby each other on road but doesnt see each other.

Nisha is sitting in her room and recalls how Adi threw her on floor and shouted on her, she screams No! how can Adi throw me away infront of everyone everytime? Nisha screams that Binni and Chinni are my kids, I am their mother, I dont have to prove it everytime, Adi cant do this with me, what Adi has done with me after that he has to call me back to home, he has to, she says no.. if Adi is able to handle Binni, if Chinni and Binni doesnt need me and forget me then how I will go back home? it cant happen, she screams and throws things away in anger.

Adi comes home and sees Baba panicking and Chinni crying. Adi comes to Baba and sees him throwing Nisha’s things and screaming, Adi tries to control him. Jhanvi comes outside Adi’s house and says I should meet Baba and kids once. In house, Baba is shouting and crying that Nisha has destroyed my son’s life, Adi hugs him to calm him down, he says I wont let her comeback, he makes Baba lie on bed. Outside house, Jhanvi is about to go in Adi’s house but broker calls her and asks her to come to see flat. Jhanvi says I have to stop worrying about them, I cant get attached to this house again. Jhanvi starts scooty to leave.

Jhanvi meets broker. Adi calls her and thinks where are you Jhanvi? I really really need you, please take my call. Jhanvi sees him calling and ignores it. Adi gets call from hospital and is stunned.

Adi comes to hospital. Adi asks doctor how is binni? Doctor says patient is getting very critical, where is her mother? Binni keep calling out to her mother, she should be here, call her, dont waste time, Adi nods, doctor leave. Adi reluctantly calls Nisha and says binni is getting very ill, please come here.

Nisha says I know that but what you did with me in hospital was not good, Adi says its not time for that, come here. Nisha says I will come there but on one condition that I will comeback forever, Adi is stunned and disgusted that she is using this condition to blackmail him. Nisha says I will comeback to kids forever, kids need me and I need them, please Adi. Adi ends call. Nisha evilly looks on.

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