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Friday update on kindred hearts 12th July

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Nisha says to Adi that we have been married for 8 years and these things happen, give me one more chance, Baba comes there and sees this. Adi pushes her away and says get lost. Nisha falls on sofa and says you will regret this. All family comes there and sees Nisha drunk.

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Nisha says Adi I controlled my anger but you are making me angry again, dont do that, she pours drink on floor, Adi says stop it, Nisha doesnt and pours alcohol around family. Kaka tries to stop her but Nisha says how dare you throw me out of my house? what do you think of yourself that you threw Nisha Jindal out of house? this is my house, i have right on every wall of this house, my husband and kids have right on this house and nobody has right on it other than us, you cant throw me out of my house.

Nisha says to Baba that you are my liability, I wanted to throw him out of my life but I couldnt, this is my house, did you hear me? this is my house. Adi says we dont care what you want but I am sure you wouldnt want kids to see you like this so leave from here. Nisha says okay Adi, Nisha breaks wine bottle on floor. She lights match stick, Adi says dont do this. Nisha says Kaki even you didnt understand me? why? from the time, I got married, I pretended to be good daughter in law for you, nobody does it but I did, I used to feel suffocated but I did it and what you did? you threw me out of house in a blink and didnt even think about me? not done, Nisha throws match stick on floor but Adi blows it off, Nisha throws another match stick but Raj and Kaka tackles it. Adi says enough of your drama, get lost, Adi grabs her arm and drags her out of house, all family members are tensed.

Maa is sitting on Jhanvi’s bed, Jhanvi is sleeping, door bell rings. Survi goes to check it, Maa comes there and sees Baba on door. Survi Hi uncle, Maa asks him to come inside, I will wake Jhanvi. Maa comes to Jhanvi and says Adi’s father has come alone, Jhanvi gets tensed and sees Baba standing in her room, Jhanvi says you here at night? are you fine? Adi and kids are fine? did you tell Adi? I will inform him, Baba says can we talk? Jhanvi nods. Jhanvi asks everything fine?

Adi brings Nisha to her mother’s room and says stay away from my family, your warnings wont affect me. Nisha’s father comes there with knife and says you are not doing right with my daughter, I will not spare you, he is about to stab Adi but Nisha pushes him and says what are you doing dad?

Baba says to Jhanvi that I want you to get married and I have found a guy for you too. Jhanvi gets tensed hearing it and says no I dont want to, she looks away, Baba says why not? do you love someone else? is there anyone in your heart? Jhanvi feels hurt hearing it and says nothing like that but I dont want to get married, Baba says atleast see his photo, he gives her guy’s photo, Jhanvi gets stunned seeing it, its Adi’s photo.

Nisha says to her dad that he is my husband, I love him more than my life so never ever come near Adi again. Adi turns to leave, Nisha puts hand on his shoulder and says take me with you, Adi says leave me, Nisha says please Adi, Adi says leave me, Nisha raises hand on Adi but he pushes her away and says I am leaving you because you are kids mother, he says to father that you should be ashamed and handle your daughter, I have left her at your home today but next time I will take her to police station, he leaves. Nisha shouts Adi you cant leave me.

Jhanvi says to Baba that it cant be possible, this cant happen, Baba shows her her letter in which she confessed her love for Adi and how she helped him as she wanted to see Adi happy. Jhanvi cries reading it, Baba wipes her tears and says what is wrong with it? you love Adi, you care for him so much that no one can do it, you were always with him without any gain, you have such big heart, Adi is sinking in a deep sea without any boat, Adi is living but not for himself, you can make Adi happy, you can save Adi and our family, only you can, I know I am saying something big, Adi has two kids, there is big age difference between you both but I am telling you that most important thing to tie relations is love, if there is no love then nothing else matter.

They turn and see Maa standing there and glaring at them. Baba comes to Maa and says you are lucky to get a daughter like Jhanvi, she has become like my own in such short time, I will pray to become her father in next life and I want to be called her father even in this life so I am requesting Jhanvi’s hand in marriage for my son Adi. Maa looks at him blankly, Baba comes to Jhanvi and says only you can save Adi and our family’s happiness, decision is in your hands, He blesses her. He greets Maa and leaves. Jhanvi is distort, Maa looks on.

Adi is in his house, Raj says why did Nisha come here when she knows her truth is out? Adi says she doesnt want to accept truth, she wont leave us so easily, she can try to hurt us again, I am worried for kids, Raj says should we involve in police? Adi says no, the woman who can burn police head quarters, she can do anything, I have to divorce her, I can handle her legally, this will be a long fight. Nisha starts calling all family members again.
Nisha is calling Adi’s family with multiple phones but no one picks up.

Jhanvi recalls Baba’s words, she panics and recalls her moments with Adi, Adi singing for her, them getting locked in office, Ae dil hai mushkil plays, Jhanvi cries recalling how Adi saved her from goons.
Adi is sitting in his house and recalls kids asking for their mom, he silently weeps. Kids come to him and sleep on his lap, he recalls Nisha’s antics.

Jhanvi recalls her mother asking her to promise to get rid of feelings for Adi, to not become reason behind Adi’s house breaking, Jhanvi cries and have breakdown. Maa comes there. Jhanvi says to Maa that I can explain, i dont have any fault, I didnt write this letter for Adi, I dont know how this reached to his house, I didnt give it to Baba, I didnt want to tell him, I didnt break your trust, this is not my fault, she cries and panics while Maa glares at her, Maa wipes her tears and says listen to me.. you get married to Aditya, Jhanvi is shocked to hear it

Jhanvi asks Maa what she is saying? Maa says Adi’s marriage was punishment to him, it was not his mistake, yes he is aged than you, he has two kids but marriage is combination of two people compatible together which you both are. Jhanvi says I cant become second woman in anyone’s life, I still remember when father brought another woman in life, it destroyed you.

Maa says it was different, you knew Adi and Nisha’s marriage would break if not now then tomorrow and reason was Nisha’s malic nature not because of second woman, you and Adi are compatible, you both complete each other, you both care for each other then whats wrong in this relation? Jhanvi says I dont even know what Adi thinks of me, Maa says take your time and find out, remember I asked you to promise me you would marry wherever I want you to marry? Adi is my choice, I want you to marry him, he is good for you but last decision would be yours so think about it.

Adi comes to Baba’s room but doesnt find him there. Adi comes in lounge and sees Baba coming there, Adi says where did you go at night alone? you could have told me, Baa says sorry my father, I just went for drive with driver, am I your father or you are my father? Adi smiles and says we have got nice moment after so many days, Baba says Nisha has left so we are all chilled, what have you thought about your life? Adi says there is time to think about it, Baba says take out your time, your whole life is remaining, what you want to do with it? Adi says we will talk later. Adi gets Nisha’s mothers’s call but he cuts it.

Nisha comes to her room and locks it, she says if Adi doesnt want to live with me then I will kill myself, her parents are knocking on door and pleading her to open door but Nisha says I dont want to hear anything, I will kill myself.

Nisha’s mother calls Adi again. Adi takes her video call, mother says please save Nisha, she will kills herself, please come and save her. Adi says what kind of parents are you? instead of making her realise her mistake, you taking side in her lie? Nisha’s mother shows Adi on video call that Nisha is tying noose on fan, she puts noose around her neck and is about to do suicide. Adi looks on.

Jhanvi recalls Baba’s words that she loves Adi and you care for him like no one, how he requested Jhanvi’s hand for Adi, how he asked her to take decision. Jhanvi tries to sleep but is restless, she recalls her Maa saying that she wants her to marry Adi. Jhanvi recalls her moments with Adi, Ae dil hai mushkil plays as Jhanvi contemplates her thoughts. Jhanvi sits down and hugs her knees recalling Adi saving her, getting injured for her, she looks on tensed.

Nisha puts noose around her neck. Adi comes outside her room. He looks at her parents begging her to open door. Nisha close her eyes and doesnt see Adi there. Mother asks Adi to save Nisha, she will kill herself, please save her.

Nisha sees Adi there, Nisha says Adi please take me, this is not my house, you, Chinni and Binni are my life, my life is useless without you, take me from here. Adi says I am not able to see you clearly Nisha, what you have done with my family, after that I have to say last goodbye to you, continue what you are doing. Nisha says I will kill myself for real, you wont see me ever again, Adi says why you are waiting? get off table and die.

Nisha gets down from table and says you think its joke? you dont care about me at all? Adi says stop this drama, I dont give a damn about you, you dont know what pain is, this is all drama of yours, you are a blo*dy criminal and you can hurt anyone for your gain, you are very selfish, you can never hurt yourself, do whatever you want, I dont give a damn, go to hell, he leaves. Nisha breaks glass door in anger and shouts ADI!

In morning, Adi is working on laptop, Baba asks him to eat breakfast first. Kaka says to Adi that you should take a break for somedays, so much happened with you. Adi says yes, thats why I am working from home, I want to be with kids, they need me. Baba thinks that I wish Adi I could talk to you about Jhanvi, she would take care of you in this situation but I dont want to miff you. Chinni and Binni sadly comes from school. Kaki says you both came in silently. Kids silently goes to their room, everyone looks on. Kaki says what happened to them? Adi says I will go and check on them, he leaves.

Adi comes to kids room, he says hi to them. Binni says I changed my clothes, Adi says very good. Binni takes her socks from bed and puts in cloth basket. Chinni says I changed clothes first so say good to me first, Adi says you both are good girls. Jimmy barks, Chinni says I will make him eat, Binni says no I will do it, Adi says no fight. Chinni says Jhanvi aunty told to make Jimmy eat softly, Binni cant do it, Binni says Jhanvi aunty told me to give small cakes to Jimmy so I should make him eat, Adi says lets call Jhanvi and ask her. Adi calls Jhanvi, she takes it after hesitation, Adi says you didnt come today? should Chinni or Binni make Jimmy eat food? Adi says they both would make him eat but with care, Adi tells this to kids, they leave. Adi says why you didnt come today? it feels incomplete without you here, even kids miss you, come soon, Jhanvi says I would, she ends call. Maa asks if she is going there? Jhanvi nods, Maa smiles and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to mandir in her home and says I dont understand your signs, one side Maa and Baba talking about this relation, otherside Adi called me today and he was talking to me like I am very special in his life too, if this is true then today I am going to confess my feelings to Adi, I will tell him how much I love him.

Chinni and Binni are talking with Kaka. Adi comes there, Kaka says they are requesting to massage my feet, tell them daughters dont do that. Chinni says to Adi that I am good girl, Binni says no I am good girl, they start fighting, Adi separates them and says you both love each other, did anyone say anything to you? Chinni says there are siblings in our school, their parents got separated like you and mama, one brother from those sibling is with their mother and other with father. Chinni says to Adi that will you send one of us to mama? Adi says no baby, Chinni hugs him and says I love you papa, dont send me away from you, I want to live with you, dont separate me from you, Binni says I will give you toffees, dont send me. Adi says I love you both, you wont go anywhere, I promise you papa is with you both, you wont go anywhere, Adi wipes his tears.

Adi is sadly sitting in his room, he recalls kids pleading him to not separate them. Baba comes there, Baba says you said we can talk later, I want to talk something important, what have you thought about getting married again? dont be bitter about life,you have whole life remaining, you should get remarried, you should give life another chance.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house and thinks that I will tell Adi about my feelings today, inform him about how much I love him, Neha comes there and says Baba is in Adi’s room. Jhanvi comes outside Adi’s room. Adi says to Baba that I might not have been happy with this wedding but I have got my daughters and I want to give them all love, Baba says you need love and companion in life too, Adi says there is no place in my life now, I just want to keep my kids happy and live happily with them, I wont get married again, never. Jhanvi hears it and gets heartbroken. Jhanvi leaves from there in daze.

Jhanvi comes to her home and cries, she says why? why? she recalls Adi’s words that he has no place in life and wont get married again, Jhanvi comes in mandir and says I never hoped from Adi ever, I did everything from heart for him, I didnt think if he loves me or not then why.. how could I think that he would have something more than friendship in his heart for me? Maa comes there, Jhanvi hugs her and says Adi doesnt want to get married again, why did I hope? why did I think he would? Maa says dont blame yourself, he has come out of bad marriage, Nisha has given him scars, maybe he is scared that he cant have another good marriage, Jhanvi says i know you are right but I cant handle that he doesnt have feelings for me at all, I cant be close to him as I will keep breaking down near him, Maa says no you cant become weak, you have to control yourself, you have to be stronger for this. Jhanvi writes something and put it in mandir, Maa asks what she wrote? Jhanvi says last request about Adi to God, I will go far away from his life, so far that he wont be able to find me, If I remain near him then It will pain me only and I wont let it happen, I will go away.

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