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Jodha Akbar 20 September 2021: Hamida says to Jalal that now we will not let Salim in danger, bring hm back, Ruks says no, this will mean that king got afraid of thugs and changed his decision, Hamida says to Jalal that its not about heir Salim but we cant put child’s life in danger like that., Hamida ask Jodha to speak, Salim is her child, Jodha says I am afraid for Salim but I trust Jalal’s thinking and his bravery so whatever decision he takes, I will accept that., Jalal smiles looking at Jodha, Jalal says to hamida that our Salim is brave, nobody can do anything, I trust God, I pray that SAlim will comes all fine and about thug, he will be caught soon.

Todar with soldiers come in market, Todar says that find that thug, he is injured so must be aroubd, search houses, we have to catch him at any cost, they start searching in houses. Rashid says to Yaqub that he is leaving for palace, Anarkali comes and tells Rashid that Mughal solders are finding someone, Rashid says must be some thug, Yaqub is my friend so take care of him, I am going ou, he leaves, Yaqub is in tension and looks at Mughal soldiers from window of house, he thinks that don’t know I am safe here or not, soldiers come to Rashid’s house and ask to open the door, Anarkali opens the door, soldiers ask who is Yaqub?

didn’t see him before, Anarkali says he is friend of my father, soldier ask how he got wounds? Anarkali says he was looted by thieves, soldier ask where is his things? they search around in house and finds a letter from Yaqub in which it is said to kill Salim, they say this is culprit catch him, they arrest Yaqub.

Jalal says when roya family is not safe then how can common people be so I will make security more tight, Soldier comes there and says we have caught one culprit who attacked Salim, Jalal and all are shocked, Jalal ask to bring him in court, Rashid finds Yaqub chained and taken by soldiers to Jalal, he ask one soldier about Yaqub, soldier says he is betrayer, he tried to kill Salim so he is taken to Jalal;s court, Rashid is shocked and recalls how Yaqub and his wife came to visit agra and stayed with Rashid, how they spent time then.

Scene 2
Yaqub is brought to Jalal, Jalal ask who is involved with you? Yaqub this planning was done by king of Parog and I was helped by house which is infront of Palace, Todar same house in which Rashid stays, Ruks says if Rashid gave shelter to this betrayer then Rashid is betrayer too, all agree with her, all ministers says that yes Rashi is betrayer too as he helped this man. Jalal ask to bring Rashid in court.

Rashid comes back home and says to Zil bahar that Yaqub is a betrayer and he came here to kill SAlim and we were fooled by him, that’s why Yaqub asked me to make him meet Salim, flashback shows Yaqub and Rashild meeting Salim when he is doing work in market, Yaqub says that we might not get another chance to see Salim, flashback ends, Rashid says I will to to Jalal, todar comes to Rashid’s house and arrests Todar.

Scene 3
Rashid is brought in court, Rashid says I gave shelter to Yaqub as I didn’t know that he came here to kill Salim, we were fooled by him, Todar sys Rashid used to work in Praog’s palace too, Rashid says its true that I used to work there but I have nothing to do with Salim’s attack, please forgive me, Zil bahar says we never did anything, we love Salim like own child, Jodha says she is right, because of them Salim was saved by them earlier, Ruks says that loyalty can change and maybe they did that to win trust of Jalal. one minister says that he helped betrayer so he is involved in crime, Rashid says yes, I indirectly helped him to kill Salim, punish me, jalal says my decision is…

Jalal says my decision is that Rashid is not betrayer, all are shocked, Jalal says if they were betrayers then they wouldn’t have saved Salim, they would have proved their loyalty to parog’s king, the one who save life cannot take life of anyone,

Jodha Akbar 19 September 2021

all they did was giving shelter to their friend and serving him, Rashid says Jalal you proved that mughal’s justice is above all, I will never forget this, Jalal says I have forgiven Rashid but I will not forgive king of Parog, I will teach him such a lesson that no one will try to do t again.

Jalal is in his room, Ruks comes there, Jalal ask her to tie Saafa on his head(scarf kind of thing), she ties, Ruks says that Yaqub took shelter in Rashid’s house and you forgave him, even unintentional, Rashid gave shelter to a betrayer, you cannot forgive anyone like this, Jalal says enough, don’t tell me how to run state, for me justice is to forgive innocent,

Ruks says I know you can run state by your own but I am your friend and by this decision wrong message will be protected, helper of betrayer is betrayer only, maybe he is involved in plan, remember enemies had even entered in palace so its my duty to give you suggestion even if you get angry on me, Jalal says by my experience I have learnt to see person’s nature, if yur suggestion is finished then I shall leave, he leaves.

Scene 2
Rashid comes in his colony but no one is talking to him, people taunt him that he gave shelter to betrayer, maybe he is betrayer too, Jalal is kind so forgave him but he is such a big betrayer, we used to go to his place but couldn’t understand him, Zil bahar is there too, Rashid says to zil that I shall to answer them that I am not betrayer, zil says forget it, they will not understand, when Jalal thinks that you are innocent then their thinking doesn’t matter, come inside, they go in their house.

Ruks alongwith Resham comes to village to meet Salim, Rahim stops her and says jalal can come at any time and he will not like seeing you here, Ruks says what will he do? will punish me? I will bear but he cant stop me from meeting my son, I am his mother and I will meet him, she goes to Fatima bi’s house, she knocks, Salim takes axe in his hand and opens the door, Ruks says its me why you are holding axe, she ask Fatima to go out, she goes out, Ruks kisses Salim and says thank god you are safe, I was so worried that you were attacked by enemies, Salim ask when?

Ruks says some betrayers tried to attack you but soldiers killed them, it happens with heirs but what jodha did, I was shocked seeing it, Salim ask what she did? Ruks says mother can give life for her child but you mother is unique, she made Jalal forgive Rashid who gave shelter to betrayer, Jodha took Rashid’s side and you know Jalal follows everything of Jodha, jodha only find faults in you, Salim says ammi jan took side of that irritating girl’s father, why she is doing with me, Ruks says I fought with Jalal for you, I love you like my own child, that’s why I have come here even with fact that jalal can punish me, if your mother loves you then she would have come here, Salim thinks that Jodha never came to meet me and Ruks is ready to bear wrath of Jalal for me, Ruks says I have brought laddos for you, she makes Salim eat intoxicated laddos, Ruks thinks that I am SAlim on my side, soon you will be away from Jodha and will be on my side.

Scene 3
Ruks comes in court, Jalal ask her did you go to meet Salim? Ruks says yes, Jalal says did you take Marium zamani’s permission? Ruks says no, Jalal says you have authority of whole haram even then you don’t care for rules of Jalal, you said to Rahim that you are not afraid of me,

Ruks says I did that as I love Salim a lot, if I wouldn’t have meet Salim then I would have gone mad, Jalal says what you want to say that we don’t love Salim? Jodha is mother of Salim, she struck with Salim in market but she didn’t meet him and even then she asked forgives from me, then she took permission from Marium zamani to meet Salim but even then she didn’t meet Salim because she respect my order and you always break rules, when you first met Salim, I knew it but ignored it, but you went again, you have no respect for rules, he says to todar that till SAlim is not in palace, ruks cant go out of palace and if she do so then all solders will be punished., Ruks ask him to listen, Jalal leaves.

Jalal is in garden when mehtab comes and holds his hand, Jalal smiles and kisses on her forehead, Jalal in sing language says that by seeing your face my tension goes away, Mehtab says by Salim too your tension vanishes, she ask to bring Salim back, I am missing him, Jalal says I miss Salim too, I pray that God makes Salim come back to my house, Jalal brings a rose and gives it to Mehtab and smiles. Jodha comes there, Mehtab kisses on her cheek and gives rose to Jodha and leaves from there, Jalal smiles, Jodha comes to Jalal and ask whats all this? jalal says I think Mehtab likes you a lot, she is only one with whom I can smile otherwise..

Ruks says to herself that Salim have return Jalal but not as your and Jodha’s son but Ruks son, you shouted on me today infront of all just cause I don’t have powers of marium zmani but I will do this again and again, I will go to any level to make Salim on my side.

Scene 4
Jodha ask Jalal was it right to punish Ruks like that? Jalal says don’t take her side now, she deserve punishment, we all care for Salim but nobody should break rules, he ask where are you going? Jodha says that the way you go every night to protect Salim, same way for Qadir and Salim, I will go to Mandir everyday and I want to do havan for them if you agree, Jalal says I pray to God and Krishna bhagwan that your prayers get fulfilled, Jodha says ameen, She leaves, Jalal says jodha is doing a nice work, I hope Salim return soon.
Voice over says that Qadir’s health was worsening day by day, there was question mark Salim’s return and jodha went to mandir. Jodha is praying in mandir, otherside Doctor sees Qsadir and says that its impossible to save him now.

The Maha episode starts with …. Ruku enjoying hukka and resham informing her about how rashid was being disgraced and taunted n insulted by every one/awaam for being gaddar/betrayer. Resham suggests her to take advantage. Ruku replies that if things were happening on their own she need not do a thing. This was all in her and salim’s favour.

Rashid is being insulted by awaam at the market place for sheltering the traitor of the sultanat .. Fr sheltering the murderer of waliyahad. Awaam refuse to forgive him even as Rashid pleads the Shehenshah had forgiven him. They pelt stones at him and injure Rashid.

Jodha was passing by in paalki stops on noticing commotion .. She discovers awam was hurting rashid and mistreating Rashid for being traitor. Jodha rescues rashid. Salim is happy to see ammi jaan .. He feels she might have come to meet him but is surprised that she saved the man who attempted on his life .. He is sad that ammi was on the side of his enemies unlike Ruku badi ammi who loved him so much …

Unaware of salim’s presence …Jodha then explains to awam that rashid was innocent and they ought to follow shehenshah’s orders .. As MUZ she orders awaam to respect shehenshah’s orders and orders soldiers to be kind to him and do marham patti and escort him to his hut. Rashid thanks MUZ but she replies that As MUZ she had duty to rescue the innocent ones.

At his hut, Rashid discusses with shocked Zilbahar that it is better toleave the sultanat instead of being insulted daily …

At the public well Nadira is going fill water .. She is insulted and teased by other children as being gaddar ki beti (daughter of betrayer). Salim comes there and he is happy to see Nadira in this state .. She was too proud and deserved this Nadita replies that her father had unknowingly sheltered the gaddar. Salim replies that even he had hit kadir unknowingly .. Even he was punished so she and her father deserved punishment.

At shanta bi’s hut ….Jodha is waiting for salim .. and Shanta bi is worried about kadir. Jodha assures that kadir was in the hands of best hakim and aushadhi. Shanta is worried that the longer kadir took to recover the longer salim would have to face hardships in her hut. Salim Was very hard working .. Ans he did his best to make her comfortable. Shanta is sorry that because of kadir MUZ had to stay away from her zighar ka tukdaa.

Jodha then gives tabeez for kadir and salim . She asks shanta bi to tie the tabeez (some thread) she prays for kadir’s recovery and blessings for both children.

Back at the palace ….Jodha comes to check on kadir. Hakims inform there was not much important. Jodha requests shaguni bai to predict the future of kadir .. As salim’s future was conected to kadir’s recovery. Shaguni bai takes out her couries … Scatters them on the surface of a table. She predicts that kadir’s life was very long one ….but salim would become shehenshah and will never ever forget these days. Jodha then asks for detailed future analysis. Shaguni bai then tells that she was getting strange feelings .. She gives a piece of paper never to open this paper .. As long as shaguni was alive. Jodha gets impatient and wants to know is salim was going to be safe. Salim would have two lives . Salim would have to die before jodha’s life ended. Jodha is distraught and shocked to hear this.

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