Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 5 May 2020

Jodha Akbar 5 May 2020: Adham says to his soldiers that after jalal’s death, kill benazir and mali till then nobody should know about it, maham comes and ask what are hiding? adham says i was talking about malwa’s war, maham says to soldiers that provide high security to jalal, she leaves, adham says if she gets to know about benazir she will kill her, i will get the throne now.

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In his room, jalal looks at arrow and says amazing jodha’s jealousy has taken her to a new level. Atgah comes and says we searched benazir’s room and got one box, jalal ask to open it, here benazir is searching for same box in her room and says to zakira that box has medicine to kill the effect of poison but its in different form so nobody will not get to know it, Here jalal sees the pearls and says these women loves jewelry, i thought to think about jodha’s words once again but nothing is proved, benazir says to zakira that jodha must have searched as she and adham only knows about it but i removed everything from this room, jalal ask atgah to place this box again in her room.

Scene 2
Ruks comes to jodha’s room and sees all things packing up, jodha comes and says i have one request, this diya is palced here from long time, please dont disturb it, it will be burnt itself, ruks says this room will be given to benazir and she may not like it so i have remove this diya, she is about to throw it, jodha stops her, ruks says when idol will not be there then why this diya? jodha says its not just diya it represent the life of family, it will be bad omen to remove it.

Rukaya says i dont know theses things, jodha holds kahna idol and comes outside, jalal sees her and says so you are leaving to agra finally, jodha says no my family will not accept me like this, and i am not leaving my sasural but somebody asked me to change my room thats why, jalal ask who? jodha says if you want me to go from this then i have no issues, jalal ask when did i say? she says you want this room to be given to benazir i have no problem but its only about diya its not good to remove diya like this but its ok. She is about to leave.

Scene 3
Jalal holds jodha and says lets come with me, he takes her to his room and ask what is this ruks? ruks says that now you are going to marry so i thought to give a room to benazir close to yours, jalal says you dont need to think about me, maham comes and says ruks is incharge of giving rooms to all begums and you gave her this responsibility, jalal says yes but i gave a promise to jodha that i will keep her religion intact and her mandir is here,

Maham says but its ruks power to give rooms to anyone, jalal says okay i am taking this and ruks doesnt have power to change, He says i am giving this my room to jodha and nobody can object now. He takes diya and places it in mandir. Ruks says you are insulting me jalal, jalal says i am doing whats right, he says your position is way much then jodha and today by doing this you are putting yourself down, He says to jodha that its your room and from today i will not put my foot inside here, i will never look at you even if you are dying i will not look. Jodha is pained, he leaves. Jodha puts kahna back in mandir

Scene 4
Moti says to jodha that though you got your room back but you must be feeling bad as you will not get jalal’s love as he will never come here now, jodha is in thoughts.
Ruks shouts on maham and says jalal was right, my position is way more then anyone and i shouldnt have listen to you, you put me down in jalal’s eyes, what i was doing was wrong.

In hall all are present for mehdi ceremony, benazir comes to jodha and says you tried everything but sorry, look jalal gave me a jewelry box. Jodha thinks what box she is talking about? the ceremony starts and maham says to benazir that we will do your mehndi like your own family, ruks and maham showers her with gifts, benzir says to ruks that though i will be begum but i will always bow down to you and will always listen to what you say, i will worship you, ruks says you also know what a begum should do but some begums doesnt know, she looks at jodha and goes to salima who is standing beside jodha,

she says a bandhi also knows whom to respect and whom to listen in harem but some people think that they will get the palce in jalal’s heart but they dont know he doesnt have a heart, she says its important to share a good rapport with me to be in this harem because many begums comes and goes but the only thing remains is my friendship with jalal so all begums should listen me.

Hmaida says 7 begums will do the rasam of benazir, she includes jodha too. All begums touches mehndi which will be applied to benazir but jodha doesnt so maham says its hamida’s order come and follow it, jodha touches mehndi and angrily eyes benazir, all 7 begums applies mehndi to benzir, moti ask jodha to apply tilak on benazir, jodha very angrily looks at her and falls on her, her mehdi of hands gets spoiled, moti says to jodha that mehndi got on your hands, maham says its not a good omen that it got spoiled.

Maham says its not a good a sign, ruks says dont wory we will do this ritual again. All begums applies mehndi on benazir’s hand, jodha too applies but in angry mood, salima too unwillingly applies. All gifts benazir, jodha gives a painting of Krishnaji and says i hope God do good, all sees painting in which krishnaa is standing on snake. jodha says this painting is about win over evil, there was one deadly snake who poisoned the whole lake and lord in playful manner killed him, i thought this is the best to be given to you at this moment, benazir is tensed and thinks that this painting will remain here and you will not be able to save jalal. Jodha thinks krishnaji saved his people likewise jalal will be saved by God.

Jijianga tells that i called a parrot who predicts future. 1st turn is of ruks, massage says tha she will spend most time with jalal, then salima’s turn, it says that she will remain loved begum of all, ruks ask about benazir’s future. a parrot takes out the envelope to find about the new begum benazir’s future, all wait in anticipation, the women reads that she will spend very much less time with jalal, jodha smiles, benazir is stunned..

benazir thinks its right as jalal will be killed soon. maham says since jalal will spend most time with ruks so benazir will get less time, she ask to tell about jodha, tha massage reads that jodha will protect jalal from every evil eye always, ruks fumes. Jodha gives a look to benazir who think that you will save him from evil eye but not from my poison. jodha thinks i will save jalal from you at any cost

Scene 2
mali is being beaten badly, he craves for water. Atgah says till you not blurt out the name of your companions and agents here, you will be beaten like this. He ask soldiers to beat him. After they leave mali laughs.
Hamida comes to jalal who is in thoughts, hamida ask what are you thinking? jalal says i was thinking that million of people pray for me, when i pass from harem all begums pray for me but even then i feel alone when i satnd at this window, hamida says when you sit on throne which is above all then you cant find a person whom you can trust blindly, you cant find one on whom you can place your head in her lap, with whom you can sleep without ant fear, no one is there with whom you can talk.

Jalal says you are there, hamida ask till when? hamida says you will get another begum tomorrow i pray you get a wife who loves you and care for you not because you are a king but her husband, who only thinks about your happiness, whose heart beats for you only and she makes your heart to beat. Jalal smiles and says i dont have heart so this will not happen, Hamida says you never got a one wh can make your heart beat or maybe you didnt recognize her but she will find your heart, she will stand with you here and that day your loneliness will go away. she leaves. now we see jodha who says that now time isnt left, tomorrow jalal will marry her, please tell me some way.

Jalal’s soul says how weird that moment was you were standing on your balcony and me on mine but we were thinking about each other only, we were restless, jodha’s soul says we both were looking at sky, it is said that after death we become star, we were visible in that stars, we were not together but we could feel each other’s presence. everything was about to change. jalal says yes. Jodha says it was last night of my loneliness, it was a long night, the night before storm as that storm changed everything. Voiceover says that some was thinking life to be changed tomorrow and some was thinking that night never ends.

Scene 3
All begums goosips that this new bandhi became begum and we are still alone,
Ruks says jalal is making her begum on my wish so she will always follow my order, maham says this is what i wanted the win over jodha but we should not forget that someone attacked jalal, ruks says we need to be alert till this marriage happens.
Adham says to his soldiers that before nikkah benazir will jalal then we have to do our work, 1st you kill mali then i will myself kill benazir and tomorrow i will become a king, they ask about sharif, adham says he should remain in jail. In jail, sharif gets to know that benazir will kill jalal before marriage, he says mali will get the throne and i am stuck here but i will not let that happen, he ask his servant to inform jodha that i want to meet her.

Scene 4
Jodha comes in jail, sharif says you didnt believe me thats why you didnt do anything, jodha says i was sitting idle, i tried but benazir proved herself innocent, what should i do. Sharif says my news is confirmed that benazir gonna kill jalal before marriage then abul mali will get the throne and benazir will marry mali not jalal. jodha is shocked, sharif says if was out i could have done something but now you have to do something else you will regret for your life

Scene 5
Jodha says to moti that sharif told me that benazir has planned to kill jalal before marriage, moti says what will you do without any proof, jodha says i dont ahve proof and jalal is trapped in benazir’s net but i will stay awake the night as this night is dangerous for jalal. Zakira informs benazir that the box has again came in our room, benazir says jodha must’ve not understand whats inside it and she placed it back so that i would not complain to jalal. we should concentrate on our mission.

Jodha is praying to kahna and jalal is offering namaz. Jodha says do make jalal save, keep my husband safe its upto you now, jalal prays to keep me blessed.
Maham comes to benazir and ask are you ready? she nods. All gathers in hall for nikkah, benazir comes in red dress. Jodha thinks you wasnt able to do anything before and today also i will not let anything happen. Ruks says to benazir that you are looking beautiful. Jalal comes dressed as groom, he looks at jodha. Adham is waiting for time to come and remembers how he orderes to finish atgah khan after jalal is killed.. . Maham thinks after nikkah jodha will be out of here, adham thinks tomorrow i will be king.

Priest announces that its time for face revealing ceremony, benazir comes and looks in water, jalal comes to look at her face in water, he sees jodha’s face in water who is standing behind benazir and is stunned. he remembers how he had seen her face in water at ganghaur time. Benazir thinks to end the game soo. Priest says now they will eat sweet dish. Maham taste it first then it is being given to benazir. She looks at jalal and drinks sivayan. Priest says now she will make jalal eat it, jodha is shocked and remember how she had seen her licking snake and sharif’s words.

Jalal is about eat but jodha comes and stops him, he is angry and ask what is this, i will not forgive you for this. Jodha says i dont need it, there is poison in this, jalal says stop it. Jodha says you never believed me but today i will prove it, she takes the bowl and says you sais you will not see my face even if i am dying thats ok but i cant see my husband dying infront of me, i am going away from you, after this my eyes will be closed for ever.

She remembers her marriage with jalal and thinks from you there is my identity, i am bound to you for 7 seven lives and i am your wife. she gulps down the sivanyan and feels dizzy, she is about to fall but jalal holds her. Zakira panics. jalal is shocked while jodha is in his arms, she looks at jalal and remembers how he put sindoor and mangalsutra around her neck, how he uncovered her face after their sword fight, how they saved diya from blowing together, jodha says i have no regret, i fulfilled by responsibility, jalal shouts to hakim to take her.

He shouts at benazir CHARACTERLESS. benazir grabs ruks and says if you try to catch me i will kill her, ruks says i will not leave you, you came to kill my husband. Benazir says so you thought that i will become your servant, you were involved in putting jodha down but she got to know my real identity that i am poisonous women, i got many chances but jodha always stood between you and me and today she will be dead, she was fool to save a husband who never knew her worth, never gave her respect, ruks and maham are fools that they gave me way to you..

Scene 2
Hakim is trying to save jodha, i hall benazir says now i will ruks, jalal says i will save jodha, you just leave ruks i will let you go. Beazir says i am not interested in deal, i dont understand what jodha has that she never get tired of trying, and today she will be dead because of you. She ask t give her space otherwise will kill ruks too. she goes out with ruks and ask zakira to come, but maham grabs zakira by holding her neck and says you fooled us, atgah says to jalal that you go to jodha i will bring back ruks safe. Adham thinks that benazir should get killed otherwise his truth will be out too. Jalal says jodha and goes to her

Scene 3
HE comes and ask why she didnt get consciousness? hakima says its most severe poison and if she was conscious than could have taken out by vomiting, Jalal sits by her side and caresses her head, he says this all happened because of mali, he shouts to behead mali.

Scene 4
Benazir is riding horse with ruks on it too, atgah and soldiers are foolowin g her and says to keep following her to save ruks. THey are running behind her. In jail, soldier gets to know that abul mali ran away from jail, Jalal gets to know that and cant hold his anger, he screams how he can run? what were soldiers doing? he sent poisonous lady, jodha is fighting for life, ruks is in danger and you are saying he ran away? He with frustration in his eyes ask to punish soldier who was on duty( RAJAT was superb here the anger in his eyes was spot on).

Scene 5
Benazir throws ruks down and says now i cant take your burden anymore, i will kill you, ruks plead to not. Benazir hides behind bushes with ruks, ruks get hold of stone and attacks with it on benazir’s head, she frees herself from her cluthes and atgah catches benazir.

Scene 6
Jalal ask hakima when she will become conscious? she says 8 hours are critical for her, jalal looks at her with guilt in his eyes.

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